Sugar and spice and all things nice…

30 Jan

You may, or may not have watched a programme last night on the BBC, which dealt with the tricky question of which, between sugar and fat, was good or bad for you.

You’ll maybe also be aware of the recent “sugar” condemnation by a group calling themselves Action on Sugar. They have produced all sorts of stuff some of which may be factual and it’s worth bearing in mind that the people involved are all anti sugar, salt and other things, which THEY think, aren’t good for you.

The programme featured twin brothers, who were also doctors, being asked to have one stick to a fatty diet and the other a sugar diet. They did various things and were tested at the start and at various points during the programme.

I’ll cut to the chase.

At the end of the programme who did best? Well the one having the sugar diet. Since sugar provides energy for the body without it having to resort to turning muscle into energy which is a very bad thing apparently.

In both cases the results were exactly the opposite of what they believed was true. Remember they are doctors although not GPs.

They were also told that the combination of sugar and fat in equal amounts in cheesecake for example were the worst possible thing to eat. They didn’t go quite as far as to say that we could be addicted to this dreadful combination it was not good for us, but it was implied that it may not be good for us.

They also stayed away from the ludicrous attempts made in the past, including Action on Sugars attempts, which claimed that sugary foods had the same effect as cocaine on the pleasure centres of the human brain. There is no link. No one has ever found any evidence of this being the case and scientific knowledge at present does not have the slightest clue on how food affects the human brain.

This sort of makes a complete mockery of Action on Sugar. They had failed with salt and they moved onto sugar. They have failed with sugar. They are parasites fed by the government for it’s own reasons. Their funding should be removed with immediate effect.

The best diet is that set by “Scottish Grannies”.

Eat a varied diet and keep the portions sizes reasonable and get a bit of exercise.

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