The truth about money.

30 Jan

I read blogs as well as write them. I’ve kind of stopped doing the “issues of the moment” type of blogs but if you are a regular reader of my drivel you’ll have noticed that.

I tend to visit a number of blogs each day including Captain Ranty. He had post about voting NO in the Scottish Independence Referendum, mainly because the SNP want to stay in the EU. It’s very, very likely that the SNP may not be able to make such decisions, which will include keeping the pound, the queen, NATO, windmills etc., but I digress.

Anyway, within a few days he had another post, which was about banks and money. One of the comments provided a link to a video website and specifically to videos which laid out how the money system actually works.

The link is

I would encourage you to visit the site and to watch each of the 4-5 episodes.

Captain Ranty and others have tried very hard to bring how the money system works into the public domain. At face value that doesn’t seem to be an interesting thing to do or to read about.

If I were to tell you that banks create the numbers on their computer screens for the amounts you borrow would that be a surprise or would it shock you? The banks charge interest on money that they brought into existence meaning that you haven’t actually borrowed any money (because it wasn’t there in the first place) but they make you pay interest on it.

The videos are pretty clear and informative. I have no reason to believe they are anything other than legitimate.

At some point however, the present system will crash because it’s a ponzi or a pyramid con.

When it does it won’t be pleasant.

Maybe Dave from Dave’s Bank should do a programme on it?


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