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Has the world gone mad?

Either I’ve lost the plot or I’ve been deposited in a different far away universe.

I’m still not over the shock of agreeing, if only in part, with the Scottish Greens. That sounds like something your Scottish Granny would say. Scottish Greens are good for you she’d say… better leave it that perhaps.

Now I find myself agreeing with a columnist in the Guardian. Good grief! What next? Will Santa be joining me for Christmas lunch along with the three wise men and Queenie herself? My, how the conversation would just whistle along, then again perhaps not.

It would appear that some people who work at the Guardian think it’s a great idea for Scotland to be independent. Scotland could become a sparkling world-class example of social justice, wind and wave power and everything green.

That’s not my view I have to say. However, winning independence is the goal and if it means that we have to… what’s the words for it? Get into bed with people that have the same aims but perhaps seek different longer-term goals? That’ll have to do.

They also said that keeping the pound was good because if we do our own currency the English will “get gubbed.” Okay fair enough. Perhaps the new Scottish currency should be based on Jimmies. Jimmies would be worth twenty Grannies. The overall currency name would the Scottish Stoater or words to that effect. However I digress.

Now what about that nice Mr Monbiot? He’s works for the Guardian. He may have to do another of those columns where he says – “You know how I said that X was a very bad thing, a very bad thing indeed?” He’ll then go on to say that “he now thinks it’s a spanking thing and he won’t even blush when he says it”. He’s well practiced at it. I wonder if he’s let out any of his four spare bedrooms yet to people who need a roof over their heads?

Another suggestion from the tome that is the Guardian was that the landed gentry should start packing and following the next YES vote they can leave the keys at the front door. Estates will be put back into the hands of the people or the people that the Guardianistas like anyway. I can see the appeal of that.

Queenie won’t be needing to travel to Scotland and may desist from taking her summer hols at Balmoral which I’m sure will make a really nice hotel. Nice thought. Lets reclaim the rampant lion and make that our flag. We’re hard you see. Even our flag is aggressive!!!!!! Snarl!

Time will tell.

I’m a bit apprehensive about what is going to happen next. Who else is going to stand up and support Scottish independence from a group which I do not associate with or generally share their views? Not to worry. You know I’ll keep you informed. Jim Murphy? I can’t ever see that happening.

The cost of the Guardian in Scotland will be 2 jimmies 8 grannies. It just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it? Hold that thought.


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He looked me in the eye…

Who would have thunk it? Dave loves us. That’s a collective of everyone in Scotland I’m talking about. Yes all of us. He even gave an impassioned speech about it. He encouraged friends and relatives of ours who don’t live in Scotland to call us or contact us in some way and then tell us how important it is for us not to leave the UK.

It kind of threw me a bit. There we were secure in the thought that we were being carried financially by the rest of the UK (look it up and you’ll find it’s the opposite but let’s not allow the facts to get in the way of a bit of propaganda). Why would Dave want to hold onto to Scotland if we were costing his government and the other three countries of the UK real money?

I’d have thought if we were costing them money they would be very glad to get shot of us? Oh well. Who knows how politicians and the establishment on both sides of the border work? Certainly not me.

I like the bit near the end when Call me Dave looked right at the camera and looked into our eyes. It was sincere. It wasn’t a practiced cynical attempt to try to win our favour. Oh no, Call me Dave would never do that.

The “Subrosa Blog” has a post entitled “Ian Bell’s letter to David Cameron”. Ian points out that there is a fairly similar vein running though Call me Dave’s speech. Similar to what I hear you ask?

Well, it’s very similar to a speech and sentiment from the “1995 Unity scheme” which was used by the Canadian government successfully when French Canadians were also trying to pursue independence. Whilst we are also on that particular theme please bear in mind that the Prime Minister of Spain has been going on about Scotland not being able to join the EU (hurrah! and yes please) because he doesn’t want the Catalans to do the same as Scotland.

Has your phone been ringing off the hook? Have lots of complete strangers from the rest of the UK been calling you to remind you that Scotland is full of wonderful people and it would be unfair of us to vote to leave the union? No? Of course not.

Call me Dave’s speech was “sincere” and would’ve brought tears to a glass eye. No really…

It wouldn’t be so bad if the English really thought about what was happening. Billy Bragg, of all people hit the nail on the head. He suggested that Scottish Independence would be a good thing since it would force the English to think about who they actually are. What is their place in the world? What are their ambitions? What is their culture? How do they bring some sort of equality over the whole nation rather than the unbalance of London and the east and the rest?

Come on all you Englanders… Wake up!

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You should read this book, you should.

“The Scottish Enlightenment” – The Scots Invention of the Modern World – Arthur Herman ISBN 1-84115-276-5

The Westminster Government, ably supported by the BBC, has been pretty clever in the way it has portrayed Scotland and the people of Scotland. We are alcoholics, suffer from poor health, smoke too much, don’t do exercise, obese, etc. and worst of all monetary speaking we take more from the rest of the UK than we put in.

Given that quite a few of the politicians saying or implying these things are in fact Scottish themselves, you’d think they’d have the decency to put the facts on the table rather than just agree or in the worst case scenarios continue to tell fibs. I think there is some merit in the first paragraph above but I am also sure that the same things could be said of the rest of the UK and pretty much most countries in the world.

The one, which sticks in the craw for many people in Scotland, is the notion that Scotland doesn’t pay her way. The truth is that Scotland does pay more than it should and anyone with half a brain can see that for themselves.  Just think for a moment. Think of any country in the world which has oil within its borders and waters? Now also consider how much of a contribution the taxation and wealth creation, which has taken place in these countries. It’s huge. It makes the country far more stable and it also allows for much improved living standards for the population.

There are exceptions of course. It may be that a dictator rules the country and/or there is a dreadful level of corruption. This damages the country and it damages the potential living standards when just a few steal the greatest proportion of the wealth. It happens.

However, a country with oil and a government, which is reasonable, would get many benefits in all sorts of ways. Just look at Norway. It’s similar to Scotland although it does differ in one or two really important areas. It has it’s own government. It is not ruled by a much larger country and it is not part of the EU.

Norway has a big fund set aside from oil money to support the country in many ways not least of which will be to make life easier should the oil stop flowing although that’s certainly a very long way away.

Scotland has had very little benefit from the oil removed to date. It may have enjoyed the employment created but there has been no monies set aside. The money from the North Sea has gone to Westminster. FULL STOP!

Anyway the narrative is the important part at the moment. Remember the NO Campaign? Yes them. All they can say is that the Scottish people are too stupid, the country is too wee to amount to anything.

I recommend you read the following book. It clearly records the contribution made to the rest of the world owes to Scotland and the clever Scottish people from a small country, which punches hugely above its weight.

Don’t be taken in by Westminster and the establishment they will say whatever they think will damage Scotland most and the BBC will broadcast it.

“The Scottish Enlightenment” – The Scots Invention of the Modern World – Arthur Herman ISBN 1-84115-276-5


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A new shiny Scotland – Part 3

As the title would suggest this is a utopian view of how a new Scotland following a successful YES vote in the independence referendum “could” develop. If you haven’t read Part 1 it’s here and Part 2 is here.

So carrying on our tale.

The A9 was made dual carriage way in record time also and potholes were attacked and dealt with all over the country. Road Tax no longer carried any sort of VAT or “environmental tax” and the duty on petrol was slashed by 60% with no VAT. There was a general drive to adopt a taxation system, which only taxed people once and at source of their salary or drawing etc. Again this was a great benefit to localism since most of the tax collected stayed in the area with a small amount sent on to the central government departments.

Obviously , Scotland needed a Navy/Army and Air Force albeit based on the stuff, which was deemed necessary by Westminster at the time of independence. Since then Scottish Governmenr has worked with other smaller countries to put together the ships, planes and equipment needed whilst also ensuring shipbuilding capability to sell and refit both naval and merchant ships etc.

Honesty was also brought to the tobacco and health debates. We now have a lot more pubs and hotels than we did during the attempt on smoking prohibition. Pubs, clubs, hotels etc. can now decide if they want to be smoking establishments. People are so more tolerant of others since they took more responsibility for themselves and are far more aware of the phoney science which was being pushed in the past.

The lies, which had been used by the stop smoking campaigners, were shown for what they were very soon after independence. The fact that there was not one single scientific study or paper, which could conclusively prove a link between lung cancer and smoking, surprised many.

The health system also jettisoned all the preaching, nannying and hectoring when it came to nutrition and alcohol.  Whilst there are still a ways to go things have also greatly improved and the much hyped obesity issue is being researched with a hope that gene therapy should be a significant positive solution. The fact that people have better jobs and have more money in their pockets automatically helps their health and again gene therapy is being considered for heart and cancer issues also. There is hope too that housing all over Scotland will be brought up to a much higher standard than ever before.

It all seems to good to be true does it not?

Well some things didn’t go quite as well. The nuclear base at Faslane is still there and negotiations have been stalled for a number of months now. There has been a change however, since there are so many good quality jobs on offer the base is beginning to suffer from manpower loss. The USA and England have been bringing in workers but they don’t have Scottish work permits and the base itself sits on Scottish soil and of course sea. The UN have been looking at the issue and it’s likely that the base will be closed although perhaps not as quickly as we would like.

The fishing fleet is growing rapidly because surprise, surprise the fishing grounds now belong to Scotland once again. A pretty good treaty has been sorted out with the Norwegians, Icelanders and Faroese so that fish stocks are preserved for the longer term.


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Out of the mouths of politicians…

The BBC Scotland News has featured a couple of interviews with the firstly Nicola Sturgeon (Wee Nippy) the SNP spokesperson for the SNP YES campaign and then our old, and very good friend Alistair Darling the spokesperson for the Better Together (bitter the gither) NO campaign.

Brian Taylor the political editor was asking the questions and he seemed to manage to carry it out fairly evenly.

At one point Alistair was waffling on about how much better it was to be part of something big rather than something small. He then went on to cite the fact that the population of Scotland was aging more quickly therefore there would be a large bill coming Scotland’s way soon and it was unlikely that Scotland would be able to afford it.

He then actually claimed that it would be better for Scotland that this bill would be shared over the 60 million population of the whole of the UK rather than the paltry 5 million population of Scotland.

Was he really seriously suggesting that his argument might encourage voters to take the YES route based on his pensions point? Surely not?

Apart from anything else here was a previous Chancellor of the Exchequer suggesting a pension gap was there for all to see. Not only that but he had been complicit with almost all previous and more recent Chancellors in failing to make adequate pension provisions for our elderly whilst spending the money which should have gone down that route on other stuff. Shame on him.

At no time did he offer any meaningful reasons for anyone to vote NO. When he was pressed on this he immediately swerved it by pointing out that he did not represent any political party, which would have policies relating to Scotland so he could not offer any insight as to what would happen in Scotland following a NO vote.

Nippy was all positive and smiling. It’s such a pity that the SNP are positioning themselves as the formers of policy for an Independent Scotland without actually asking the voters what they would prefer or want.

There’s a long way to go.

Westminster and the English and Scottish establishments will be doing everything in their power and then some to ensure the status quo is retained. Scotland will suffer badly following a NO vote.

How can we expect anything else?


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A New Year as it were… and a clarification of intent.

I’m Scottish and I’m very, very proud of that. I like to think I’m as Scottish as Scottish can be in as much as I was born in Edinburgh at Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavillion within Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. I’ve had a number of opportunities to live overseas but I’ve never taken them up. Although I’ve lived in other areas within Scotland leaving Edinburgh is now inconceivable for me.

The past few weeks have been pandemonium here. Lots of tourists as you might expect. This year it seems like there have been more tourists than ever and they didn’t seem to thin out as much after the festival ended.

Whilst on this subject please let me clarify a few things of Scottishness. Hogmanay is the night before New Year. It isn’t couple with Happy. Happy Hogmanay isn’t right it’s just Hogmanay.

Also New Years is way wrong. We say Happy New Year, which is never plural. I just had to pedantically clarify that. Also Christmas is secondary by a huge margin to New Year. New Year starts at 12:00AM on the 1st January. In fact my wife and I won’t be sending Xmas cards next year we are going to send New Year cards instead.

Blogging this year will be a challenge for bloggers in Scotland and probably beyond. The Independence Referendum is going to be HUGE. It’s an important vote.

I’m a YES voter. No point in hiding it. I want Scottish Independence, not because I don’t like the people within the rest of the UK, because I want Scottish people to gain control of their future, their country and all the assets, which we have within the confines of our territory and borders. (This will include the thousands of square miles of the North Sea gifted by Brown to Blair illegally. Those territorial waters belong to Scotland and are guaranteed by the world body, which maintains and recognises international boundaries.

We also want to be able to get away from this continuing mantra, which states that Scotland is subsidised by the rest of the UK. If that was the case the rest of the UK would have good reasons to feel miffed and the financial sense of it would be a major issue for the Westminster government. It isn’t though because we ore obviously massively subsidising the rest of the UK through oil revenue alone. If you don’t believe me search the net for The McCrone Report (1974) on the Scottish Economy and oil production.

I would have thought that the people of England would be very, very, very keen to gain their own independence. Such a great nation with so much in the way of achievements. Without England supported by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland standing against Hitler at the beginning of the second world war and keeping things going before the rest of the world got it’s act together we’d be ruled from Berlin now. Wait a minute! We are as things stand at the moment. More reason for England and Scotland to be independent!!!

An interesting year ahead indeed.

Happy New Year.


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Finding commonality in the strangest of places

Unbelievable it has happened again. In the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself agreeing with a column in the Guardian, agreeing with a BBC columnist and the Green Party in Scotland. A further shock was to find the local free magazine “The Leither”

It’s not because I’ve changed my opinions, its mainly due to two things.

Firstly Scottish Independence and climate change. Scottish Independence has two sides, the YES camp and the Better Together camp who can’t be the NO camp because that’s sounds way too negative (but it fits them to a tee since all they ever say is negative).

Both camps are made up of people from across all the main political parties and a growing number of people from various communities business, the establishment, young and old, ethnic groups, religious groups etc. Whilst the existing political spectrum still exists it has become fuzzy at the edges. (That’s a technical term)

And that’s why I’ve been finding common ground with the Greens, The Guardian and now The Leither. The Leither is leftie, trendy, yummy mummy, yuppy, monied targeted and it’s free in a lot of cafes, pubs and places in Leith and Edinburgh where their target audience go. I take a copy so I can have a rant about how crap it is. This month though it’s buying into a YES vote and discussing the failings of the NO camp.

My BBC fellow next. The BBC is still in love with the climate change meme. It suits them. It has string lefty undertones. It’s a great way of redistributing money. The guy was almost agreeing that it was just a giant scam. I assume by now he’ll be reporting from Siberia or Edinburgh. Yes Edinburgh. Edinburgh isn’t allowed in the universe that is the BBC. BBC Scotland is based in Glasgow where the Labour party in Scotland has their power base. BBC Scotland’s Headquarters are there. It’s like the BBC in England being based in Birmingham and there being no real studio in London at all. The bottom line is that climate change/global warming is dead and is being slowly buried. Just ask Australia, Canada, japan and Poland with much more to come.

Now I’ve not mentioned the SNP. Wee Eck (Alex Salmond), and Wee Nippy (Nicola Sturgeon) are still pushing the independence message home. They haven’t really checked what the dictionary definition of independence actually is. It isn’t having the Queen as head of state because we’d still be subjects, it’s not using the pound because we’d have little control over interest rates etc. it’s not joining the EU because… well do you have a few days?

Anyway, the SNP Scottish Government has published a tome which answers all manner of questions about Scottish Independence. The No camp want more detailed answers. That’s another of their top drawer tactics which has fooled some but not all people.



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Spike Milligan V Alex Salmond

Spike Milligan was a very talented man although at times he cane across as being fairly manic and of course his humour was very appealing but rarely mainstream.

For a period of time he was in active service with the British Army and before taking part in an action he wrote the following –

“If I die it is for the England I dream off rather than the England I know”.

Do you think that we all maybe think the same thing about our own countries? On the one hand it’s the hope that things will improve hugely on the other putting up with what we have allowed our country to become.

The reason I mention this is because this is where the people who live in Scotland are right now. This will last until the referendum votes are in and counted and/or to the point that we all see separation happening and things beginning to change.

The release of the huge door-stopper book from the SNP last week or so showed how out of touch they are with the people they are supposed to be representing. They have missed, and continue to, the main point, the main issue, the main idea, which would engage the people living in Scotland.

Now the next bit may come over as a bit surprising but since it’s very true I have to admit to it. I find myself being in agreement with the Greens in Scotland. Now before you think I’ve “turned” politically anyway there is good reasons why we all should listen to them whilst staying away from the more lunatic policies and ideas they share with the rest of us.

They are right when they point out that the currency, the royals, the EU and other subjects currently being considered Scotland is for the people living in Scotland to decide on following a YES vote. Simples.

The fact that the SNP are muddying the waters by portraying that when you vote yes you vote for them rather than voting for Scotland. I can’t say enough times that –


I don’t think there are many people who want the English pound, nor do I think there are many people who would want to remain in the EU given that we are pursuing “independence” which we won’t get within the EU.

What do we want? We want to gain fair revenue for the oil within our territorial borders, we want to get rid of nuclear subs, we want to get rid of the royals who serve no purpose in a modern society, we want control off and involvement in our future here in Scotland.

Most of all we all need to identify what is important to us within the potential new society, which a new, independent and modern Scotland should deliver.

In many ways Spike was ahead of his time. It may turn out that Scotland will also revert to an independent state and be ahead of our time, which will see other areas of the world do the same.

We don’t want to be world leaders however. We want Scotland to focus on Scotland, not from an isolationist position, but from the position of developing a modern state that delivers the lifestyles that we all dream of.

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Wee Ecks windy army.

You really have to laugh.

The spectacle of lead greenie in the Scottish Parliament standing up to berate the SNP about them missing their 2010 carbon emission targets. You couldn’t make it up. Really.

Lets take a wee step backwards here and consider a couple of things. It’s generally accepted the the UK as whole emits around 2.8 % of the worlds carbon emissions. Let’s forget for a moment that this isn’t accurate and not based on dubious extrapolation. Okay 2.8% is the number.

Again let’s take it as read that Scotland’s emission figure will be 10% of the full UK amount, as it is for everything. So we’re looking at 0.28% of the worlds emissions. I mean come on. Do the greenies and Wee Ecks windy army really think that reducing an already tiny amount is going to change anything? I mean get real guys.

You remember the Leith swimming pool saga? The one were the lefty greenies want to reopen it as a community pool? The one that was closed because no one went? The one that will need to heat a huge amount of water and a large open space? Do they not think that this building will in fact spew out carbon dioxide at an enormous rate?

Of course they do but they will ignore because it suits them on this issue. Their business plan (figment and confirmed as a figment but here’s £100K of Edinburgh tax payers money to help turn it into a much better figment and take a year to do so) says they want to encourage deprived people and kids to go. Fair enough. They then say they will try to increase the spend per head of those who go. Really? What complete guff.

Wee Eck should immediately just admit that’s he’s got it wrong about global warming. Be brave. Be courageous. Be one of the first to make a stand. He won’t though. He’s a politician. Politicians are never wrong.

Wee Mr Harvey knew what he was doing. He manipulated the BBC to report his faux outburst. He got his gob on the telly. He doesn’t wear a tie though. Neither do I. But I don’t believe in gore bull warming and I’m not that keen on other gentlemen.

It could be worse. We could be having to put up with that nice Mr Cameron.

It could be even worserer. We could be having to put up with that nice Mr Clegg. No that’s too far a step. Wee Eck for Independence then bombed out because of his greenie leftie twaddle!

I may have to lie down in a dark room for a wee while.


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Frying pan or fire?

I had an email from Wee Nippy (Nicola Surgeon) last night. Now she’s a busy woman and has serious stuff to think about and to do. Her diary will be full, she will be in demand and she will not have enough hours in her day, yet, she sent me an email.

She sent it to loads of people though and when I say sent I mean she will have agreed with the text that someone else wrote and “signed it off”. The emails will have poured out and landed in mailboxes all over Scotland and maybe even beyond.

She was just relaying the fact that she has started a new blog. I suggest that she may have been advised that a new blog with her name on it would be useful to the cause by the same people who wrote the email. The blog is about the “Yes” campaign. It’s here if you want to see what Wee Nippy is up to.

Like Captain Ranty – Lawful Rebel I also have reservations about how to vote come the Scottish Independence Referendum. I will definitely vote YES because it’s the best and only way forward.

However, I don’t agree with the biggest policies of the SNP and when I’m voting YES I won’t be voting for the SNP.


I don’t want a new and shiny independent Scotland to sign up to the EU. The clue for everyone is that we are voting for INDEPENDENCE. If we join the EU we won’t be independent now will we? Norway has the best way of dealing with the EU. No doubt they would be very keen to help Scotland find the true path, which can only be independence.

Then we have the environmental guff that the SNP are so excited about. Look Eck it’s guff. It isn’t helping anyone. Hydro is fine but needs to be situated without damaging our natural environment but wind power is just so much cold air. As for solar panels? Ask the Spanish and the Germans.

Then we have all this Scotland will lead the world guff. Yes more guff. We want to be Independent. It will take time for us to get over that and to be able to take part in the wider world. But… but… we do not want to lead the world. We should not be aiming to lead anyone far less world. The only driving force we should be acknowledging and aiming for is that Scotland should be a fabulous place to the Scots to live which is affluent, provides a truly wonderful education for our children and seeks positive progress which improves for generation upon generation.

The social justice stuff the SNP keep going on and on about has to be revisited and should be made to be fair on the basis that it is supportive where support is required but does no more. We don’t want sheeple we want strong, responsible citizens.

To achieve anything post a YES vote we need to cut the size and cost of all levels of government, regulation and taxation. Yes we even want our two big banks back The Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland and we also want to keep all the financial service companies we have. They have a part to play in a mixed economy. We will also want to use the shipbuilding and engineering skills we have and to expand them dramatically.

Universities will have to go back to being places where people go to gain an education which has a use in the wider economy and Colleges will have to go back to being places where vocations and apprenticeships are delivered and supported.

We also need to encourage art, literature, music, movies, architecture etc. etc. etc. so our built environment and our wider culture punches even higher.

What we also don’t want is Eck and Nippy and their mates telling us what to do. We will decide what is right for us and if that means we smoke, drink or eat as we please. We don’t have a problem with smoking, alcohol abuse is historically low and there isn’t and never was an obesity epidemic.

Politics and justice will have to change as instruments developed and delivered to support the Scottish people.

The message on Wee Nippys blog and the SNP in general should be two fold.




Following a successful YES vote the sovereign people of Scotland will be consulted and asked to take part in shaping our country for the future.

Good places to start looking for working exemplars are Norway and Iceland.


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