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Dr Who at Christmas.

There are some TV programmes that end up with a sort of “National Treasure” status. Some even take on cult status. “The Good Life, Monty Python, Blue Peter, Coronation Street, The Office, The Royle Family, Morecambe and Wise, Only Fools and Horses, Dr Who etc. etc.

Why do they become so popular? They can be funny, serious, weird, educational or anything else for that matter. There is no recipe, if there was there would be loads and loads of popular programmes with millions of people watching them. Maybe they just appear at the right time? Maybe there are based on something which is happening in the background of the real world or maybe the talents of the people involved come together in a special way.

Dr Who is just such a programme.  It’s not every ones cup of tea which is just fine really. Dr Who is higher on the scale because it was brought back after having reached a point where it had become a parody of it’s self. Back it came though, pushed through by people who had watched it in its hay day and liked Dr Who at it’s best, they were Dr Who enthusiasts.  It’s worked out pretty well although it’s changed again recently with plots becoming very convoluted, very convoluted indeed.

Not to worry though because this years Christmas episode was billed as being the best Christmas Dr Who “eva”! All I can say if that was the best, the rest much have been woeful, although this isn’t the case since I’ve seen the others and they were so much better than this one that you couldn’t compare them.

Let me explain. This years Christmas special was set during the Second World War. Dr Who ends up helping a Mother of two children go off on a break after which the said Mother has then to tell the two children that their father has been killed in action whilst flying a Lancaster bomber.

Since the Mother helped Dr Who previously, he has augmented the place they are staying so it’s pretty whoosh, bang, oooh etc. A big Christmas present is sitting in the lounge and no one has to open it. Young child, a boy does just that and ends up wandering about a parallel world, which looks like a snowy pine forest.

Anyway the trees are alive or they have a life source within them. Nasty people come in a big walking robot ship thing. They are very bad because the forest is going to be reduced to a pulp by an acid rain storm created by the bosses of bad people in robot. The Mother of the boy ends up inside robot with the crew. She overcomes the crew because the female crewmember won’t treat her as a prisoner and uses a space version of political rhetoric to talk the other two male members of the crew into to giving up their weapons. She also  has a revolver in her pocket just to make sure that the rhetoric is backed up.

The Mother eventually gets to a sort of giant lighthouse with a gianter golf ball at the top. A tree king and queen have captured the boy and the life forms within the trees, which look like sparkling stars, have made their way to the lighthouse too. Dr Who is there also. The King and Queen turn the boy into a storage receptacle for the “stars” but he is too weak. No problem Dr Who will do it but he can’t because he too is weak. The Mother can do it then because she is strong. She is strong because she is a “mother” She does. The stars go into space and hubby makes it out alive by following giant lighthouse to holiday spot, landing it on a lawn that you’d struggle to land a decent sized remote control plane.

Dr Who goes back to London to visit with tall Scottish girl assistant although they have fallen out. She has s et a place at the table for him just is case he visits. Dr Who cries.

Roll credits.

What a complete load of left wing, feminist, environmentalist guff. Of course it wasn’t a rip of avatar either. Dr Who crying? Just don’t go there.

If this is what the best that the Dr Who team can do then it’s all over including the shouting for the programme again. The scenery might not be wobbly now but the plots certainly are.

If every programme made buy the BBC is becoming a vehicle for activism of some sort then it re-enforces the need for the license to be scrapped and/or something more drastic to reel in the BBC.

Later tonight they will bask in their glory, which will be a costume drama of Great Expectations. They’ve done it before, more than once. I wonder how they’ll build in activism?

I’ll let you know.


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