The three stooges

14 Feb

The three stooges were out yesterday. They all were saying the same thing. It should be against the law for three main political parties in Westminster to agree. Not only agree but be saying the same things. How could that be?

The Tory Chancellor, the Labour Shadow Chancellor and the LibDems Finance spokesperson all said that Scotland won’t be allowed to form a currency alliance with the rest of the UK. The Bank of England and the government has spoken. End off. Just like that.

That they all agree and are happy to do so tells you something. Either they think they have got one over on someone or they are desperate. The No campaign, who prefer to be called the “Better together” campaign, have shot themselves in the foot yet again.  There isn’t a lot of the “foot” left to shoot. Soon it will be shot themselves in the ankles, then the lower legs followed by the knees and then the upper legs. They’ll stop there because they won’t want to risk shooting themselves in the gentlemen’s parts although, given their inability to say or do anything meaningful at all, it’s odds on that that they’ll keep on shooting until they are shooting blanks!

Do they think that we, in Scotland, are all stupid? Probably they do. They must know that the last thing we’d want to do is to stay with the pound. We want independence and having the pound wouldn’t be independence. I should qualify that by saying that we may well keep using the pound for a wee while or we may end up with a Scottish pound.

It is important and we’ll come up with the best solution,n after all the words have been spoken, votes counted, independence achieved and the rest of the UK going on their merry way. Until Northern Ireland decide they want to do their own thing or want to join the rest of Ireland or maybe Ireland will want to join the UK. No matter.

We won’t be doing the Euro or the EU either. We won’t be having the Queen which will save us from having Prince Charles. We won’t be having any nonsense from Spanish fishing boats or any other nationalities either. We won’t be having huge areas of our country used for military target practice. We won’t be doing large areas of our country in the hands of very few people. We’ll have lower taxes of all kinds, we’ll have a complete railway system which meets our needs, ditto roads and airline routes.

We may well have problems, due to large numbers, with Scottish people returning to Scotland to work and settle. We may trade with lots of countries around the world. We will also get shot of the nuclear subs. We will be building ships again.

All pie in the sky? Over time, not at all.

I like England and the English. Great people, great country. It’s just a pity about their politicians and their establishment.

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