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A mixed bag from Scotland

Stuff happens and it makes you think. You can’t unthunk what you think. You can try to forget stuff you’d prefer didn’t happen but once you know a reasonable amount about something you’re stuck with it. I think bloggers in particular suffer from this.

There’s been a lot happening these past few weeks. The floods. Horrific. Man made or man helped? Yes of course. River courses have ben altered. Rivers have been hemmed in by concrete structures and councils have given planning permission to builders building on flood plains. Climate change? Yes, but local and nothing to do with CO2 etc.

The farmers are complaining again. Crops aren’t growing as well as they should. Too much rain. Rewind a few months and farmers are complaining again. Not enough rain. Crops not growing as they should. Of all people farmers should know that there are variations in climate through the years. It’s not like they will lose much given market prices will reflect shortages and a bit of televised moaning might just help push the prices up maybe?

The other night that professional labour unionist Jim Murphy was on the news. BAE are going to close one of their three yards. Which might it be? It will be a Scottish yard. Of course it will. They aren’t going to close the yard in England are they? Of course not. They might get some money from the government to reduce the impact of closing a Scottish yard but it will happen.

Jolly Jim the labour man says we can expect more of this if Scotland gains independence. The BBC gave him a platform, which he took and they slavishly transmitted it. Jolly Jim may well end up out of a job if Scotland does gain independence. Either that or he’ll have to find a seat in England or try for one in an independent Scotland. Shame on you Jim. What will all these moaning Minnie unionists do if Scotland wins independence? Will they stand in elections for a new independent Scottish parliament? I’d put money on them doing just that. They will never admit that they might though. Not at the moment anyway.

Have you noticed that not only are we running short of Scotland football team managers we are also running short of Scotland rugby team managers. Is it the quality of the managers or of the players that we can call upon?

Then we have the Rangers debacle. The excise man claims they are due tens of millions because Rangers didn’t stick to the excise mans rules as they saw it anyway. Turns out they did play by the excise mans rules and a court says so. Mean time the small minded in the SPL and the SFL decide to teach Rangers a lesson. Penalise them. The cost to each and every other club in Scotland will be being felt already. Whether we like it or not, and I don‘t, Scottish football is Rangers and Celtic. Is it a surprise that Celtic are so poor this season? No Rangers to have to beat etc.?

I’ve used trains a lot over the past few weeks. The service is pretty good really. It’s a bit of a mystery though why trains have sometimes to go slow or stop altogether not far from the station they are going into. It’s not like it’s a surprise to the train traffic people that a train is about to arrive? Okay the timetable can get a bit messy at times but generally the trains are pretty timely. Just seems odd that’s all.


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