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A strange thing happened on the way to the keyboard…

Like most bloggers I have a need to check the numbers of viewers/visitors more than once a day. It’s a needy thing. Like I need to know at least some people read my drivel and have signed up to read my blog on a fairly regular basis. When I first started the numbers were low as you would expect, but now they are a lot higher even although I had almost a year off in between the start three years ago and now.

I also tend to comment on other blogs, which can be fairly amusing and sometimes a bit fraught. If you’ve looked at my blog, and you must have to get this far, then you’ll see I don’t get many comments. Blogs are like mini communities and commenting works for some and not for others. I’ve had the odd troll also, although not on toast, which can be a real pain. Generally, though, it’s been an enjoyable journey.

A wee bit earlier I was about to sit down and write a blog. I opened up the blog and checked the numbers and then noticed the comment icon was indicating that I had a comment. I opened the comment and lo and behold the senders name was Judith Ralston. If you give the comments a wee look you’ll see it for yourself.

Now I would imagine that’s fairly easy to set up a profile, which may be, shall we say, a little less than accurate. Maybe there is more than one Judith Ralston within Scotland? Maybe there are several? Yes I know that there will be many versions of Judith Ralston in different quantum dimensions.

There maybe a version of Judith that didn’t have problems with her voice and has gone on to be a much loved entertainer. Since quantum dimension are infinite there will definitely be a Judith Ralston who is Head of the BBC weather department for the whole of the UK.

Dare I also say that there will be dimensions where this blog does not exist! I know pretty fat fetched but there you go.

Judith, in her comment, has said that she has been ill. I, and I would imagine a number of other chaps would want to wish Judith a speedy return to the Scottish evening weather forecast. I think for the first reappearance Judith should push the boat out, just to remind us all of what we have been missing.

I’m not a big fan of the BBC since they are the voice of the UK establishment and are perhaps far too entwined with the Glasgow Labour set, which is probably not a healthy position, to be in. I think the BBC should buy the old Scotsman building which is right beside the Scottish Parliament. This would mean that the parliament would receive better coverage and Edinburgh would gain much improved reporting. I can see Sally Magnusson being the Edinburgh anchor with Brian Taylor ranting on a bit longer than currently each night.

The thing is, who would present the weather? Can you think of anyone with the correct credentials?


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The Chancers autumn statement…

I thought we were in the winter by now? It starts on the 1st December, which makes it all the odder since the winter equinox is a couple of weeks away. Whilst on the subject of timing and stuff you’ll have heard the BBC claiming that this year is likely to be one of the warmest years on record. It will be, but only because the satellite record started in 1998.

Back to topic if there is such a thing anyway…

Chancer Gideon Osborne stood up and ranted on for a while about how well the UK was doing and how we were well on the mend to normality. We were one of the fastest growing economies, employment was up and we would get tax reductions and various wee tempting things to make us smile.

Within a few hours the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) published a paper rubbishing the Chancers claims. Oh dear. And an election coming up fairly soon. Not helpful. Now the Chancer and the sub-prime minister really like the IFS. They really, really liked it during the run up to the Scottish Independence vote. I bet they aren’t as keen on them now?

It was also interesting to hear that the Chancer was going to set up a Sovereign Fund for Manchester and that general area, based on fracking income. Most countries in the world, who have oil or other such resources within their borders have similar arrangements. Texas, for example, gets to keep a lot of the taxes collected on oil extraction and refining.

In Scotland we get zip. Worse than that we don’t actually get to know how much taxation has been taken on the 95% of the oil which is in Scottish territorial waters. We don’t know how much taxation in general goes into the Westminster pot. Could it be because WM doesn’t want us to know? Could it be that the 95% of the oil which, lies in the Scottish waters part of the UK has been propping up governments since the Queen turned the taps on?

It looks very likely that WM will make life very difficult for Scotland and try to make sure that the SNP and the whole idea of independence won’t ever be a possibility again. Until, of course, the oil has gone

Just one mention of Liebore. Yesterday at First Ministers question time Mr Grey from Liebore stood up and, with a large smile on his face, stated that it was a good job that the Scottish people had rejected independence since they could now see how volatile oil prices could be. Yes he smiled. Another nail in the coffin of the Labour Party in Scotland.

What joy.


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Gordy Broon is gone…

My wife used to work beside a woman who knew Gordy Broon. She said he was a very, very clever man. He may well have been or still is for that matter. He managed to hoodwink quite a lot of people during his intervention in the final stages of the Scottish Referendum.

But that is history. He’s going to work with the UN on education with a salary that reflects his experience and stuff. Lets hope he keeps his political thoughts to himself though from now on. Not because he has anything meaningful to say of course since the Smith Commission reported with the Tories and Lab sticking together just like the ending of 1984. Talking about which, the Tories and Labour stopped the living wage proposals in the Smith Report.

There are things that could be done without recourse to Smith and of course Dave and his purring Queen. How about Nippy Sturgeon making a start on developing a Scottish Declaration of Rights. I chose this as a starting point because such a document would determine how our representatives would behave towards us.

Given, that the Better Together people or the NO side as they were, told enormous amounts of lies, exaggerated issues and generally misled to win. There was no VOW. It was a construct by Gordy and the Daily Record, which vowed nothing tangible and the three Stooges, Messrs’ Cameron, Miliband and Clegg went along with it. Various other “stars” such as Jim Murphy were complicit in it also.

A short aside. The question, which has still not been answered, is of course “Why would England want to keep Scotland if the Scots were a millstone?” We all know the answer. 95% of the oil within current UK waters is in Scottish waters, Scotland can be used for storing nuclear bombs and waste and Scotland can be used as a guinea pig for new legislation. There’s also the growing awareness that Scotland does not need Labour but Labour desperately needs Scotland.

The development of a Scottish Declaration of Rights, probably based on Scots Law and the USA version to a degree could work well for us all. It would have to be voted on and it would have to be legally adopted. If it was worded strongly enough we could cut out the lies and smoke and mirrors of politicians, and dare I say, bring some honesty into the debate and our own going governance.

Come on Nippy. Give it a go. It will keep the momentum going if nothing else for short term.


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Has the world gone mad?

Either I’ve lost the plot or I’ve been deposited in a different far away universe.

I’m still not over the shock of agreeing, if only in part, with the Scottish Greens. That sounds like something your Scottish Granny would say. Scottish Greens are good for you she’d say… better leave it that perhaps.

Now I find myself agreeing with a columnist in the Guardian. Good grief! What next? Will Santa be joining me for Christmas lunch along with the three wise men and Queenie herself? My, how the conversation would just whistle along, then again perhaps not.

It would appear that some people who work at the Guardian think it’s a great idea for Scotland to be independent. Scotland could become a sparkling world-class example of social justice, wind and wave power and everything green.

That’s not my view I have to say. However, winning independence is the goal and if it means that we have to… what’s the words for it? Get into bed with people that have the same aims but perhaps seek different longer-term goals? That’ll have to do.

They also said that keeping the pound was good because if we do our own currency the English will “get gubbed.” Okay fair enough. Perhaps the new Scottish currency should be based on Jimmies. Jimmies would be worth twenty Grannies. The overall currency name would the Scottish Stoater or words to that effect. However I digress.

Now what about that nice Mr Monbiot? He’s works for the Guardian. He may have to do another of those columns where he says – “You know how I said that X was a very bad thing, a very bad thing indeed?” He’ll then go on to say that “he now thinks it’s a spanking thing and he won’t even blush when he says it”. He’s well practiced at it. I wonder if he’s let out any of his four spare bedrooms yet to people who need a roof over their heads?

Another suggestion from the tome that is the Guardian was that the landed gentry should start packing and following the next YES vote they can leave the keys at the front door. Estates will be put back into the hands of the people or the people that the Guardianistas like anyway. I can see the appeal of that.

Queenie won’t be needing to travel to Scotland and may desist from taking her summer hols at Balmoral which I’m sure will make a really nice hotel. Nice thought. Lets reclaim the rampant lion and make that our flag. We’re hard you see. Even our flag is aggressive!!!!!! Snarl!

Time will tell.

I’m a bit apprehensive about what is going to happen next. Who else is going to stand up and support Scottish independence from a group which I do not associate with or generally share their views? Not to worry. You know I’ll keep you informed. Jim Murphy? I can’t ever see that happening.

The cost of the Guardian in Scotland will be 2 jimmies 8 grannies. It just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it? Hold that thought.


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Jo-La V Nippy

The twittersphere and blogosphere have been very, very busy following the debate, which took place on Tuesday night between Johan Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon on STV.

I’m not sure if it was a complete setup or not. It was certainly a catfight, undignified and in keeping with a “stairheid rammy”. The feeble attempts to request that the two “ladies” should debate properly didn’t really help at all. If it achieved anything, it showed how much the decorum of such debates and more wider debating in both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments have been allowed to reach the level of bun fights. Where has the respect for the institutions, which the parliaments are?

It has to stop I tell you!

The debate wasn’t really a debate. Too much talking over each other. Way too aggressive. It was just a “rammy” or fight as the less Scottish might have described it.

I’m sure that Jo-La is a nice and caring person but she highlights the problems, which the Labour party in Scotland are struggling with. They have joined forces with the Tories, who are paying for it all and the LibDems who can’t even manage into the top three in elections in Scotland now.

They are also very restricted in what they can say and do. If Jo-La made a speech which criticised Scotland the Labour Party would be damaged. They can’t actually say what benefits the “Bitter the gither” Yes side would provide for Scotland to remain in the Union. They have managed to create a vacuum, which renders any message they may have as useless to their cause.

All they can do is parrot what their bosses and their foes in Westminster say. Where is the clarity of thought? Where is the loyalty to the Scottish people? It’s all lost because they are Westminster centric and Scotland is just a part of the rest of the UK. If the Labour Party in Scotland cared they would have fought for much greater benefits for the Scottish people when they were in power.

In truth they did very little. Those people who voted Labour for generations ended up voting for a party which sat to the right of the Tories. They didn’t make a stand on illegal and costly wars and worst of all they turned their backs on the principles on which the Labour party was based.

Not that the SNP are much better since they are statist and centrist which will cost them dear following the first general election in an Independent Scotland.

There are factions within the Labour Party who are pro-Independence. They don’t seem to say much or what they say isn’t reported.

Independence will require the current parties to reshape or more likely to re-invent themselves. We will no longer tolerate Westminster political parties operating in Scotland. Politicians who are Labour members and supporters will need to form a new party which has no ties with or influence from Westminster.

I suggest that a new Labour movement in Scotland move a bit more to the left but recognise the value of a thriving economy, which ensures all the nice stuff can be afforded. The basic principle should be that each generation has a better standard of living from the previous generation.

Too simplistic?





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Real money and independence.

This might be a bit of a winding path article but I’m sure you’ll stay with me. This is an important topic although you won’t have heard much about it.

There was recent programme on BBC, which almost but not quite mentioned the “Bradbury Pound”. That nice chap, Jeremy Paxman, started his new series about the First World War a few weeks ago and episode one covered the run up to war being declared.

He mentioned that, just a few days prior to the declaration being made the UK banking sector came close to collapse. That’ll sound familiar to you will it not? We are still suffering from the most recent collapse! Nothing changes.

However, in this case things did change. Jeremy informed us that a collapse was imminent and a run on the banks had begun, people queued to change their bank notes into gold. Luckily though a Bank Holiday was on the cards and duly went ahead. The government then extended the bank holiday by a further three days, followed by the banks re-opening and providing bank customers with “Bradbury” treasury notes.

The Bradbury pound (so named because of the signatory on each pound and ten shillings note) became legal tender. The notes were backed by Acts of Parliament and were unique as their value was secured on the value of the UK’s assets. At the same time these notes provided their monetary value with NO INTEREST. Money used to buy goods and services using the Bradbury pound did not attract interest.

I would have thought that Jeremy would have covered this incredible step, but, alas no he didn’t. He might also have gone on to say that the use of Bradbury pounds would have avoided the huge debts, which were run up fighting the First World War. Then he might have also said that the bankers managed to get the government to agree to withdraw Bradburys so they could get back to lending money and making huge monies from it in the form of interest.

Now the independence part. The Bank of England and wee Georgie Osbourne have spoken and said that Scotland can’t have a currency union with the rest of the UK. Sounds good to me. But Scotland will have shares in the Bank of England which would be recouped to Scotland the desolution of the UK. But who really knows who owns the Bank of England?

Apparently those who know aren’t telling. Are you also aware that the City of London is a completely seperate state? As is the Vatican and an area within Washington?

Are you also aware that almost every country in the world has a central bank run, not by the politicians, but by the Rothchilds? Iran, North Korea and Cuba don’t, and if Scotland goes for it’s own currency neither would we although that list of other countries isn’t enticing.

So how about a Scottish Bradbury (we could call it he Goodwin for fun) pound equivalent and a central bank outwith Rothchilds control? No interest loans. How much money would that put back into peoples pockets and help grow the economy which in turn would help pay for all those good works that so many people seem to want to do following independence?

In ending may I also suggest that in the USA “greenbacks” had also become currency for a number of years following the civil war. I’ll leave you with this thought. It some peoples minds the death of Abraham Lincoln was connected to the issue and use of greenbacks.

Who knows where the truth lies.


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A disaster waiting to happen…

I’m reading “Blossom” at the moment. It’s about Scotland and it’s people and why we have such bad health and various other depressing issues although there is much positivity also. It was recommened to me by “Clarinda” and the book was written by Lesley Riddoch.

Early on in the book Lesley mentions “Old Labour” and not in a positive manner. I can see why she might think like that since, to younger people, Old Labour was fraught with internal wrangling, beset by unions ever eager to encourage strikes and subject to a bottom line which could not make the party electable.

To me “Old Labour” was certainly those things but not just those things.  “Old Labour” was the vote of the workingman. It was a party in which working men could get a sense of hope that their working lives would be productive enough for them to have a comfortable lifestyle secure in the knowledge that their children would have a better life than they had.

In the 60s life wasn’t easy although things started to change for the better in the 70s or so it felt to me. My family life improved. We had proper holidays, we had a better car, the house was better decorated and warm, there was money to go out of an evening.

Mrs Thatcher came along and trimmed the wings of the unions and pushed “Old Labour “ away from electability. Whilst some of the things she did were undoubtedly damaging to the country, other things she did were good. Her experiment and the change to a “services economy” might have been a great idea for London but less so for Scotland where traditional industries were still the core. That was all lost. Gone.

But the Tories went eventually and along came New Labour. In order to become electable Tony and his mates moved to the right. In doing so they ripped up the old ways. Now everything was new and shiny. Well maybe for some but less for a lot more people.

The West of Scotland had a lot of heavy engineering before Mrs Thatcher and much less when Tony cane to power. You would have though that “Nu Labour” would have invested heavily in either supporting and renewing the traditional industries or investing in bringing new manufacturing jobs to that area.

Well they did. Unfortunately, they managed to import low skill jobs after Mrs Thatcher had exported high skill jobs. The workforce was to be retrained. What? Retrained to follow an entirely different type of life? No. Just enough retraining to be able to answer a telephone all day long and such like. A disaster waiting to happen.

They still vote for Labour in the West of Scotland as they have always done when they worked in the old traditional industries etc. in towns and villages all over Scotland. Why? They can’t bear to vote any other way? They have always voted Labour as had their parents and grandparents? Who would they vote for if they didn’t?

To a degree they have stopped voting altogether.

Labour has done nothing, NOTHING to invest in these communities although they were in power for two terms. Not to mention the number of local councils that are also Labour run.

Labour has failed even worse than Mrs Thatcher failed.

No amount of silly tactics such as taunting the Tories that they didn’t have a single woman on the front bench.

Is that the best they can do? Is that as far as their combined intellect can manage?

Look in the mirror Ed and I mean really look in the mirror.


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