Scottish football or the lack of it?

18 Jan

It was a revolution. Everything changed. It changed so much it was difficult to notice that it had changed at all. Never mind, the brains behind it from all the football clubs in Scotland had strained and toiled to make sure the new solution was fit for the 21st Century.


Well the structure of the leagues is pretty much the same. They have the same teams in them. The up and down relegation or promotion play offs are maybe a bit better but not a major step forward. So what else?

Well let’s look at the top and bottom of the Premier League. Celtic are on top and Hearts are definitely at the bottom. Celtic were very poor in the Champions League although they have been winning games all season long in Scotland. It’s a poor team playing even poorer teams. Celtic have suffered most because there was no Glasgow Rangers to challenge them and keep them honest.

Rangers were of course sent to the bottom of the class or the lowest league because they went bust. Just what the doctor ordered. This damaged some of the small clubs. Rangers have dominated their opposition over the last one and half seasons and at the same time they’ve made it more difficult for the teams in those two leagues to win the league and get promotion. Not Rangers fault. The system is ridiculous.

Now it’s Hearts. As things stand at the moment it looks like Hearts will be relegated at the end of the season. They have been forced to play young players who have tried really hard but just aren’t a match for the seasoned professionals they are up against. Hearts will be playing in a lower league next season and again at least one other club will suffer because their chance to gain promotion will be taken by Hearts. What happens if Hearts go bust, which could happen because of the complexity of the Russian ownership? They’ll get a bigger “kicking” with financial penalties and sent to the bottom of the lowest league. Kick them when they are down.

Why do the powers that be enforce draconian rules that have been so damaging to the game in general? In crippling Rangers they also damaged all of the Premier League teams because they lost the big gate money that Rangers, along with Celtic, generate. Did that contribute to Dunfermline’s problems?  I’d say so.

Also it’s stopped Rangers playing in Europe, which damages the potential for Scottish football in Europe because the smaller clubs, which now get access, just don’t have the clout to take on the foreign opposition. That will affect the seeding system and also the pre-qualification for Scottish teams and demote Scottish football in general.

There is also a big question as to when football should be played in Scotland. It’s not so much that the weather is a million times worse than in England, it isn’t. It’s not great to go to a football match in cold, wet and windy weather. Can’t football be played in the late spring through summer and early autumn?

We need revolution rather than evolution and we also need bold, daring and dynamic developments.

Can you see that happening?

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