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It’s fraud, it’s fraud, it’s fraud!


  1. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
  2. A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Fraud is a pretty serious. We normally hear about fraud when people cheat the benefits system and the court case is featured in the local paper, mainly as a example to others who may do or consider doing the same type of thing. We also hear about fraud when a person embezzles money from their business or from their employers business. A convicted fraudster may find life after conviction difficult to say the least, not to mention the likelihood of a jail term to contend with. So Fraud is viewed seriously in the UK and other countries around the world.

Exhibit A.

If a fraud is obtaining financial or personal gain then consider just one (and there are a large n umber to choose from) of the emails from the Climategate 2 release. A certain Mr Wigley (perhaps this should be Wriggly) sends an email to Phil Jones and Ben Santer, both of whom are major contributors to the IPCC and to the warmist cause in particular. Mr Wigley suggests that by reducing the ocean temperatures by 0.15 of a degree C this will then reduce the land temperatures. This is important because it will reduce the temperatures in the 1940s making the higher temperatures in the 1990s look more extreme. (Drop by here for more info).

Is this a fraud? Look carefully at the wording. It’s data manipulation to meet a predetermined end result? Does this meet the definition of fraud? Yes.

Exhibit B.

What would be the situation if a newspaper was publishing articles which are not true. By not true I mean they have presented information, which is clearly incorrect and can be verified as such.

Our good friends at The Guardian (the newspaper that claimed NoTW reporters were deleting emails from Millie Dowlers mobile phone message box which subsequently turned out to be untrue according to the Police) have claimed that global warming of the warmist kind could dramatically increase severe weather events.

Evidence is available which clearly and accurately show this to be complete nonsense. Steven Goddard debunks this succinctly here.

The main point is that these people have been doing things like these and worse in order to maintain the myth and scam that global warming is. They have also gained through this as they continue to be awarded grants, which pay their salaries. Some have also gained further as they have been recognised by there peers and won awards.

Now comes the interesting part. Warmist scientists have made claims that “deniers” should be prosecuted for daring to question the science behind the warmist claims. They feel this reduces the response which is required to mitigate the dangers the world faces due to climate warming/change.

A large section of the MSM have also been involved in reporting propaganda which has provided the lifeblood for this scam. The warmists methods have been exposed by good quality research which has been peer reviewed. The Climategate emails distribution and, the lowest blow of all, the climate not behaving as they predicted and not being able to model the past, really expose them as “having no clothes”. Not a pretty sight.

The fraud is wide spread and has been incredibly damaging to millions of people. Is it not time that some of these scientists and journalists are arrested and put on trial? It may be the case that their crimes are of a nature, which would require a trial in The Hague.

It’s easy for big government, who use the warmist cause for their own ends, to turn a blind eye on these huge deceptions whilst targeting small people (as they see it) and making sure they fell the full force of the law.

How long before someone is brought to trail somewhere in the world for global warming exaggeration crimes and bringing science into disrepute?

Let’s not hold our breath whilst we wait meantime.


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