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Bits and pieces…

Stuff happens and sometimes it’s worth a comment. On that basis I shall rant and ramble along on this fine December day.

I’ve been particularly recalcitrant with regards to Judith Ralston, the Scottish weather presenter who has been referred to as “Miss Whiplash” by others but certainly not by me. On the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum BBC presenters of all shapes and sizes of a Scottish nature were usurped by an influx of people from south of the border as was the BBCs want.

This seems to have led to JR presenting the weather on BBC radio and since then she has made a few fleeting weather appearances and a singing gig on BBC Scotland Children in Need. Not solo obviously, but as a backing singer with Jackie Bird.

We need more of JR on our screens. As I may have mentioned in the past, her weather forecasting is probably pretty fine but many a chap in Scotland may have no recollections of what she was saying at all. We may have to start a campaign? Bring back JR!

Wait a minute that may have been used before?

Were you heading southeast down the A1 last weekend? Well obviously you weren’t but you may well have wanted to be since it was closed. A large bang was heard at or near the Catterick Army Base not far from Scotch Corner, which is a significant misnomer since it’s not in Scotland, Scotch is a drink only and there is no corner.

The loud bang was heard by locals and by people in Glasgow and other places. I, myself didn’t hear a thing. The Polis shut the road for a short time of some 16 hours. Well you can’t be too careful now can you?

Anyway, it’s a mystery and we’ll never know. Probably, it was down to the military since there is the Army base and an RAF base also close by. Since loud bangs were heard all over the place some say it might have been meteors whilst others think it must have been a secret aircraft creating a sonic boom or three.

Maybe it flew in from the USA with a flight time of 45 minutes? Pity BA, Virgin etc. can’t buy the technology so we could get longer holidays on the beach rather than spending hours on slow drones? 15 minutes to Ibiza anyone?

The new Drink Drive limits in Scotland come onto force on the 5th I believe. This is a good thing, well almost a good thing, Firstly, the limit is now so low that it may catch people who have not actually been drinking. Secondly, should they not have gone for a no limit (see first point) and does that mean the Polis will stop breathalysing anyone stopped for any reason in a car?

Interestingly, it seems that the makers of Harris Tweed have recently produced a tweed jacket, which has an aroma of whisky. You can just see it now. Old guy gets pulled over and winds his window down. Polis stick their head in his window and get a wiff of whisky. Polis ask man to get out of the car as they suspect he has been drinking alcohol. Old man says he has not been drinking and it’s his jackets fault…


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A license to…

I though it was really good news that the Road License disc is to be dropped in October this year. I don’t like the disk cluttering up the windscreen and I certainly don’t like that thought that someone might remove the tax disc from my motorbike. The holder is tamper proof but it clutters up the lines of the bike also.

So a good thing.

Now let’s see… when do the government or the police etc. ever do something which seems like a great idea only for us, the public to think it is and find out that there maybe a catch?

Yes, this is such a case.

You see in some states in the USA they have also got rid of license stickers as they are there. They’ve been doing it for some time and now some of the states are going back to the stickers.

Now why would they do that?

Well, it seems that using an electronic means for ensuring a car is “taxed” – how apt – also means that the location of the vehicle when the police zap it is recorded. Not content with being filmed as we go about or legal business they are also keeping an eye on everyone in every possible way. You know your mobile phone is doing this for them too?

Why do they need to know so much about us and what we are doing? We all know that there is a small minority who do stuff they shouldn’t but does the whole population need to be watched at the same time?

The tax disc, road license or whatever they are calling it now was supposed to be to pay for the upkeep of the roads etc. Now it’s the last thing that it’s used for. The roads are potholed whilst the pavements are as smooth as a very smooth bottom indeed.

I’ll be glad when the tax disc goes it’s just such a pit that there’s more to it than meets the eye.


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