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Panic. It’s such a nice little word. Panic attacks. Panic on the streets of London. It says a lot.

Apparently the meaning of panic is – “sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behaviour”. Very apt really.

I think it may be a useful word, which could replace another word. It should perhaps replace “left”. I don’t mean as in “right” and “ left” being changed to “right” and ‘panic”. That would be silly. I mean “left” as in “lefties” being changed to panic is what I had in mind.

You can see why this might work, the left panic all the time: tediously so.

The global warming scam. It started in the 1970s although it was called global cooling at that point, followed by the population explosion, followed by smoking, followed by the loss of the rain forests, followed by acid rain, followed by the hole in the ozone layer, followed by recycling, followed by global warming, followed by climate change, followed by severe weather, followed by obesity epidemic, followed by salt, followed by cycling, followed by sugar and no doubt sooner rather than later breathing.

In all of these scares the reaction has been the same – “if we don’t do something about it in the next 15-20 minutes” the whole planet is doomed I tell you, doomed.

The reality is different.

  • Cooling didn’t cool;
  • The population did grow but not as it was predicted;
  • It’s looking more likely every day now that smoking doesn’t cause nearly as many cancers as was claimed and so much of the evidence used has been lies;
  • The rain forests have been growing bigger except in areas where they’ve been torn down to grow environmental biofuels;
  • Acid rain isn’t mentioned at all now;
  • The hole in the ozone layer is still huge and gets bigger and smaller as it likes;
  • The recycling cult continues a pace but has become a rip off and a local council scam;
  • Global warming was based on a few years of hot weather then it stopped;
  • Climate change was used to include various other weather events which weren’t directly connected to warmth;
  • Severe weather is currently still in vogue although even the MET is clear that it’s not that severe and it is well within known parameters.
  • Obesity isn’t an epidemic, it’s mainly based on changes within our society away from manual work to much less manual work.
  • Salt intake doesn’t matter that much, our bodies just get rid of the salt which isn’t need;
  • Cycling isn’t a panacea, if people want to do it them fine but they should stick to the rules and pay up for the privilege like everyone else;
  • Sugar is present in a lot of foods and in a number of growing cases it’s there to make the food palatable since the fat has been removed;
  • Breathing? The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is around 400 parts per million. When a human breaths out the carbon dioxide count is 16000 parts per million. Pollution!!!! Especially if the person breathing out is doing any sort of exercise like cycling for example.

There will be more scares and phoney claims of doom and gloom all coming from the same sort of people. Someone writes a paper, which says there is a problem. Others then point out that there is indeed a problem and we’ll better do something in the next 15-20 minutes to stop it from being a world ending problem.

They tell their mates. It becomes fashionable to be doing something about it, chatting about it in a café is perfect. Then someone debunks it. Then the believers shriek about it being true. Then they move onto the next thing.

Panic, Panic, panic.

Dare I mention fracking?

Here we go again.


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Who’s land is it anyway?

It’s been a rough few weeks for people all over the country. The wet and windy weather along with huge tides, has created floods which have been costly for all those unlucky enough to be caught up in them.

Extreme weather? Apparently not. Unpleasant certainly but nothing record breaking. Check for yourself. Even the MET say it’s nothing to do with the fallacy that is global warming/climate change etc.

So what is happening?

Simple. Two things really; firstly rivers are no longer being maintained and dredged and secondly houses are being built on flood plains.

The first is a simple one to fix. Farmers are well aware of the stream and rivers, which run through their land. They’ve known where the flood plain is and how it deals with river concrete banks being built which then cause issues further down stream. They also know that dredging is a key practice, which greatly reduces flooding, but of course it’s not good for the environment according to some.

Many years ago I lived in a small town and the local council were keen to promote businesses to come in and create jobs. A factory was to be built in an area just outside the town and plans were drawn up and building work carried out. A local farmer who had sold the land to the council told the council and then later the developers and builders that their plans would result in flooding.

Did they listen? Of course not. The result? Flooding and a delay to the factory opening until they got the drains sorted out properly this time.

There always seems to be an on going need for more new housing because of all the immigration over the past few years. That puts pressure on builders and developers who build on the flood plain and wall in rivers.

The bottom line on this is probably that more building should take place away from flood plains and where building does take place it should take into account the implications of river courses down stream and of course what’s already there upstream.

There is plenty of land in the UK suitable for building on. The green belt should be used more, it’s not like we are short of green belt. The trouble is that 90% of the land in the UK is owned by 10% of the population. We are living in small cramped houses, which are squeezed into the available land.

In Scotland, the government is currently carrying out a consultation to try to find a way to reduce the size of the huge estates that run to thousands and thousands of acres of land. Some of these estates are even owned by Scottish institutions so that would be a good place to start. Getting the lords and ladies to divest themselves of some of their land may well be a bit trickier but doable. It all sounds a bit Soviet but again there should be a solution which either hasn’t come up or has come up but it’s still too frightening to talk about.

Meantime the environment will adapt to water courses and the people who need the benefits which water course management will bring will continue to find their environment unpleasant until such times as a solution is implemented.

Perhaps the original builders and developers of buildings which are prone to flooding should have to pick up the cost?


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Big Brother Zealots edition

Energy… it’s what it’s all about.

The evidence points in the direction of the environmental and health zealots.

None of these people want you to have any. Energy, that is.

Environmentally, we can’t get the energy we need because it will upset small animals, spoil land, pollute, we will be greedy with it if they allow us any, it will induce climate change and anything “bad” which could well happen according to those who know better than us.

Health wise, we can’t get the energy we need because it will involve the death of animals, use of modified genetics, having too much sugar in it, having too much salt in it, having too much fat in it, it’s is processed, having too much “added” sugar in it, all of which will kill us earlier than a more “healthy lifestyle would allow according to those who know netter than us.

Going back to my grandparents and I suppose even my parents their view of food was simple. Three square meals a day and make sure you left a clean plate behind. The reason for three square miles per day was that they generally worked harder from a labour point of view. They needed the calories (energy) in the food to get them through the working day. Nowadays we count calories so a guy can have 2000-2500 calories a days and a wifey 1500-2000 a day. If you go below those limits you will probably loose weight and if you go above you gain weight. Simple.

This has become muddled because generally a lot more people are sedentary; they rarely get out of their office chair in a normal day. Not ideal then. They don’t walk too much and they don’t exercise to any great extent. I’m not, however, suggesting that should all don the lycra and get sweating. I mean you do it if you want to but don’t get all self righteous just do it and leave everyone else alone to make their own decisions.

The environmentalists are keen that we all use less energy. There’s really no reason for any of us to do that but they still want us to cut down.  The tool they use is hiking the prices. This means that some people can’t afford the energy they need and sadly some die because of it.

Years ago I used to wake up in a bedroom, which in the winter had ice formed both on the inside and the outside. The only heating in the house was either a paraffin heater or the coal fire, which took ages to start producing real heat. We didn’t complain. We didn’t know any better. You can still have coal or wood burning fires although it’s mostly down to fashion rather than anything else.

So why do so many of these zealots want to restrict so many things of which a surprising amount seem to be things wee not only need but can’t do without?

Again the answer might be for them to provide us with role models. They could be the role models. Live without all the stuff they think is bad.

Oh please do it.

Pretty please?

Or how about a special edition of Big Brother. They could call it Big Brother Zealot! We’d all call it BBZ, which isn’t far away from one of the biggest supporters of zealotry – the BBC!

Done deal.


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There’s something fishy going on…

A few days ago I saw a man pop up on the C4 News who had, at one time, been terribly embarrassed about his performance on national TV. It wasn’t any of the full on favourites like Michael Barrymore (remember him?), Jim Davidson (currently in Sleb Big Brother) or Murray Walker (a British institution or a very confused commentator who knew less than the viewers at home depending on your point of view).

Nope none of those. Let me give you a clue. Does the following ring any bells.

“For those of you who have been calling the BBC to check if there is a hurricane heading or way let me assure you that there isn’t”.

It is of course Mr Michael Fish. There he sat in all his glory, a little rounded in the face and whiter on the head. He was of course a weather forecaster and presenter when the MET used an abacus, bits of seaweed and somebodies granny who knew how to read natures clues like whether the cows were standing or lying down or were in the shade or not to find out if it would rain or be sunny etc.

That’s how it was then. Now we have a MET with a computer, which cost £20 Million pounds of taxpayer’s money. That’ll be progress then. Well no it isn’t or if it is it’s very little progress indeed.

Mr Fish was asked whether all this “extreme” weather was due to Global Warming. His immediate answer was that firstly he didn’t work for the MET or BBC anymore and as such he would only state his own opinions. Now I would have thought that someone who got the weather so wrong would be the last person who would be sought out to provide an opinion once again.

He said that global temperatures were increasing. There he goes again. Even that very strange and dyed in the wool warming alarmist chap Dr Hansen late of NASA states with confidence that any warming has been stopped for some 17 plus years. This wouldn’t faze Mr Fish though. He felt it in his water that he was right.

It’s always comforting when some people stick to their guns as it were. It’s just a pity that his guns should be quietly removed and put back in their box and he should return never to show face again on the nations TVs. Of course it wasn’t his fault. Someone must have thought it was a fabulous idea to get him out of his retirement to make his ill considered statement.

It was also peculiar that within a number of days of him saying the world was warming that a group of warmist alarmists got their boat stuck in the Antarctic Ice sheets. It has been worrying that since then they have managed to get stuck on not just one rescue boat but in fact two.

The weather does what it does. We can’t influence it one way or another.

Unless of course you can positively find real scientific information based on the real scientific method?


I thought not.


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Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring…

Weather is weather. It’s not like we can do anything about it is it? The vastly discredited, although still hugely expensive, but only for the little people, global warming, climate change, climate weirding, extreme weather or any other silly term dreamt up by those with a vested interest is a pretty damn fine scam, as long as you are not one of the little people.

The BBC still clings to its global warming mantra. It has to really since it’s invested pretty heavily with loads of BBCs staff pension cash and it desperately needs a significant return. It uses the MET still for its weather forecasting since the government would have pretty much forced it to do so since the Met needs money as well.

One of the most tedious aspects resulting from this is that the global warming scam continues for both organisations who choose to continue with their weather/climate propaganda.

Now the MET has a warning system in place. Yawn.

Almost every BBC weather bulletin, be it winter, autumn, spring or summer, has a warning attached now.

Chicken little comes to mind.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had weather. Some of it was wet, some cold and some not as cold as it could have been. Nothing severe apart from an hour or so of fence bending ferocity and a few belts of rain. Now I know people have had it worse than we have.

We have a fairly basic weather station in our back garden and we know what the weather has been like. It hasn’t been extreme. Most of the time we just need our own weather measurements since my wife works five minutes away and I’m not regularly disturbed by severe weather of any kind as I walk along the corridor to the front of the house and sit at my desk since I work from home.

There are times we actually go outside beyond our garden and the end of the street even. We then use a website which gives us weather reports which don’t contain “warnings”. Most of the time this works pretty well. We tend to look at the forecast and know that they may be accurate but the likelihood is that things might happen sooner than later or later than sooner and it may not be as cold, wet or warm as they say or it could be worse. We carry umbrellas and I practice safe motorcycling making sure I don’t go out in weather, which will get the Harley dirty!

The bottom line is that there is no actual proof that warming or weirding is taking place outwith normal parameters and in fact cold is more likely to be the outcome rather than warmth.

Floods? Check out the way that flood planes have been abused, water courses diverted and river banks being concreted over which are the real issues.

Don’t build houses on the flood plain. If a surge tide is due take steps to mitigate your own risk well in advance and always do more than necessary to secure your property.

I know it’s not as easy as that but no one can control the weather one way or another.

The MET and the BBC should know better and own up to the fact that they are NOT helping.

They may like to try some honesty.

Wait a minute I just saw a squadron of pigs fly by…


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Finding commonality in the strangest of places

Unbelievable it has happened again. In the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself agreeing with a column in the Guardian, agreeing with a BBC columnist and the Green Party in Scotland. A further shock was to find the local free magazine “The Leither”

It’s not because I’ve changed my opinions, its mainly due to two things.

Firstly Scottish Independence and climate change. Scottish Independence has two sides, the YES camp and the Better Together camp who can’t be the NO camp because that’s sounds way too negative (but it fits them to a tee since all they ever say is negative).

Both camps are made up of people from across all the main political parties and a growing number of people from various communities business, the establishment, young and old, ethnic groups, religious groups etc. Whilst the existing political spectrum still exists it has become fuzzy at the edges. (That’s a technical term)

And that’s why I’ve been finding common ground with the Greens, The Guardian and now The Leither. The Leither is leftie, trendy, yummy mummy, yuppy, monied targeted and it’s free in a lot of cafes, pubs and places in Leith and Edinburgh where their target audience go. I take a copy so I can have a rant about how crap it is. This month though it’s buying into a YES vote and discussing the failings of the NO camp.

My BBC fellow next. The BBC is still in love with the climate change meme. It suits them. It has string lefty undertones. It’s a great way of redistributing money. The guy was almost agreeing that it was just a giant scam. I assume by now he’ll be reporting from Siberia or Edinburgh. Yes Edinburgh. Edinburgh isn’t allowed in the universe that is the BBC. BBC Scotland is based in Glasgow where the Labour party in Scotland has their power base. BBC Scotland’s Headquarters are there. It’s like the BBC in England being based in Birmingham and there being no real studio in London at all. The bottom line is that climate change/global warming is dead and is being slowly buried. Just ask Australia, Canada, japan and Poland with much more to come.

Now I’ve not mentioned the SNP. Wee Eck (Alex Salmond), and Wee Nippy (Nicola Sturgeon) are still pushing the independence message home. They haven’t really checked what the dictionary definition of independence actually is. It isn’t having the Queen as head of state because we’d still be subjects, it’s not using the pound because we’d have little control over interest rates etc. it’s not joining the EU because… well do you have a few days?

Anyway, the SNP Scottish Government has published a tome which answers all manner of questions about Scottish Independence. The No camp want more detailed answers. That’s another of their top drawer tactics which has fooled some but not all people.



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The MET, the BBC and the Gulf Stream

You may have noticed that the weather has been improving? At last! Global warming has provided very cold winters for a number of years now and the temperature hasn’t changed much in 17 years. It’s all still the fault of humans apparently.

The latest MET and BBC meme is that the Gulf Stream is too for down south or too high up north. That means we get hard winters and crap summers. Based on what though? Where’s the science?

In this case it’s very, very simple. Think about it. How would the MET and the BBC know where the gulf stream is at? Well they can get satellite pictures from space and that lets them see where the gulf stream is. Simple. Well it would be if they had hundreds of years of records and pictures of where the gulf stream had been at.

They only have pictures from 1979 because that’s when satellites became available to them.

How can they spout all this crap about the effect of the gulf stream and where it’s position has been? They only have 40 years or so of records. That’s a lot you say?

I mean, come on, that is nothing. Nada. A mere fraction of a fraction of a millisecond in the history of the earth, which is measured in billions of years.

The MET and the BBC will just not let go of their  global warming meme. No matter that almost on a daily basis there are papers and other scientific stuff being produced and reported which proves the fallacy that global warming is.

Shame on them.

Their central theory is that the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere the warmer temperatures will become. How?

Well “forcings” cause the temperatures to rise. Each molecule of CO2 absorbs energy from the sun and then radiates not just the energy received but a bit more too. This has never been proven. It breaks the laws of thermodynamics. Not only does the amount of energy radiated grow (this is like a perpetual motion machine) the energy has the ability to heat up other bodies which are in fact warmer.  Good grief.

If that wasn’t enough complete guff they have more. Not one of the 24 chosen climate models has been able to match historical records never mind correctly predict how climate has actually behaved recently.  There’s also the greenhouse effect, which traps heat within our atmosphere. Except this has never, that is NEVER been observed outside a glass test tube in a lab. Just to also clarify, the oceans are not becoming acidic, they are becoming less alkali a different thing entirely.

Honesty in science, education and politics is well overdue. All three are simply laughing stocks.  They have eroded the trust and respect people had for them. Medicine is not that far behind either.

And we let them get away with this?


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Huhne the loon will, go doon.

I take no pleasure from Chris Huhne facing a prison sentence (despite the title of this blog}. I’d much have preferred that he got his comeuppance at the ballot box and quickly. That isn’t going to happen now.

When he was Energy Secretary in the collation government he pursued global warming and climate change policies with absolute vigour. He’s been described as a “political heavy weight” and he certainly pushed his agenda with complete disregard for any message but his own, regardless of the affects they had on the people of the UK.

He has obviously upset many people, not least his ex-wife and son Peter, in particular. I would have thought time in prison, albeit a cushy one, would be a dawdle for him.  His sons dislike of him, however may be a much heavier burden to deal with.

His ex-wife still has to stand trial for the points fiasco. I wonder what her punishment will be? Can the judge be lenient? From the reporting so far it does look like she will suffer anything thrown at her whilst enjoying that old adage “revenge is sweet”.

There’s another old adage “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”.

Maybe Confucius would settle for one in this case.


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What is the BBC for?

The other nights Countryfile for example.

Not long into the programme Tom Heap, one of the presenters was talking to a local farmer.  Apparently the weather was so wet he couldn’t put his cattle out onto the land he had. He summed up how bad things were by saying “what we need is a drought”. Tom Heap didn’t bat an eyelid at that.

Later on in the show the weatherman, who usually delivers the weather forecast for the following week was asked to explain why we are getting this really wet and cold weather? Yes you’ve guessed it he suggested that the Gulf Stream wasn’t behaving as it normally does, which may be down to “climate change”. The Gulf Stream is higher up the globe or lower down the globe so we are getting wet and cold weather.

The drought quote is incredible. Twelve months ago we were being told that a water pipe ban would have to go on for a year or more. Now we don’t need a water pipe ban we need a drought. Tom Heap is great at heaping doom and gloom on pretty much every piece he does. He doesn’t come out and say it but it’s all down to you and me using energy, driving cars, over consuming etc.

Whether the Gulf Stream is doing what it should or not is really wide of the mark anyway. I think there maybe a clue as to why our weather is colder or wetter or windier this year and over the past few years. The sun has been “quieter” over the last few years and since it’s the sole provider of heat/energy to the earth then it’s likely that there is a connection. It may well get worse but it may well get better. Who knows? Mystic Meg has the same chance as the “climate scientists” that’s for sure.

No one knows. No one knows what the weather is going to be like in 5-7 days time, far less in a few weeks, months or years. Weather is semi chaotic and as such it will do what it wants and all we can do is watch and react.

I’ve no doubt that the farmer was pretty ticked by the weather and also frustrated that the weather people couldn’t really help him at all. I’m sure he’s probably signed up to climate change/global warming. He may well contemplate throwing up a number of windmills, which will bring him in a shed load of cash for some time to come.

Weather changes from year to year. Farmers have always had to cope with whatever happens. Maybe they get used to warmer and less weather in the 1990s and haven’t been able to be as flexible as they used to be when it’s wet and colder?

IT will always be down to climate change as far as the BBC is concerned, however. It is one of their main mantras.

And we can’t do anything about it apart from switching off or watching other channels but we pay for the BBC. Doh!


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How much more global warming, weirding and climate change can we put up with?

If you’ve been out recently you may well have noticed that global warming has been falling pretty quickly especially if you are in England and Wales. Global warming has been closing schools, causing accidents, making planes late and all manner of inconveniences to pretty much everyone.

The shock is, of course, that we were told that snow and cold winters were a thing of the past, that children would no longer go sledging and skiing would not be possible even way up high in the Scottish mountains. It looks like this isn’t the case.

It’s no surprise that things haven’t worked out as some of the climate alarmists thought it would. None and I mean NONE, not a single one, nada of their game console climate models has been even close to replicating or predicting what climate has been like in the past, been like what has happened with the climate since 1979 and what is actually happening on a day to day basis even now.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they were embarrassed or came on TV during the weather forecast and said sorry, sorry, sorry. It wouldn’t be so bad if the stupid, silly and arrogant additional charges that have been added to our energy bills to pay for windmills and the like had been stopped. It wouldn’t be so bad if the “scientists” stopped banging on about “facts” which have been proven time and time again to actually not being “facts”.

They might also like to explain that the only source of heat on Earth is the sun, that it is impossible for a warm body to transfer heat to a warmer body and that no one has ever, yes that’s right, EVER demonstrated the theory of “the greenhouse effect” in the atmosphere. They have in the lab in a test tube but it’s hardly the same thing is it?

Record weather events? Yawn. Even the greatest climate alarmist James Hansen of NASA fame admits it’s impossible to measure a global temperature. It’s virtually impossible to measure temperature at the same location at the same time and build up a record. Things change. These sites are supposed to meet standards, which remove elements that could influence the recordings. Badly cited, badly maintained and badly interpreted.

But you say “We saw it on the news”. Yes you will have as have I.  Do you remember the dreadful rain and flooding, which almost submerged some power stations in England a few years ago? Yes. The report on that flooding, which a government department prepared, found that the flooding was down to alterations made to river courses and building on the flood plains etc.

The BBC have a vested interest in reporting weather events as extreme and hyping up weather in partnership with the MET Office who have their spanking new coloured weather warnings.

Global warming is dead.

Get used to it.

By the way, when we are on the subject of snow. You may remember a blog last year when snow was the topic. I also bemoaned the fact that I’d bought a snow shovel for it to just hang in the shed. Being mean I could well have saved some of Mrs TTs money by not getting one at all as there wasn’t enough snow to use it.

Snow fell last weekend and I looked out the window and thought it might be snow shovel time. I looked out a few minutes after and noticed the snow was clearing by itself. Not long after the path was clear.

It may well be that the snow shovel has become some sort of mystic charm which is keeping the snow away. £12 for a mystic charm!!! That sounds like a bargain in anyone’s money!

I might offer the shovel to the Met Office of BBC Scotland. If it keeps snow away it’ll help them rant on about the figment, which is global warming or climate change.


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