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What a to do…

Call me Dave has read through the Leveson Report and agreed that something should be done. The BBC agreed with this. They have been reporting it as if it’s nothing to do with them. They don’t do journalism at the lowest scale.

I think you’ll find they do. Not only “they do” but they stoop just as low as any other member of the gutter press. And we pay for the privilege of letting the BBC do it’s own thing, which includes forming views, which are very left leaning and are biased

The report in general mentioned journalists, police persons and MPs/Ministers (stop hiding away Call me Dave we know all about those text conversations with the lady of the press.). Any chance we could hear about all the police persons who were tipping the press off (and continue to do so), accepting money for providing information of a personal nature which shouldn’t be in the public domain (and continue to do so) and also providing information about who is going to be where and when (and continue to do so).

All of the press have been doing stuff. That’s supposed to be what the press does is it not? Journalists have sources, the police have sources and the politicians are arrogantly clueless. What a jolly nice combination. I haven’t mentioned slebs because they whine at the press and then use them to promote their woeful and pathetic offerings.

The BBC stopped the Murdochs get their hands on BskyB. I don’t think that is over yet. It may well come back and seriously bite the bottoms of the BBC and that fabled giant typo shedding readers by the thousands The Guardian.

Let’s hope anyway.

The BBC cover an event and they send droves of presenters for TV and Radio and all the support people and equipment necessary. They do this because they can. At six o’clock every evening lots of presenters and “experts” tell us the news, or at least the BBC version of the news, which may well, not be the actual news. They also provide a weather forecast. Who knows weather they will be right or not of course!

They then do the regional news. More presenters cover the same stuff and experts provide their expert opinion. Then they give us the weather. Not the same person as before though, we get a regional presenter to tell us the same thing we last heard a maximum of 30 minutes ago.

Have the BBC ever heard of “value for money”? What about “efficiency”? No? Or even “effectiveness”? No I don’t think they do. That’s because they don’t need to. Their pot runneth over with licence payers money.

Next we’re off to that pillar of TV delight the One Show. It’s always about animals, the environment, animals, celebs of mainly dubious status selling a new book, film, album or tour, before returning to more animals, the environment and health scares and then ending with some animals and the environment.

We pay the licence fee and we get what the BBC thinks we should get. If we were asked if we would pay for the biggest majority of their stuff we wouldn’t. We wouldn’t because we recognise bias and hyped views, which serve the BBC’s agenda, not the actual stuff for the customer who buys their output after all.

There are great things on the BBC at times but there is far, far too much stuff, which isn’t. A case in point is Question Time or Question Whine as it has become. The majority of the audience and the panel are always of a left wing persuasion.

Lastly. Jeremy Vine or Jeremy Vile if you must insist. Scotrail tweeted a tweet which said that a line was out of commission due to a body on the track. If you do use Twitter you might like to join Scotrail. Their tweets are entertaining, fun, irreverent and HUMAN!

Jeremy Vile asked if Scotrail had done the right thing in sending a tweet, which mentioned a body. Up steps an expert. No. They were wrong. Very wrong. People would have been shocked! People would have felt bad! People would have been traumatised (in Edinburgh we are all Tramatised, it’s pretty much the same thing but hugely more expensive).

A chap was then asked if Scotrail should have gone and done it. Yes he said they should have. It was honest. We aren’t children. The women lost the plot a number of times. The guy had a plumy accent which I also feel may have added to her appal.

Can I just venture that on one morning when my wife and I were using the tube we were stopped three times because bodies were on the tracks, not the same tracks obviously. I have also been on a train when a person jumped out in front of it. For a couple of seconds it felt like the train was going to come off the rails, it did and unfortunately the woman had.

Everyone in the train was held in there for four hours. No one complained. Everyone thought about how terrible it would be to lose your bearings to the extent that you’d throw yourself in front of a train. Everyone thought how hard that would have been for her relatives. Everyone also thought that they wished they’d got an earlier train and not lost four hours of their day.

That’s the BBC for you. On the ball , off the wall and down the drain soon, hopefully!


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