Harley a moment to spare.

06 Feb

This hasn’t been a good winter. It’s not been that cold but it’s been wet. You see that little gets past me…

Anyway the consequence of that is that I’ve not really been able to get the Harley out since the roads have been wet and salty never mind the cold. My Harley has aluminium engine casing and they are prone to attack by salt and they dull over quickly after a polish as well.

I’ve had the bike for 14 months and it’s been enjoyable to ride and I’ve done probably 1000 + miles on it going predominately nowhere. Just riding around and enjoying the experience. One route I use goes past Holyrood driving on Queenies park roads (well they would be Queenies if she had paid for them with her own money).

Taking that route, or any other route which involves going past tourists venues pretty much always ends up with a tourist taking a pic of my Harley. On more than one occasion they have taken videos although I haven’t been asked for my autograph yet. I wonder why they would take photos at all, never mind videos? Harleys are sold and ridden in a lot of countries around the world so I would have thought they would be able to take pics of the ones they see back home?

Anyway, I do get out and about on it. I went into deepest, darkest Fife on it. I also went to East Lothian as well. Not to mention South Queensferry, which has a wee bikers café just about underneath the rail bridge on the south side. Also I’ve managed to get out nearly to Stirling. Now that’s getting silly. I did consider going all the way to Greenock but I chickened out on that one. So it’s done a lot of it’s time in the city.

The Harley is being replaced. Now don’t panic my Harley Davidson Softail FLS Slim is being replaced with a Harley Davidson Softail FLSTF Fat Boy. It’s like the bike in Terminator 2. Fat Boy does not have any connection with the rider, well not that much although there may well be some riders out there who will fit the Fat Boy very well.

No doubt it shall spend far too much of it’s first few weeks hiding in the garage awaiting dry and less cold weather. If it is dry I’ll be out on it though.

I’ve noticed a new phenomenon taking place on the roads of Edinburgh. I’ve been sitting in traffic waiting for the lights to change and I’m planning to turn left. Cyclists whiz up my left hand side. It is very dangerous for them to do that regardless of the vehicle they are racing past. They need to take responsibility for their own lives just like motorcyclists do every time they climb on their bike.

I have cycled in town and it’s not east but it was my responsibility to make sure I kept myself as safe as possible.


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