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Windy and Judith

Well, where does the time go? It seems to be 12 months since I last blogged or thereabouts. Thanks for all the hits on the Tedious Tantrums blog. The star, of course, is the one and only Judith Ralston the weather presenter on BBC Scotland.

A short detour at this point. Here, in Scotland, we also have a fairly spiffing independent weather watcher who provides a daily weather forecast. Give him a wee check out. He’s none other than Windy Wilson along with his son Wee Windy Wilson and his wife Gusty Wilson.

Now the BBC have the MET to provide them, including huge computing power, with daily forecasts costing millions of pounds over a year. Windy has a laptop and he manages to get the weather right more often than the BBC.

Now back to Judith. It would seem that Judith and Windy have met and not just once. I’ve no idea if they trade forecasting tips etc. But I’m sure they must discuss the weather. Don’t we all…

Judith was a vision in a white and black ensemble earlier this evening. I’m fairly sure that she gave a forecast, I may not have been watching as closely as I should have been. South winds were included possibly?

Anyway give Windy a look. You may well notice that an odd swear word may appear but stick with it.

Meantime, I’ll try to blog a bit more frequently .



Judith Ralston and the hankie of doom

Well… Black arm bands have been handed out, flowers are being ordered in excess of princess quantities and flags are flying at half mast. The news, as you already know, is that the BBC have sacked the MET Office. Rumour on the street was this had occurred because the MET hadn’t delivered the level of global warming that the BBC wanted! I’ve heard stranger things.

Anyway back to the black arm bands. The new weather deliverers will probably not require the services of the hand waving, button clicking, smiling regardless of the forecast weather people presenters. This is a bad thing. You may have missed the fact that weather presenters have lives. They have mortgages as well and they have to eat and drink even to excess if the forecast was miles away from their earlier forecast. Coats are hanging on shooglie pegs, unless they were raincoats last used during that barbecue summer that the Met completely misplaced.

At this point I have to apologise due to my lack of postings featuring weather presenters or actually just one weather presenter. I’ve been busy. I have found Facebook and Twitter. I’m sorry about that. I’ll make up for it right now then.

Judith Ralston. You’ll have heard of Judith. Some people, and I’m including myself here, refer to Judith as Miss Whiplash. There was a time before weans when Judith’s wardrobe was, how can I say this? Ah, yes. Severe and pre-50 shades of grey although black was the preferred colour, or it would have been if black was in fact a colour. Scottish males watching a weather forecast by Judith could not remember a single thing about the weather. Oh no, Judith put a spell on them it was glorious. But it’s time passed.

Recently we have two episodes of interest from Judith, neither of which relates to weather at all. Firstly, she appeared on a weather forecast with what looked like a wardrobe malfunction. On closer inspection it turned out to be a paper hankie which she’d stuffed up her short sleeve. It peeked shaky for a few moments and started to get bolder. I willed it to fall but Jackie Bird alerted Judith. Secondly, one evening at the end of the bulletin the camera panned out, just in time to catch Judith dancing along to the news tune. Happy in her work. Awwwwww.

No one will be able to replace Judith. It doesn’t matter if they are Dutch or from new Zealand. There is not a single weather lady in the world that could fill Judith’s shoes. They may well get the weather forecast more accurate but who needs that if it means removing Judith from our screens? We can always look out the windae for goodness sake!


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Bits and pieces…

Stuff happens and sometimes it’s worth a comment. On that basis I shall rant and ramble along on this fine December day.

I’ve been particularly recalcitrant with regards to Judith Ralston, the Scottish weather presenter who has been referred to as “Miss Whiplash” by others but certainly not by me. On the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum BBC presenters of all shapes and sizes of a Scottish nature were usurped by an influx of people from south of the border as was the BBCs want.

This seems to have led to JR presenting the weather on BBC radio and since then she has made a few fleeting weather appearances and a singing gig on BBC Scotland Children in Need. Not solo obviously, but as a backing singer with Jackie Bird.

We need more of JR on our screens. As I may have mentioned in the past, her weather forecasting is probably pretty fine but many a chap in Scotland may have no recollections of what she was saying at all. We may have to start a campaign? Bring back JR!

Wait a minute that may have been used before?

Were you heading southeast down the A1 last weekend? Well obviously you weren’t but you may well have wanted to be since it was closed. A large bang was heard at or near the Catterick Army Base not far from Scotch Corner, which is a significant misnomer since it’s not in Scotland, Scotch is a drink only and there is no corner.

The loud bang was heard by locals and by people in Glasgow and other places. I, myself didn’t hear a thing. The Polis shut the road for a short time of some 16 hours. Well you can’t be too careful now can you?

Anyway, it’s a mystery and we’ll never know. Probably, it was down to the military since there is the Army base and an RAF base also close by. Since loud bangs were heard all over the place some say it might have been meteors whilst others think it must have been a secret aircraft creating a sonic boom or three.

Maybe it flew in from the USA with a flight time of 45 minutes? Pity BA, Virgin etc. can’t buy the technology so we could get longer holidays on the beach rather than spending hours on slow drones? 15 minutes to Ibiza anyone?

The new Drink Drive limits in Scotland come onto force on the 5th I believe. This is a good thing, well almost a good thing, Firstly, the limit is now so low that it may catch people who have not actually been drinking. Secondly, should they not have gone for a no limit (see first point) and does that mean the Polis will stop breathalysing anyone stopped for any reason in a car?

Interestingly, it seems that the makers of Harris Tweed have recently produced a tweed jacket, which has an aroma of whisky. You can just see it now. Old guy gets pulled over and winds his window down. Polis stick their head in his window and get a wiff of whisky. Polis ask man to get out of the car as they suspect he has been drinking alcohol. Old man says he has not been drinking and it’s his jackets fault…


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Well were the 1970’s great then… Perhaps not so for the BBC

I started High School in 1969, which seemed like a great thing at the time. The early part of the decade wasn’t entirely brilliant from a musical point of view but things improved pretty quickly. I sort of moved fairly quickly from charts stuff to Alice Cooper, Bowie, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Genesis and YES. There were other obviously but those are the mains with YES being the best by a mile. I still listen to YES all these years later and I still go to their gigs which are defined by greying hair, pot bellies, bad teeth, balding and wrinkles and that’s not just the band.

Top of the Pops was still a must although the stupid camera effects were tedious. Lots of progs had bands on playing their chart songs with Crackerjack and the Saturday evening shows with Cliff, Lulu Val Doonigan etc etc. and of course The Black and White Minstrell Show and Rolf Harris. During that time I saw not a peado, not a single grope and no grooming.

The BBC showed a lot of those progs and they were very popular for various age groups. It was a bit odd then to find the BBC airing a programme about how good or bad the 70s were. They showed loads of clips from the 70s with content which was well before the PC and Righteous brigade got traction. They showed sexist and racist clips to back up their case for how much and how well we’d travelled to the current controlled and prim times we now live in.

One of the highlights was Bill Oddie being shocked at 1970s TV prog contents. The Black and White Minstrels in particular where white men “blacked” up, was not happy viewing for Bill and a bit uncomfortable for all us viewers. The Bill got ambushed. A clip from the Goodies showed him blacked up. What was he to say?

I do like a bit of leftie baiting, but the BBC baiting Bill was pretty surprising. Maybe he’s fallen foul or should that be fowl, of the Beeb.

The truth of course is that it’s all in the past. Things were different then. It was a harder life than now maybe and less colourful since brown and beige reigned supreme then. I watched the 70’s programmes and laughed and enjoyed them. Some were funny. Play for Today regularly featured ladies in various stages of undressing.

I don’t think the BBC prog was a success unless all the PC lefties were in full ” look at us we are wonderful” mode.

Predictable. I liked the 70s because I had loads of fun, prog rock was wonderful and my life truly began. It was a different time. It wasn’t the 2000’s


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The National…

I went along to the newsagents sharpish this morning to make sure I got my copy of “The National”, which is being published by the Glasgow Herald for five days to find out if there is an appetite for a non Liebore/Tory morning newspaper. Okay, newspapers are shedding readers at a dramatic rate so, in a sense it will be trying to swim against the current although they have an on-line version available too.

It’s not every day that a new newspaper comes along and, editorially, it must feel that things need to be reported which are not currently. This is of course the reason the paper is appearing, as it was proved time after time after time again that the BBC and the other papers were all backing Liebore and the Tories to make sure that the “YES” campaign had no real voice what so ever.

For many people the BBC is the font of all wisdom, well it may have been at some time but not for anytime over the past 40-50 years probably. I noticed this a good few years ago when the great global warming scam heated up. I was reading scientific documents, which were saying there was no such thing as global warming or climate change as they still say now. It kind of shocked me how biased the BBC was and how it would not allow any deviation from it’s version of what was happening rather than what was actually happening.

It’s good to bear in mind that the satellite data record started in 1979 which is only 35 years from thousands of year of climate. It’s also a fact that the BBC themselves aided and abetted by the MET Office decided that 30 years was a long time in climate monitoring which is patently ridiculous.

BBC Scotland are based in Glasgow which just happens to be where the Liebore heartlands are. It’s a nice and cosy arrangement and when mixed with the London/Westminster establishment means that Liebore are the chosen ones. It’s a disgrace, it’s third world propaganda techniques and it means that we are all being forced to pay to be lied to via the TV licence fee.

So with an election just over the horizon along with a growing and vociferous anti-liebore electorate the SNP, Greens, Scottish Socialists, RIC/Common Weal, Women for Independence etc, etc, etc, there is a lot of truths which need to be got out there.

The National looks promising. It’s in a good position to report the alternative news, the stuff the BBC and all the other newspapers bar one (The Sunday Herald who are publishing The National) won’t cover and currently ignore.

I look forward to the next few days and weeks to see the circulation figures grow for both print and on-line versions.

It’s also going to be interesting to see all the lies told by the “Better Together” campaign and all their supporters being exposed.

Roll on the election.

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Publicity, who needs it?

Lilly Allen is back. She has now got her wee family sorted out and also got over losing a fair bit of money. She has started releasing new material and she’s also been on TV and in the newspapers and magazines etc.

She made a very interesting confession. She only likes being on TV, in the newspapers and magazines when she has an album to flog or a tour to publicise. It looks like she’s admitted to what almost every sleb thinks.

What about all that nonsense of the slebs whining on about their phones being hacked, by hacked they mean using the standard password which comes with each phone rather than changing it to one which is secure? Hey presto no hacking at all. Either they didn’t because it suited them or they couldn’t do it or they were able to find someone who could.

Some of them went to court and whined again. Some of them sued newspapers and won money and, of course, somemore publicity. Some of them may have also used the whole situation to gain even more publicity.

Publicity, publicity, publicity… they neeeeeeed IT!

No sleb wants to be left out in the cold when they are looking for work and need ‘publicity”. In order to wake people up who matter they need to be “seen” to prove that they are just the person to enhance a flim, TV prog, a tour etc. etc. etc.

You know the lengths they go to.  Usually it involves a wardrobe malfunction or a wardrobe which may be incomplete, or a fall out or a love in, or a divorce, etc, etc, etc,

I’ve no idea why newspapers publish all the nonsense. If Joe Bloggs is starring in a huge blockbuster movie then why do the newspapers provide coverage about it? And then, when they start getting a hard time from the slebs, do they not just stop writing or photographing them and putting  them in their rag ever, ever, ever again?

Take away the publicity and see how quickly the slebs come crawling back and beg for coverage. Their begging will require lurid stories or revealing pictures which feeds their habit, their habit of course being publicity.

Of course the press need the slebs because they sell newspapers and magazines. Do they really? Then why do mere mortals want to know about what slebs do, what they wear and what they say? None of it is in any way worthwhile. Is it?

The slebs also do the talk shows. They get on the circuit and do the One Show, the Graham Norton Show, The Jonathon Ross Show, The Alan Carr Show etc, then there’s radio interviews as a well. It’s almost like perpetual motion. They have their own energy, which propels them along until they do something to upset people or lose whatever they had in the first place.

When that happens they can still sometimes stay on the bandwagon but not bot for good reasons. They fall off and it becomes a spectator sport as did Oliver Reid.


Can’t they just go away?



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He looked me in the eye…

Who would have thunk it? Dave loves us. That’s a collective of everyone in Scotland I’m talking about. Yes all of us. He even gave an impassioned speech about it. He encouraged friends and relatives of ours who don’t live in Scotland to call us or contact us in some way and then tell us how important it is for us not to leave the UK.

It kind of threw me a bit. There we were secure in the thought that we were being carried financially by the rest of the UK (look it up and you’ll find it’s the opposite but let’s not allow the facts to get in the way of a bit of propaganda). Why would Dave want to hold onto to Scotland if we were costing his government and the other three countries of the UK real money?

I’d have thought if we were costing them money they would be very glad to get shot of us? Oh well. Who knows how politicians and the establishment on both sides of the border work? Certainly not me.

I like the bit near the end when Call me Dave looked right at the camera and looked into our eyes. It was sincere. It wasn’t a practiced cynical attempt to try to win our favour. Oh no, Call me Dave would never do that.

The “Subrosa Blog” has a post entitled “Ian Bell’s letter to David Cameron”. Ian points out that there is a fairly similar vein running though Call me Dave’s speech. Similar to what I hear you ask?

Well, it’s very similar to a speech and sentiment from the “1995 Unity scheme” which was used by the Canadian government successfully when French Canadians were also trying to pursue independence. Whilst we are also on that particular theme please bear in mind that the Prime Minister of Spain has been going on about Scotland not being able to join the EU (hurrah! and yes please) because he doesn’t want the Catalans to do the same as Scotland.

Has your phone been ringing off the hook? Have lots of complete strangers from the rest of the UK been calling you to remind you that Scotland is full of wonderful people and it would be unfair of us to vote to leave the union? No? Of course not.

Call me Dave’s speech was “sincere” and would’ve brought tears to a glass eye. No really…

It wouldn’t be so bad if the English really thought about what was happening. Billy Bragg, of all people hit the nail on the head. He suggested that Scottish Independence would be a good thing since it would force the English to think about who they actually are. What is their place in the world? What are their ambitions? What is their culture? How do they bring some sort of equality over the whole nation rather than the unbalance of London and the east and the rest?

Come on all you Englanders… Wake up!

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Quality programming on the BBC…

The BBC are proud of the quality of their programmes. Over the years they’ve had loads of successes and more recently they’ve been able to exploit their most successful shows, selling them overseas and also selling them on DVDs, etc. etc.. The BBC is a huge player on the world broadcasting stage.

In the UK we get to pay for the BBC. It’s called the License Fee although extortion is more apt. The BBC gets billions and makes billions more and has turned into a vast, out of control, political, arrogant bully of an organisation. At least in year’s gone bye there were some great programmes and there is still the odd one that comes along.

So where are these incredible quality programmes? Apart from Top Gear? Few and far between and I can’t even think of anymore at all.

There is so much environmental, cuddly animals and such like on the BBC. It’s just dull although I’m sure there are people out there who like that sort of thing. Countryfile has become one long rant about “saving the environment” with the only saving grace being Adam Henson the farmer.

So what are the best quality programmes on the BBC –

Not too bad.

Dr Who – If you like Sci-fi it’s okay but patchy and at time just plain confusing.

Top Gear – large audiences and sold worldwide. It’s not on often enough.

Later with Jools – The only music TV show left. The last series was pretty dire.

Over rated.

Strictly Come Dancing – lots of people like it but it’s hardly a great programme.

The Great British Bake Off – lots of baking, tears and genuinely nice Mary.

Sherlock – Doctor Who without the Daleks etc.

Tedious public service broadcasting –


River City

The One Show

Blue Peter

Biased news coverage

All BBC News programmes

All documentaries.

All political shows

Question Time

So why no more good shows like –

Little Britain

The Young Ones


Fawlty Towers

The Office

Monty Python

The BBC is bloated, spends money like an organisation, which gets money given to it by the skip load.

The BBC is biased politically. Consider the support it gives to Labour, the negativity it displays for the Tories, the elevation of the Greens, ignoring UKIP, being biased particularly against the SNP and the whole Scottish Independence thing.

The BBC is far too big. It is far too London centric although it has regional branches but they are satellites far too far away and starved of everything needed to create their own output.

The SNPs plans for broadcasting in Scotland following a YES vote don’t make any sense. They model is like the current BBC but with a Scottish Broadcasting Service partnering it with licenses need by everyone with a TV.

The license fee should be abolished in Scotland and people can then decide on what shows they want to watch and pay for the privilege. Simple.

The BBC has to go. It won’t though. It’s far too an important part of the London establishment.


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Living up to their name…

I watched an episode of Dragons Den a couple of weeks ago. I think it was the first episode of the new series.

It was shocking. There were five dragons sitting with their “wad” a la BBC and various entrepreneurs wafted in and out again either with a promise of money and support or not. It was like a financial version of “Big Brother”, I’m a celebrity” and “The X Factor”. Just shocking.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some real “white knights” who are keen to support promising people or people with promising products/services. Most of them had lots of money which they’d made over a number of years and many of them saw it as their duty to re-invest some of that money back into business and commerce.

Not one, that I came across, were anything like the Dragons. Big egos sure, but generally good men and women.

Obviously the BBC pitch it as they see fit. It’s surprising though that the dragons may at times, and I’m being gentle here, be a bit rude, look down on people, be slightly arrogant, etc. etc. etc.

The first guy to pitch didn’t do a good job but he was ridiculed for his trouble. Others followed. They knew their numbers but there were flaws or there wasn’t enough money in it for the dragons, or the dragons thought the concept being pitched to be ridiculous.

They did offer deals to support the idea and the people behind a couple of times. But the deal is always slanted towards the dragons advantage.

I would have thought that the dragons would remember times in the past when they didn’t have as much as they do now. There must have been times when they went to their bank manager and he wouldn’t play ball, or they needed to win an important client and they couldn’t even get a few minutes to make their pitch etc. etc. etc..

It might make good television for people who don’t know how business and commerce works but it is pretty brutal for those who do.

I worked with a very well know entrepreneur who had made huge amounts of money. In his early career he’d been selling goods from franchises in a large department store with many branches. One day one of the main buyers asked him to go see him. He turned up and the buyer suggested that he got as much of the money that was owed to him as quickly as possible.

A few weeks later the store went bust leaving him with a £3000 loss, which he never got back. He had saved his bacon though and was able to go onto bigger and better things. Why did the buyer tell him to chase his money? Because the buyer liked him and liked the way he did business.

Do any of the dragons strike you as being that type of entrepreneur?

Even if they are acting in a way that the BBC likes?

I don’t think so.

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Prince charming…

The floods. I feel for the people anywhere in the UK who have been affected by the floods. It must be horrible to have your home or business flooded and then have to wait months for things to dry out or be repaired.

You may want to take a little stroll along to the EUreferendum blog. If you have a look through the most recent posts you’ll find one, which is, dedicated to the issues of the floods and in particular the “Levels”.

Just to provide you with a flavour of the content may I draw your attention to the fact that the EU, the Environment Agency and the previous Labour Government are behind the floods. You don’t believe me? Check the facts in the blog.

It’s abhorrent. The UK press is also abhorrent in not reporting the truth and of course the BBC is one of those who should be, if they were operating as an independent organisation without any political bias, to get the “facts” out there.

I’m not going into the details here, just look at the blog, which I’ve linked to above.

At some point we have crossed a line, well I say “we” when I really mean some people in positions of power and influence. The environment is now rated above humans. Animals and the wider environment are now far more important that us humans.

If only we could sort out humanity we could then move onto to better ensure a reasonable way in which to deal with the environment. But, alas, there are so many lefty, greenies out there that it’s pretty unlikely at the moment

No matter though.

A man of some standing visited the “levels” yesterday to see for himself just how much devastation had been done to the area. He wore his wellies, sat in a boat, waded through the floodwaters, and provided his off and on the record opinions. It’s a terrible thing sums it up. That was his take. He sided with the poor people who were flooded. It’s the government’s fault. They should have sorted it.

Well Prince C is of course one of the worlds biggest environmentalists. He speaks fluent plant and significant amounts of brown stuff. His favourite pastime is making hedges at the weekend in his well worn but tasteful jacket according to Countryfile who filmed him recently whilst ensuring they tugged what was required and bowed as directed.

Global warming is alive and well in his wee world. People who don’t agree with him about that topic are the lowest of the low; so much for freedom of speech and democracy. Of course the biggest issue is that he may well be the next “King of England”.

Isn’t that a warm thought to hold onto?

Perhaps not.


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