And the winner of the stupidest Council of the decade goes to…

22 Jan

They are at it again. Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised should I? I guess it could actually be any one of you not being surprised when reading this. Your local council lost the plot sometime ago and there is nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do about it.

I’ll start with the democratic stuff. At the last council election the ward I live in voted, or the people living there did anyway. They went to the polling booth and made their mark. Later the next day we had the results. The voters in the ward I live had voted in a Labour Councillor, a Green councillor and an SNP councillor. Now how even handed is that? Proportional representation?

Is it slightly ludicrous? No it isn’t it’s just plain mad, mad, mad. No matter what happens the three of them will rush about and do the same things. Say the same things and look into the same things. They will vote with the whip and things will happen. It’s lunacy writ large.

The council has recently been upgrading the pavements in the next street. It’s taken some 4-6 weeks and the pavements aren’t that long. It’s an improvement being done to make life easier for pedestrians. It’s just such a pity that the street and a lot of the streets around are potholed to a ridiculous degree. No matter it’s only money, our money they are once again throwing away.

Not content with digging a giant hole, which is called “The Edinburgh Trams Project” (the trams cost more, take longer and haven’t any luggage space or seats than buses but lets not split hairs. They are have now decided that almost all of the city will be subject to 20 MPH speed limit. What a great idea. Who will benefit? Cyclists apparently. They will be safer. Well they could be much safer if they stopped being so aggressive and actually paid any attention what so ever to the highway code.

School children will also benefit. Parents were interviewed on the BBC news and they testified to the fact that the driving outside of schools is nothing short of shameful. It is. No question about it. It is because all these people run their kids to school and park and behave in an incredibly arrogant manner because they have a child or children and they will melt if it rains, get molested if the walk to school and, of coursed they will be squished or poisoned if a car comes within thirty miles of them unless they are being taken to activities of course.

Luckily the One Show, that’s One for they only have the opinions that matter, had a guy on who was giving the results of a huge survey that had been carried out to measure the level of pollution from cars, buses, lorries etc. The outcome was that there was indeed a bit of pollution mainly caused by diesel buses, diesel taxis, diesel lorries and diesel cars. That didn’t go down well. If the traffic is slow, say 20mph for example, the pollution is even greater and the slow traffic creates pollution, which floats around fairly low down. Just low down enough to poison all the children.

Edinburgh Council wins another award for another inept, nonsensical, vanity project, which doesn’t take science into account because the councillors and council officers know better than the people carry out the research.

Will it cause them any concern?


Not ever!


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