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Those burgers are “neigh” good…

Another day another “horse meat in the food chain” story.

This time it seems that “Findus” have been selling beef burgers, which are 100% horse meat. In the UK this seems to be more of a challenge since horse meat isn’t generally eaten here.

Think horse and you think of a flat course racing horse or a Clydesdale or a pony that your daughter has/wants/must have or else. Frolicking probably comes into it. Jumping. Pulling a plough. That mental dressage thing. Very small men and ladies wearing unfeasibly tight trousers and incredibly loud shirts whilst carry a small whip.

We don’t think of horses as being bred for their meat. In the UK they have been promoted above mere food chain status, rightly or wrongly. The fact that thousands of horses a year are sent overseas from the UK for slaughter for food isn’t mentioned.

I’m not altogether sure if I’d eat horse although I may/probably already have.

I’m sure that the present sets of circumstances were inevitable. Mainly because horse meat is cheaper than beef from cattle and the like and if a supplier was under pressure financially they might slip in the odd bit here or there to increase their profit margin. Organised crime might go the whole hog and sell horse meat as beef from cattle making a lot of money in the process.

But the food chain tracks each and every carcass does it not? Foot and mouth and all that stuff? It has to be done. The UK and EU governments say so. Very true but those who wish to get around the system always will with no regard to anything other than their profit.

The greens are of course secretly delighted. Vegans and vegetarians are now entitled to adopt a smug pose. What do you mean they already do? Had any soya recently? Do the veggies really know what’s in soya? It’s the most unnatural foodstuff ever apart from pot noodles, that cheesy macaroni stuff and mashed potatoes that come out of a packet as dust.

Horse meat hasn’t or won’t kill anyone unless it’s not been handled correctly. Will the crims do a better job of maintaining the quality of meat and avoid contamination?

Look no further than the drug trade. The quality is all over the place. Very pure at times and it kills people and it gets cut with anything handy lying about and it kills more people.

The vast majority of the time though, the quality is near enough right. How do I know? I’ve never had any drugs in my life apart from what a Doctor prescribed for me but I can still recognise the quality of the illegal drugs sold.

It’s very simple. Supply and demand. Fags are going the same route too. Basically if you want to sell illegal drugs or imported tax free fags they have to be of a good quality enjoyable to use without any downside and not be of a standard which will kill the user or smoker.

They have to do this because they want to sell more of their product. Killing or ticking their customers off because the drug/fag (soon to be joined with alcohol, fizzy juice, chocolate bars, Frosties etc.) isn’t “right” means they will go elsewhere. Profits grown down.

Swapping beef for horse meat gives the crims a bigger profit. They won’t stop.

Think on though, this might just be the start of the event. The starter is in position and the horses are at the start line.

If it isn’t horse meat that they are selling instead of beef what else could they potentially swap instead? Mince would be a good target. You could scrunch up pretty much anything and put in it mince. Butchers have been doing that for years.

What a jolly note to finish on.


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