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Windy and Judith

Well, where does the time go? It seems to be 12 months since I last blogged or thereabouts. Thanks for all the hits on the Tedious Tantrums blog. The star, of course, is the one and only Judith Ralston the weather presenter on BBC Scotland.

A short detour at this point. Here, in Scotland, we also have a fairly spiffing independent weather watcher who provides a daily weather forecast. Give him a wee check out. He’s none other than Windy Wilson along with his son Wee Windy Wilson and his wife Gusty Wilson.

Now the BBC have the MET to provide them, including huge computing power, with daily forecasts costing millions of pounds over a year. Windy has a laptop and he manages to get the weather right more often than the BBC.

Now back to Judith. It would seem that Judith and Windy have met and not just once. I’ve no idea if they trade forecasting tips etc. But I’m sure they must discuss the weather. Don’t we all…

Judith was a vision in a white and black ensemble earlier this evening. I’m fairly sure that she gave a forecast, I may not have been watching as closely as I should have been. South winds were included possibly?

Anyway give Windy a look. You may well notice that an odd swear word may appear but stick with it.

Meantime, I’ll try to blog a bit more frequently .



A strange thing happened on the way to the keyboard…

Like most bloggers I have a need to check the numbers of viewers/visitors more than once a day. It’s a needy thing. Like I need to know at least some people read my drivel and have signed up to read my blog on a fairly regular basis. When I first started the numbers were low as you would expect, but now they are a lot higher even although I had almost a year off in between the start three years ago and now.

I also tend to comment on other blogs, which can be fairly amusing and sometimes a bit fraught. If you’ve looked at my blog, and you must have to get this far, then you’ll see I don’t get many comments. Blogs are like mini communities and commenting works for some and not for others. I’ve had the odd troll also, although not on toast, which can be a real pain. Generally, though, it’s been an enjoyable journey.

A wee bit earlier I was about to sit down and write a blog. I opened up the blog and checked the numbers and then noticed the comment icon was indicating that I had a comment. I opened the comment and lo and behold the senders name was Judith Ralston. If you give the comments a wee look you’ll see it for yourself.

Now I would imagine that’s fairly easy to set up a profile, which may be, shall we say, a little less than accurate. Maybe there is more than one Judith Ralston within Scotland? Maybe there are several? Yes I know that there will be many versions of Judith Ralston in different quantum dimensions.

There maybe a version of Judith that didn’t have problems with her voice and has gone on to be a much loved entertainer. Since quantum dimension are infinite there will definitely be a Judith Ralston who is Head of the BBC weather department for the whole of the UK.

Dare I also say that there will be dimensions where this blog does not exist! I know pretty fat fetched but there you go.

Judith, in her comment, has said that she has been ill. I, and I would imagine a number of other chaps would want to wish Judith a speedy return to the Scottish evening weather forecast. I think for the first reappearance Judith should push the boat out, just to remind us all of what we have been missing.

I’m not a big fan of the BBC since they are the voice of the UK establishment and are perhaps far too entwined with the Glasgow Labour set, which is probably not a healthy position, to be in. I think the BBC should buy the old Scotsman building which is right beside the Scottish Parliament. This would mean that the parliament would receive better coverage and Edinburgh would gain much improved reporting. I can see Sally Magnusson being the Edinburgh anchor with Brian Taylor ranting on a bit longer than currently each night.

The thing is, who would present the weather? Can you think of anyone with the correct credentials?


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Harley a moment to spare.

This hasn’t been a good winter. It’s not been that cold but it’s been wet. You see that little gets past me…

Anyway the consequence of that is that I’ve not really been able to get the Harley out since the roads have been wet and salty never mind the cold. My Harley has aluminium engine casing and they are prone to attack by salt and they dull over quickly after a polish as well.

I’ve had the bike for 14 months and it’s been enjoyable to ride and I’ve done probably 1000 + miles on it going predominately nowhere. Just riding around and enjoying the experience. One route I use goes past Holyrood driving on Queenies park roads (well they would be Queenies if she had paid for them with her own money).

Taking that route, or any other route which involves going past tourists venues pretty much always ends up with a tourist taking a pic of my Harley. On more than one occasion they have taken videos although I haven’t been asked for my autograph yet. I wonder why they would take photos at all, never mind videos? Harleys are sold and ridden in a lot of countries around the world so I would have thought they would be able to take pics of the ones they see back home?

Anyway, I do get out and about on it. I went into deepest, darkest Fife on it. I also went to East Lothian as well. Not to mention South Queensferry, which has a wee bikers café just about underneath the rail bridge on the south side. Also I’ve managed to get out nearly to Stirling. Now that’s getting silly. I did consider going all the way to Greenock but I chickened out on that one. So it’s done a lot of it’s time in the city.

The Harley is being replaced. Now don’t panic my Harley Davidson Softail FLS Slim is being replaced with a Harley Davidson Softail FLSTF Fat Boy. It’s like the bike in Terminator 2. Fat Boy does not have any connection with the rider, well not that much although there may well be some riders out there who will fit the Fat Boy very well.

No doubt it shall spend far too much of it’s first few weeks hiding in the garage awaiting dry and less cold weather. If it is dry I’ll be out on it though.

I’ve noticed a new phenomenon taking place on the roads of Edinburgh. I’ve been sitting in traffic waiting for the lights to change and I’m planning to turn left. Cyclists whiz up my left hand side. It is very dangerous for them to do that regardless of the vehicle they are racing past. They need to take responsibility for their own lives just like motorcyclists do every time they climb on their bike.

I have cycled in town and it’s not east but it was my responsibility to make sure I kept myself as safe as possible.


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Who’s land is it anyway?

It’s been a rough few weeks for people all over the country. The wet and windy weather along with huge tides, has created floods which have been costly for all those unlucky enough to be caught up in them.

Extreme weather? Apparently not. Unpleasant certainly but nothing record breaking. Check for yourself. Even the MET say it’s nothing to do with the fallacy that is global warming/climate change etc.

So what is happening?

Simple. Two things really; firstly rivers are no longer being maintained and dredged and secondly houses are being built on flood plains.

The first is a simple one to fix. Farmers are well aware of the stream and rivers, which run through their land. They’ve known where the flood plain is and how it deals with river concrete banks being built which then cause issues further down stream. They also know that dredging is a key practice, which greatly reduces flooding, but of course it’s not good for the environment according to some.

Many years ago I lived in a small town and the local council were keen to promote businesses to come in and create jobs. A factory was to be built in an area just outside the town and plans were drawn up and building work carried out. A local farmer who had sold the land to the council told the council and then later the developers and builders that their plans would result in flooding.

Did they listen? Of course not. The result? Flooding and a delay to the factory opening until they got the drains sorted out properly this time.

There always seems to be an on going need for more new housing because of all the immigration over the past few years. That puts pressure on builders and developers who build on the flood plain and wall in rivers.

The bottom line on this is probably that more building should take place away from flood plains and where building does take place it should take into account the implications of river courses down stream and of course what’s already there upstream.

There is plenty of land in the UK suitable for building on. The green belt should be used more, it’s not like we are short of green belt. The trouble is that 90% of the land in the UK is owned by 10% of the population. We are living in small cramped houses, which are squeezed into the available land.

In Scotland, the government is currently carrying out a consultation to try to find a way to reduce the size of the huge estates that run to thousands and thousands of acres of land. Some of these estates are even owned by Scottish institutions so that would be a good place to start. Getting the lords and ladies to divest themselves of some of their land may well be a bit trickier but doable. It all sounds a bit Soviet but again there should be a solution which either hasn’t come up or has come up but it’s still too frightening to talk about.

Meantime the environment will adapt to water courses and the people who need the benefits which water course management will bring will continue to find their environment unpleasant until such times as a solution is implemented.

Perhaps the original builders and developers of buildings which are prone to flooding should have to pick up the cost?


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Scottish football or the lack of it?

It was a revolution. Everything changed. It changed so much it was difficult to notice that it had changed at all. Never mind, the brains behind it from all the football clubs in Scotland had strained and toiled to make sure the new solution was fit for the 21st Century.


Well the structure of the leagues is pretty much the same. They have the same teams in them. The up and down relegation or promotion play offs are maybe a bit better but not a major step forward. So what else?

Well let’s look at the top and bottom of the Premier League. Celtic are on top and Hearts are definitely at the bottom. Celtic were very poor in the Champions League although they have been winning games all season long in Scotland. It’s a poor team playing even poorer teams. Celtic have suffered most because there was no Glasgow Rangers to challenge them and keep them honest.

Rangers were of course sent to the bottom of the class or the lowest league because they went bust. Just what the doctor ordered. This damaged some of the small clubs. Rangers have dominated their opposition over the last one and half seasons and at the same time they’ve made it more difficult for the teams in those two leagues to win the league and get promotion. Not Rangers fault. The system is ridiculous.

Now it’s Hearts. As things stand at the moment it looks like Hearts will be relegated at the end of the season. They have been forced to play young players who have tried really hard but just aren’t a match for the seasoned professionals they are up against. Hearts will be playing in a lower league next season and again at least one other club will suffer because their chance to gain promotion will be taken by Hearts. What happens if Hearts go bust, which could happen because of the complexity of the Russian ownership? They’ll get a bigger “kicking” with financial penalties and sent to the bottom of the lowest league. Kick them when they are down.

Why do the powers that be enforce draconian rules that have been so damaging to the game in general? In crippling Rangers they also damaged all of the Premier League teams because they lost the big gate money that Rangers, along with Celtic, generate. Did that contribute to Dunfermline’s problems?  I’d say so.

Also it’s stopped Rangers playing in Europe, which damages the potential for Scottish football in Europe because the smaller clubs, which now get access, just don’t have the clout to take on the foreign opposition. That will affect the seeding system and also the pre-qualification for Scottish teams and demote Scottish football in general.

There is also a big question as to when football should be played in Scotland. It’s not so much that the weather is a million times worse than in England, it isn’t. It’s not great to go to a football match in cold, wet and windy weather. Can’t football be played in the late spring through summer and early autumn?

We need revolution rather than evolution and we also need bold, daring and dynamic developments.

Can you see that happening?

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There’s something fishy going on…

A few days ago I saw a man pop up on the C4 News who had, at one time, been terribly embarrassed about his performance on national TV. It wasn’t any of the full on favourites like Michael Barrymore (remember him?), Jim Davidson (currently in Sleb Big Brother) or Murray Walker (a British institution or a very confused commentator who knew less than the viewers at home depending on your point of view).

Nope none of those. Let me give you a clue. Does the following ring any bells.

“For those of you who have been calling the BBC to check if there is a hurricane heading or way let me assure you that there isn’t”.

It is of course Mr Michael Fish. There he sat in all his glory, a little rounded in the face and whiter on the head. He was of course a weather forecaster and presenter when the MET used an abacus, bits of seaweed and somebodies granny who knew how to read natures clues like whether the cows were standing or lying down or were in the shade or not to find out if it would rain or be sunny etc.

That’s how it was then. Now we have a MET with a computer, which cost £20 Million pounds of taxpayer’s money. That’ll be progress then. Well no it isn’t or if it is it’s very little progress indeed.

Mr Fish was asked whether all this “extreme” weather was due to Global Warming. His immediate answer was that firstly he didn’t work for the MET or BBC anymore and as such he would only state his own opinions. Now I would have thought that someone who got the weather so wrong would be the last person who would be sought out to provide an opinion once again.

He said that global temperatures were increasing. There he goes again. Even that very strange and dyed in the wool warming alarmist chap Dr Hansen late of NASA states with confidence that any warming has been stopped for some 17 plus years. This wouldn’t faze Mr Fish though. He felt it in his water that he was right.

It’s always comforting when some people stick to their guns as it were. It’s just a pity that his guns should be quietly removed and put back in their box and he should return never to show face again on the nations TVs. Of course it wasn’t his fault. Someone must have thought it was a fabulous idea to get him out of his retirement to make his ill considered statement.

It was also peculiar that within a number of days of him saying the world was warming that a group of warmist alarmists got their boat stuck in the Antarctic Ice sheets. It has been worrying that since then they have managed to get stuck on not just one rescue boat but in fact two.

The weather does what it does. We can’t influence it one way or another.

Unless of course you can positively find real scientific information based on the real scientific method?


I thought not.


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Who has been busy? Judith has.

The weather has been fairly interesting over the past few weeks and over the Xmas/New Year holidays in particular.  When that’s the case someone has to stand up in front of the cameras and tell us about what is to come hopefully with something approaching some sort of accuracy.

In Scotland we have just the person. Judith Ralston. Her job is indeed to provide an idea of how the weather may behave over a 2-3 day period and of course to highlight unpleasant weather which may be a bit testing.

Judith wasn’t always a weather presenter; she was originally a singer (maybe a singer in a rock and roll band) who trod the boards around Scotland. She admitted as much just the other day when a news item covered the temporary closure of a theatre in Perth. She had at one time or another sang there although it was apparently a different life away.

I’ve written hundreds of blogs and I’ve been lucky enough to attract thousands of visitors. The most popular blogs on my site are the Judith Ralston Blogs. There is rarely a day goes by that someone or someones haven’t looked at one of the Judith Ralston’s blogs.

Things have changed for Judith. She’s now had twins and she’s also lost a bit of weight and her wardrobe has perhaps altered a bit also. She used to be known to some “wags” as Miss Whiplash! Goodness…

When she is the chosen one for doing the weather she can be a vision in blue, red, black, black and white although not all at the same time thank goodness. Her shoes can sometimes be making a point. They are flamboyant.

Her shoes state that she is not just a weather presenter. They shout that there is more to Judith than just the weather. They hint that there is more. Sophistication. Fun. Daring.

Perhaps BBC Scotland should make a few suggestions for Judith to consider? Perhaps they might suggest that as the weather she is informing the audience about gets wilder perhaps her hairstyle should reflect this and become increasingly wild!

Perhaps they should also suggest that as the temperature rises so do the height of her heels? Perhaps if there are a number of weather warnings she should appear more severe and strict teacher looking? Just so we pay attention of course.

I could go on but I shan’t.

For the weather in Scotland there is no alternative to Judith.


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