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Who’s land is it anyway?

It’s been a rough few weeks for people all over the country. The wet and windy weather along with huge tides, has created floods which have been costly for all those unlucky enough to be caught up in them.

Extreme weather? Apparently not. Unpleasant certainly but nothing record breaking. Check for yourself. Even the MET say it’s nothing to do with the fallacy that is global warming/climate change etc.

So what is happening?

Simple. Two things really; firstly rivers are no longer being maintained and dredged and secondly houses are being built on flood plains.

The first is a simple one to fix. Farmers are well aware of the stream and rivers, which run through their land. They’ve known where the flood plain is and how it deals with river concrete banks being built which then cause issues further down stream. They also know that dredging is a key practice, which greatly reduces flooding, but of course it’s not good for the environment according to some.

Many years ago I lived in a small town and the local council were keen to promote businesses to come in and create jobs. A factory was to be built in an area just outside the town and plans were drawn up and building work carried out. A local farmer who had sold the land to the council told the council and then later the developers and builders that their plans would result in flooding.

Did they listen? Of course not. The result? Flooding and a delay to the factory opening until they got the drains sorted out properly this time.

There always seems to be an on going need for more new housing because of all the immigration over the past few years. That puts pressure on builders and developers who build on the flood plain and wall in rivers.

The bottom line on this is probably that more building should take place away from flood plains and where building does take place it should take into account the implications of river courses down stream and of course what’s already there upstream.

There is plenty of land in the UK suitable for building on. The green belt should be used more, it’s not like we are short of green belt. The trouble is that 90% of the land in the UK is owned by 10% of the population. We are living in small cramped houses, which are squeezed into the available land.

In Scotland, the government is currently carrying out a consultation to try to find a way to reduce the size of the huge estates that run to thousands and thousands of acres of land. Some of these estates are even owned by Scottish institutions so that would be a good place to start. Getting the lords and ladies to divest themselves of some of their land may well be a bit trickier but doable. It all sounds a bit Soviet but again there should be a solution which either hasn’t come up or has come up but it’s still too frightening to talk about.

Meantime the environment will adapt to water courses and the people who need the benefits which water course management will bring will continue to find their environment unpleasant until such times as a solution is implemented.

Perhaps the original builders and developers of buildings which are prone to flooding should have to pick up the cost?


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Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring…

Weather is weather. It’s not like we can do anything about it is it? The vastly discredited, although still hugely expensive, but only for the little people, global warming, climate change, climate weirding, extreme weather or any other silly term dreamt up by those with a vested interest is a pretty damn fine scam, as long as you are not one of the little people.

The BBC still clings to its global warming mantra. It has to really since it’s invested pretty heavily with loads of BBCs staff pension cash and it desperately needs a significant return. It uses the MET still for its weather forecasting since the government would have pretty much forced it to do so since the Met needs money as well.

One of the most tedious aspects resulting from this is that the global warming scam continues for both organisations who choose to continue with their weather/climate propaganda.

Now the MET has a warning system in place. Yawn.

Almost every BBC weather bulletin, be it winter, autumn, spring or summer, has a warning attached now.

Chicken little comes to mind.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had weather. Some of it was wet, some cold and some not as cold as it could have been. Nothing severe apart from an hour or so of fence bending ferocity and a few belts of rain. Now I know people have had it worse than we have.

We have a fairly basic weather station in our back garden and we know what the weather has been like. It hasn’t been extreme. Most of the time we just need our own weather measurements since my wife works five minutes away and I’m not regularly disturbed by severe weather of any kind as I walk along the corridor to the front of the house and sit at my desk since I work from home.

There are times we actually go outside beyond our garden and the end of the street even. We then use a website which gives us weather reports which don’t contain “warnings”. Most of the time this works pretty well. We tend to look at the forecast and know that they may be accurate but the likelihood is that things might happen sooner than later or later than sooner and it may not be as cold, wet or warm as they say or it could be worse. We carry umbrellas and I practice safe motorcycling making sure I don’t go out in weather, which will get the Harley dirty!

The bottom line is that there is no actual proof that warming or weirding is taking place outwith normal parameters and in fact cold is more likely to be the outcome rather than warmth.

Floods? Check out the way that flood planes have been abused, water courses diverted and river banks being concreted over which are the real issues.

Don’t build houses on the flood plain. If a surge tide is due take steps to mitigate your own risk well in advance and always do more than necessary to secure your property.

I know it’s not as easy as that but no one can control the weather one way or another.

The MET and the BBC should know better and own up to the fact that they are NOT helping.

They may like to try some honesty.

Wait a minute I just saw a squadron of pigs fly by…


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A mixed bag from Scotland

Stuff happens and it makes you think. You can’t unthunk what you think. You can try to forget stuff you’d prefer didn’t happen but once you know a reasonable amount about something you’re stuck with it. I think bloggers in particular suffer from this.

There’s been a lot happening these past few weeks. The floods. Horrific. Man made or man helped? Yes of course. River courses have ben altered. Rivers have been hemmed in by concrete structures and councils have given planning permission to builders building on flood plains. Climate change? Yes, but local and nothing to do with CO2 etc.

The farmers are complaining again. Crops aren’t growing as well as they should. Too much rain. Rewind a few months and farmers are complaining again. Not enough rain. Crops not growing as they should. Of all people farmers should know that there are variations in climate through the years. It’s not like they will lose much given market prices will reflect shortages and a bit of televised moaning might just help push the prices up maybe?

The other night that professional labour unionist Jim Murphy was on the news. BAE are going to close one of their three yards. Which might it be? It will be a Scottish yard. Of course it will. They aren’t going to close the yard in England are they? Of course not. They might get some money from the government to reduce the impact of closing a Scottish yard but it will happen.

Jolly Jim the labour man says we can expect more of this if Scotland gains independence. The BBC gave him a platform, which he took and they slavishly transmitted it. Jolly Jim may well end up out of a job if Scotland does gain independence. Either that or he’ll have to find a seat in England or try for one in an independent Scotland. Shame on you Jim. What will all these moaning Minnie unionists do if Scotland wins independence? Will they stand in elections for a new independent Scottish parliament? I’d put money on them doing just that. They will never admit that they might though. Not at the moment anyway.

Have you noticed that not only are we running short of Scotland football team managers we are also running short of Scotland rugby team managers. Is it the quality of the managers or of the players that we can call upon?

Then we have the Rangers debacle. The excise man claims they are due tens of millions because Rangers didn’t stick to the excise mans rules as they saw it anyway. Turns out they did play by the excise mans rules and a court says so. Mean time the small minded in the SPL and the SFL decide to teach Rangers a lesson. Penalise them. The cost to each and every other club in Scotland will be being felt already. Whether we like it or not, and I don‘t, Scottish football is Rangers and Celtic. Is it a surprise that Celtic are so poor this season? No Rangers to have to beat etc.?

I’ve used trains a lot over the past few weeks. The service is pretty good really. It’s a bit of a mystery though why trains have sometimes to go slow or stop altogether not far from the station they are going into. It’s not like it’s a surprise to the train traffic people that a train is about to arrive? Okay the timetable can get a bit messy at times but generally the trains are pretty timely. Just seems odd that’s all.


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There’s no drought about it

The continuing upward trend from the BBC on climate change continues a pace. A few nights ago on their volcano watch programme, they touched on climate change after the presenter talked about how CO2 was wonderful for plant growth. After his positive words out came his mandatory add-on about too much CO2 being bad and causing climate change.

I felt this was a pretty interesting programme looking at volcanoes and informing that there are many active at any one time. They also discussed the different types of lava and how gases etc. behave. Quite informative, it was such a pity that the guy had to do his wee disclaimer bit on the end of the CO2 piece. He had to though or he wouldn’t have been asked back to present for the BBC in the future.

It should also be noted that this programme sees various BBC employees jetting all over the world. So much for carbon footprints etc. Now please don’t defend the BBC by saying they offset their carbon footprint. How could they? Buy shares in trees, which in future years use CO2 to grow? Oh come on. Yes they will but, that’s a long way off and this is now.

Next up the next morning on BBC radio1 and 2 news we hear that nice Mr Harrabin providing details from the governments Office of Climate Change who say that flooding will be far more prevalent in a few years and water shortages will also be much more frequent because of man made climate change.

Climate has always changed and always will. Any thoughts that man can make any difference to that is just complete nonsense. We are puny on a planetary scale although no doubt there will be those who think we are masters of all we survey.

However, the BBC actually did report factually on this subject for once although probably without realising they were. The same report included a statement which said that 40,000 homes had been built in areas where flooding might take place. Now that would significantly include flood plain development. Planning applications were provided by councils for developers to build on the land; the homes then got built and, lo and behold, it rains a bit more than normal and they are flooded. The council then go to central government for funding to build flood defenses

It’s also interesting that we are to have lots of rain and droughts, given we’ve been told that the reservoirs have been dry because we didn’t get enough rain during the winter to fill them. The real issue here is that the water boards have not invested in expanding storage, treatment and supply to meet a much higher population count. Then there’s the EU mandating that water should be more expensive?

If you made up a film plot with the above it would get laughed out of the cinema. No one would believe the various twists and turns and deceits involved in the Great Climate Scandal and the monster that is the EU.

For the BBC to continue parroting such complete propaganda provided by central government is usual but unacceptable. Do they, along with their global warming or climate change allies, believe in it or is it the societal change they wish to gain through it?

If people want societal change then stick to the democratic process, yes I know it’s not much a process and even less of a democracy. It would be more honest to do so, it would be in keeping with their apparent concern for not just the planet, which can manage by itself, but also for their fellow man

The change they seek would be to turn the clock back to a bygone agrarian time. This would benefit no one. Can’t we just move forward and use real science, which has real scientific facts, based on the scientific method? The human race is pretty good at finding solutions; I’d wager that we are much less good at finding phoney problems that we can’t ever truly address.


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