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Windy and Judith

Well, where does the time go? It seems to be 12 months since I last blogged or thereabouts. Thanks for all the hits on the Tedious Tantrums blog. The star, of course, is the one and only Judith Ralston the weather presenter on BBC Scotland.

A short detour at this point. Here, in Scotland, we also have a fairly spiffing independent weather watcher who provides a daily weather forecast. Give him a wee check out. He’s none other than Windy Wilson along with his son Wee Windy Wilson and his wife Gusty Wilson.

Now the BBC have the MET to provide them, including huge computing power, with daily forecasts costing millions of pounds over a year. Windy has a laptop and he manages to get the weather right more often than the BBC.

Now back to Judith. It would seem that Judith and Windy have met and not just once. I’ve no idea if they trade forecasting tips etc. But I’m sure they must discuss the weather. Don’t we all…

Judith was a vision in a white and black ensemble earlier this evening. I’m fairly sure that she gave a forecast, I may not have been watching as closely as I should have been. South winds were included possibly?

Anyway give Windy a look. You may well notice that an odd swear word may appear but stick with it.

Meantime, I’ll try to blog a bit more frequently .



Judith Ralston and the hankie of doom

Well… Black arm bands have been handed out, flowers are being ordered in excess of princess quantities and flags are flying at half mast. The news, as you already know, is that the BBC have sacked the MET Office. Rumour on the street was this had occurred because the MET hadn’t delivered the level of global warming that the BBC wanted! I’ve heard stranger things.

Anyway back to the black arm bands. The new weather deliverers will probably not require the services of the hand waving, button clicking, smiling regardless of the forecast weather people presenters. This is a bad thing. You may have missed the fact that weather presenters have lives. They have mortgages as well and they have to eat and drink even to excess if the forecast was miles away from their earlier forecast. Coats are hanging on shooglie pegs, unless they were raincoats last used during that barbecue summer that the Met completely misplaced.

At this point I have to apologise due to my lack of postings featuring weather presenters or actually just one weather presenter. I’ve been busy. I have found Facebook and Twitter. I’m sorry about that. I’ll make up for it right now then.

Judith Ralston. You’ll have heard of Judith. Some people, and I’m including myself here, refer to Judith as Miss Whiplash. There was a time before weans when Judith’s wardrobe was, how can I say this? Ah, yes. Severe and pre-50 shades of grey although black was the preferred colour, or it would have been if black was in fact a colour. Scottish males watching a weather forecast by Judith could not remember a single thing about the weather. Oh no, Judith put a spell on them it was glorious. But it’s time passed.

Recently we have two episodes of interest from Judith, neither of which relates to weather at all. Firstly, she appeared on a weather forecast with what looked like a wardrobe malfunction. On closer inspection it turned out to be a paper hankie which she’d stuffed up her short sleeve. It peeked shaky for a few moments and started to get bolder. I willed it to fall but Jackie Bird alerted Judith. Secondly, one evening at the end of the bulletin the camera panned out, just in time to catch Judith dancing along to the news tune. Happy in her work. Awwwwww.

No one will be able to replace Judith. It doesn’t matter if they are Dutch or from new Zealand. There is not a single weather lady in the world that could fill Judith’s shoes. They may well get the weather forecast more accurate but who needs that if it means removing Judith from our screens? We can always look out the windae for goodness sake!


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A strange thing happened on the way to the keyboard…

Like most bloggers I have a need to check the numbers of viewers/visitors more than once a day. It’s a needy thing. Like I need to know at least some people read my drivel and have signed up to read my blog on a fairly regular basis. When I first started the numbers were low as you would expect, but now they are a lot higher even although I had almost a year off in between the start three years ago and now.

I also tend to comment on other blogs, which can be fairly amusing and sometimes a bit fraught. If you’ve looked at my blog, and you must have to get this far, then you’ll see I don’t get many comments. Blogs are like mini communities and commenting works for some and not for others. I’ve had the odd troll also, although not on toast, which can be a real pain. Generally, though, it’s been an enjoyable journey.

A wee bit earlier I was about to sit down and write a blog. I opened up the blog and checked the numbers and then noticed the comment icon was indicating that I had a comment. I opened the comment and lo and behold the senders name was Judith Ralston. If you give the comments a wee look you’ll see it for yourself.

Now I would imagine that’s fairly easy to set up a profile, which may be, shall we say, a little less than accurate. Maybe there is more than one Judith Ralston within Scotland? Maybe there are several? Yes I know that there will be many versions of Judith Ralston in different quantum dimensions.

There maybe a version of Judith that didn’t have problems with her voice and has gone on to be a much loved entertainer. Since quantum dimension are infinite there will definitely be a Judith Ralston who is Head of the BBC weather department for the whole of the UK.

Dare I also say that there will be dimensions where this blog does not exist! I know pretty fat fetched but there you go.

Judith, in her comment, has said that she has been ill. I, and I would imagine a number of other chaps would want to wish Judith a speedy return to the Scottish evening weather forecast. I think for the first reappearance Judith should push the boat out, just to remind us all of what we have been missing.

I’m not a big fan of the BBC since they are the voice of the UK establishment and are perhaps far too entwined with the Glasgow Labour set, which is probably not a healthy position, to be in. I think the BBC should buy the old Scotsman building which is right beside the Scottish Parliament. This would mean that the parliament would receive better coverage and Edinburgh would gain much improved reporting. I can see Sally Magnusson being the Edinburgh anchor with Brian Taylor ranting on a bit longer than currently each night.

The thing is, who would present the weather? Can you think of anyone with the correct credentials?


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Has the world gone mad?

Either I’ve lost the plot or I’ve been deposited in a different far away universe.

I’m still not over the shock of agreeing, if only in part, with the Scottish Greens. That sounds like something your Scottish Granny would say. Scottish Greens are good for you she’d say… better leave it that perhaps.

Now I find myself agreeing with a columnist in the Guardian. Good grief! What next? Will Santa be joining me for Christmas lunch along with the three wise men and Queenie herself? My, how the conversation would just whistle along, then again perhaps not.

It would appear that some people who work at the Guardian think it’s a great idea for Scotland to be independent. Scotland could become a sparkling world-class example of social justice, wind and wave power and everything green.

That’s not my view I have to say. However, winning independence is the goal and if it means that we have to… what’s the words for it? Get into bed with people that have the same aims but perhaps seek different longer-term goals? That’ll have to do.

They also said that keeping the pound was good because if we do our own currency the English will “get gubbed.” Okay fair enough. Perhaps the new Scottish currency should be based on Jimmies. Jimmies would be worth twenty Grannies. The overall currency name would the Scottish Stoater or words to that effect. However I digress.

Now what about that nice Mr Monbiot? He’s works for the Guardian. He may have to do another of those columns where he says – “You know how I said that X was a very bad thing, a very bad thing indeed?” He’ll then go on to say that “he now thinks it’s a spanking thing and he won’t even blush when he says it”. He’s well practiced at it. I wonder if he’s let out any of his four spare bedrooms yet to people who need a roof over their heads?

Another suggestion from the tome that is the Guardian was that the landed gentry should start packing and following the next YES vote they can leave the keys at the front door. Estates will be put back into the hands of the people or the people that the Guardianistas like anyway. I can see the appeal of that.

Queenie won’t be needing to travel to Scotland and may desist from taking her summer hols at Balmoral which I’m sure will make a really nice hotel. Nice thought. Lets reclaim the rampant lion and make that our flag. We’re hard you see. Even our flag is aggressive!!!!!! Snarl!

Time will tell.

I’m a bit apprehensive about what is going to happen next. Who else is going to stand up and support Scottish independence from a group which I do not associate with or generally share their views? Not to worry. You know I’ll keep you informed. Jim Murphy? I can’t ever see that happening.

The cost of the Guardian in Scotland will be 2 jimmies 8 grannies. It just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it? Hold that thought.


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I should have mentioned that I was heading off to Paris for a few days. Wi-fi is pretty much free here. How civilised. 

I watched a wee bit of TV last evening whilst recovering from walking. The No vote are at it again. Looks like each passing day will contain some sort of bluster, threat or guff from them. 


Like we care? 


Anyway, an odd word here and there for now from me.


Vive le republique (Scotland soon).



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Transactions and death

A post from me. After a few weeks lay off and lots of jumping through hoops etc.  What have I learned about government and the death of our nearest and dearest?

Well I discovered the obvious. I should have known really..

At every step the government takes money from you. You have to pay for everything that comes along and they want to see specifically if they can tax the deceased also and to make sure that they have taken the tax they were entitled to up to the point of death too.

You pay for the certificates and registering the death. You pay for duplicate certificates. You pay for gaining the Executors Confirmation or probate in England. You pay to have the lair put into your name. You pay for the grave to be opened and for the council staff who attend.

The fact that the deceased will have been taxed to the moment of death isn’t mentioned. The fact that the deceased has probably paid tax more than once on the same money they originally earned isn’t mentioned.

The banks aren’t keen to let go of any money. The utilities people take forever to refund any over payments.

The whole things is about money first and doing the decent thing second.

There were glimmers of good stuff though. The Police were excellent.

My Mother had a budgie and had taught it to talk. It had quite a reasonable repertoire and probably chatted more than I do.

The Police came to the house to tell me that Mum had died and I drove through to meet with the police there and get things organised. There were two police officers at my Mothers when I arrived. One female and another who was male and obviously better suited to dealing with riots etc.

They waited for me to arrive in Mums lounge and at one point the budgie asked if they would like a piece of toast. The male officer got a huge fright. When I got there he was mega stressed. He couldn’t wait to be gone. I don’t blame him, death is seldom pretty.

I’ll finish with some words the minister provided. I wrote the eulogy which I’d intended to read but I chickened out a few days before the funeral since I couldn’t have managed reading it out and the minister read it out.

I did read the following words instead.

You may have read or heard them or something similar before –

As we look back.

As we look back over time

we find ourselves wondering….

Did we remember to thank you enough

for all you have done for us?

For all the times you were by our sides

to help and support us….

to celebrate our successes

to understand our problems

and accept our defeats?

Or for teaching us by your example,

the value of hard work, good judgement,

courage and integrity?

We wonder if we ever thanked you

for the sacrifices you made

to let us have the very best?

And for the simple things

like laughter, smiles and the times we shared?

If we have forgotten to show our

gratitude enough for all the things you did,

we want to say it now

and we are hoping that you knew all along

how much you meant to us .

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Things could be better

Blogging will be restricted for the next week or so.

Last Thursday morning my Mother died so I have a lot of stuff to do etc.

I’ll be bak as they say.
Thanks for reading my blog.




An Olympic legacy? (Part Two).

To their credit Edinburgh Council have started to webcast their Council Meetings. I just caught the tail-end of the segment which was about Waterworld.

All of the parties apart from the Conservatives voted to extend the decision date until the 31st of January. The cost will of course be £40,000 which is £2000 cost per week to maintain Waterworld as it stands presently. The time is being allowed so that Splashback can prove they have the funds which has to meet the mandated “value for money” requirement for the Council. Bear in mind this has to address the £1 Million pound price tag, the £155,000 startup cost and at least another £1 million over the next three years. Tall order?

The cost for the year of maintaining the site since it was closed, until the final, final decision, as it now stands will be £104.000. How can they justify this?

GVA stated in their report that a three month cooling off period would be required during which time alternative bidders would be identified and marketing of the site to carried out

The Councillors have voted for a four month period and either have not understood what the time should be used for or want the Splashback bid to succeed. Will this not open them up to claims of favouring a particular bidder? There is no likelihood that anyone else will pursue the site. Anyone else will know the history and will not waste time putting a proposal together until Splashback fails.

So the £40,000 cost is down to Splashback and no one else. I’m not suggesting that someone is just waiting for Splashback to fail and then they will leap in with a bid, but when the end of January 2013 deadline is reached and Splashback haven’t put together a real workable plan with the required financing a further three month period will have to be used for the marketing etc. again.

Are there any councillors in the Council Chambers who have run a business or even been involved as a senior manager in a business? It doesn’t sound like, certainly not from the coalition the Libdems and the Greens. Whilst there are other similar facilities in other areas of the country they are subsidised significantly and are still costing the local councils money.

Can you think of one swimming pool or leisure pool, which is run by a private business? No? Of course not. Hotels and gyms have them because they build the cost the water facilities represent into their overhead and charge accordingly. No one could possible make money in running just a private pool on it’s own.

Why should they have to make money you say? Because otherwise the taxpayer has to subsidise or cover the total costs incurred. The council provide swimming facilities 500 yards from Waterworld at either the local High School or another more traditional pool. Is that not enough for the community? What percentage of the community use it? not a high percentage that’s for sure but it’s fair for them to be provided.

I’ll post an update if anything happens of note between now and the 31st January.


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