Heiddies rule…

16 Feb

The Heiddie was always a bit daunting when I was at school and also when I was working with schools. They have a tough job really which is more political than educational. They seemed to spend as much time out of school as in it.

I thought that Heidies were primarily to ensure that the staff delivered what they should be, deal with the curriculum and uphold good behaviour along with several million other things. It would seem that they are also turning out to be getting involved in things that are nothing whatsoever to do with them at all.

In Edinburgh this recently. we had a Heidie tell his pupils that they had to stop dying their hair in alarming colours. If they continued to do so, they would not be allowed to go on school outings. The trip mentioned was to go to the Scottish Parliament. After this made the press here one of our MSPs offered to welcome any pupil with hair colouring considered to be out with the Heidies directives and take them for tea in the parliament cafe. Touche.

Now the Heidie in question had stipulated that hair colouring should only be black, brown or blonde.  The auburn haired pupils are going to get a hard time from him then?

I would imagine that all of his pupils wear the designated school uniform?

There I was thinking that the new Curriculum for a Excellence was to support enabling all young people to become “successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors”.

Confident individuals, it says confident individuals.

Isn’t that about learning to know themselves, trying things out, making mistakes but getting it right more often which may at times involve daft stuff? Being told what to do and when to do it does not support “individualism”. Dressing the same as their fellow clones does not support “individualism”. Being told what to eat, being subject to petty, random rules and having individual choice squashed do not support individualism, confidence, responsibility and contributing.

Can we not leave our children to do their thing? Can’t we leave then to dress as they see fit for school? Can’t we let them express themselves be it hair, food, music, etc. etc.? And, for goodness sake stop this nonsense about everyone being equal in a uniform. Those with still stand out as those with and unfortunately it’s the same for those who haven’t. The world won’t end if children wear what they want rather than being imposed by adults who should know better than enforcing  similes of some private school rules.

If the rules were relaxed, and I know they wont be, Heidies would cite health and safety rules when they got the chance, like they did when shell suits were all the rage. Okay it may have been possible for two shell suited people to rub their shell suits together accidentally and have them spontaneously combust but I can’t recall that making the press.

Perhaps brightly coloured hair might be capable of distracting a teacher who may fall over due to shock? Weren’t teachers young once? Didn’t they daft stuff on occasion?

You’ll remember that there is an Independence Referendum happening later this year. Independence. A serious word. We need independent people who will pursue independent views and bring their individualism to bear. From which a new and vastly improved Scotland will emerge.

We need individuals who may well sport blue hair with yellow dots. It matters not a jot what they look like it’s what’s in their heads that we should be desperate to encourage not what’s on the outside.

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