Prince charming…

08 Feb

The floods. I feel for the people anywhere in the UK who have been affected by the floods. It must be horrible to have your home or business flooded and then have to wait months for things to dry out or be repaired.

You may want to take a little stroll along to the EUreferendum blog. If you have a look through the most recent posts you’ll find one, which is, dedicated to the issues of the floods and in particular the “Levels”.

Just to provide you with a flavour of the content may I draw your attention to the fact that the EU, the Environment Agency and the previous Labour Government are behind the floods. You don’t believe me? Check the facts in the blog.

It’s abhorrent. The UK press is also abhorrent in not reporting the truth and of course the BBC is one of those who should be, if they were operating as an independent organisation without any political bias, to get the “facts” out there.

I’m not going into the details here, just look at the blog, which I’ve linked to above.

At some point we have crossed a line, well I say “we” when I really mean some people in positions of power and influence. The environment is now rated above humans. Animals and the wider environment are now far more important that us humans.

If only we could sort out humanity we could then move onto to better ensure a reasonable way in which to deal with the environment. But, alas, there are so many lefty, greenies out there that it’s pretty unlikely at the moment

No matter though.

A man of some standing visited the “levels” yesterday to see for himself just how much devastation had been done to the area. He wore his wellies, sat in a boat, waded through the floodwaters, and provided his off and on the record opinions. It’s a terrible thing sums it up. That was his take. He sided with the poor people who were flooded. It’s the government’s fault. They should have sorted it.

Well Prince C is of course one of the worlds biggest environmentalists. He speaks fluent plant and significant amounts of brown stuff. His favourite pastime is making hedges at the weekend in his well worn but tasteful jacket according to Countryfile who filmed him recently whilst ensuring they tugged what was required and bowed as directed.

Global warming is alive and well in his wee world. People who don’t agree with him about that topic are the lowest of the low; so much for freedom of speech and democracy. Of course the biggest issue is that he may well be the next “King of England”.

Isn’t that a warm thought to hold onto?

Perhaps not.


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