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Gordy Broon is gone…

My wife used to work beside a woman who knew Gordy Broon. She said he was a very, very clever man. He may well have been or still is for that matter. He managed to hoodwink quite a lot of people during his intervention in the final stages of the Scottish Referendum.

But that is history. He’s going to work with the UN on education with a salary that reflects his experience and stuff. Lets hope he keeps his political thoughts to himself though from now on. Not because he has anything meaningful to say of course since the Smith Commission reported with the Tories and Lab sticking together just like the ending of 1984. Talking about which, the Tories and Labour stopped the living wage proposals in the Smith Report.

There are things that could be done without recourse to Smith and of course Dave and his purring Queen. How about Nippy Sturgeon making a start on developing a Scottish Declaration of Rights. I chose this as a starting point because such a document would determine how our representatives would behave towards us.

Given, that the Better Together people or the NO side as they were, told enormous amounts of lies, exaggerated issues and generally misled to win. There was no VOW. It was a construct by Gordy and the Daily Record, which vowed nothing tangible and the three Stooges, Messrs’ Cameron, Miliband and Clegg went along with it. Various other “stars” such as Jim Murphy were complicit in it also.

A short aside. The question, which has still not been answered, is of course “Why would England want to keep Scotland if the Scots were a millstone?” We all know the answer. 95% of the oil within current UK waters is in Scottish waters, Scotland can be used for storing nuclear bombs and waste and Scotland can be used as a guinea pig for new legislation. There’s also the growing awareness that Scotland does not need Labour but Labour desperately needs Scotland.

The development of a Scottish Declaration of Rights, probably based on Scots Law and the USA version to a degree could work well for us all. It would have to be voted on and it would have to be legally adopted. If it was worded strongly enough we could cut out the lies and smoke and mirrors of politicians, and dare I say, bring some honesty into the debate and our own going governance.

Come on Nippy. Give it a go. It will keep the momentum going if nothing else for short term.


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Jo-La V Nippy

The twittersphere and blogosphere have been very, very busy following the debate, which took place on Tuesday night between Johan Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon on STV.

I’m not sure if it was a complete setup or not. It was certainly a catfight, undignified and in keeping with a “stairheid rammy”. The feeble attempts to request that the two “ladies” should debate properly didn’t really help at all. If it achieved anything, it showed how much the decorum of such debates and more wider debating in both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments have been allowed to reach the level of bun fights. Where has the respect for the institutions, which the parliaments are?

It has to stop I tell you!

The debate wasn’t really a debate. Too much talking over each other. Way too aggressive. It was just a “rammy” or fight as the less Scottish might have described it.

I’m sure that Jo-La is a nice and caring person but she highlights the problems, which the Labour party in Scotland are struggling with. They have joined forces with the Tories, who are paying for it all and the LibDems who can’t even manage into the top three in elections in Scotland now.

They are also very restricted in what they can say and do. If Jo-La made a speech which criticised Scotland the Labour Party would be damaged. They can’t actually say what benefits the “Bitter the gither” Yes side would provide for Scotland to remain in the Union. They have managed to create a vacuum, which renders any message they may have as useless to their cause.

All they can do is parrot what their bosses and their foes in Westminster say. Where is the clarity of thought? Where is the loyalty to the Scottish people? It’s all lost because they are Westminster centric and Scotland is just a part of the rest of the UK. If the Labour Party in Scotland cared they would have fought for much greater benefits for the Scottish people when they were in power.

In truth they did very little. Those people who voted Labour for generations ended up voting for a party which sat to the right of the Tories. They didn’t make a stand on illegal and costly wars and worst of all they turned their backs on the principles on which the Labour party was based.

Not that the SNP are much better since they are statist and centrist which will cost them dear following the first general election in an Independent Scotland.

There are factions within the Labour Party who are pro-Independence. They don’t seem to say much or what they say isn’t reported.

Independence will require the current parties to reshape or more likely to re-invent themselves. We will no longer tolerate Westminster political parties operating in Scotland. Politicians who are Labour members and supporters will need to form a new party which has no ties with or influence from Westminster.

I suggest that a new Labour movement in Scotland move a bit more to the left but recognise the value of a thriving economy, which ensures all the nice stuff can be afforded. The basic principle should be that each generation has a better standard of living from the previous generation.

Too simplistic?





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Out of the mouths of politicians…

The BBC Scotland News has featured a couple of interviews with the firstly Nicola Sturgeon (Wee Nippy) the SNP spokesperson for the SNP YES campaign and then our old, and very good friend Alistair Darling the spokesperson for the Better Together (bitter the gither) NO campaign.

Brian Taylor the political editor was asking the questions and he seemed to manage to carry it out fairly evenly.

At one point Alistair was waffling on about how much better it was to be part of something big rather than something small. He then went on to cite the fact that the population of Scotland was aging more quickly therefore there would be a large bill coming Scotland’s way soon and it was unlikely that Scotland would be able to afford it.

He then actually claimed that it would be better for Scotland that this bill would be shared over the 60 million population of the whole of the UK rather than the paltry 5 million population of Scotland.

Was he really seriously suggesting that his argument might encourage voters to take the YES route based on his pensions point? Surely not?

Apart from anything else here was a previous Chancellor of the Exchequer suggesting a pension gap was there for all to see. Not only that but he had been complicit with almost all previous and more recent Chancellors in failing to make adequate pension provisions for our elderly whilst spending the money which should have gone down that route on other stuff. Shame on him.

At no time did he offer any meaningful reasons for anyone to vote NO. When he was pressed on this he immediately swerved it by pointing out that he did not represent any political party, which would have policies relating to Scotland so he could not offer any insight as to what would happen in Scotland following a NO vote.

Nippy was all positive and smiling. It’s such a pity that the SNP are positioning themselves as the formers of policy for an Independent Scotland without actually asking the voters what they would prefer or want.

There’s a long way to go.

Westminster and the English and Scottish establishments will be doing everything in their power and then some to ensure the status quo is retained. Scotland will suffer badly following a NO vote.

How can we expect anything else?


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Frying pan or fire?

I had an email from Wee Nippy (Nicola Surgeon) last night. Now she’s a busy woman and has serious stuff to think about and to do. Her diary will be full, she will be in demand and she will not have enough hours in her day, yet, she sent me an email.

She sent it to loads of people though and when I say sent I mean she will have agreed with the text that someone else wrote and “signed it off”. The emails will have poured out and landed in mailboxes all over Scotland and maybe even beyond.

She was just relaying the fact that she has started a new blog. I suggest that she may have been advised that a new blog with her name on it would be useful to the cause by the same people who wrote the email. The blog is about the “Yes” campaign. It’s here if you want to see what Wee Nippy is up to.

Like Captain Ranty – Lawful Rebel I also have reservations about how to vote come the Scottish Independence Referendum. I will definitely vote YES because it’s the best and only way forward.

However, I don’t agree with the biggest policies of the SNP and when I’m voting YES I won’t be voting for the SNP.


I don’t want a new and shiny independent Scotland to sign up to the EU. The clue for everyone is that we are voting for INDEPENDENCE. If we join the EU we won’t be independent now will we? Norway has the best way of dealing with the EU. No doubt they would be very keen to help Scotland find the true path, which can only be independence.

Then we have the environmental guff that the SNP are so excited about. Look Eck it’s guff. It isn’t helping anyone. Hydro is fine but needs to be situated without damaging our natural environment but wind power is just so much cold air. As for solar panels? Ask the Spanish and the Germans.

Then we have all this Scotland will lead the world guff. Yes more guff. We want to be Independent. It will take time for us to get over that and to be able to take part in the wider world. But… but… we do not want to lead the world. We should not be aiming to lead anyone far less world. The only driving force we should be acknowledging and aiming for is that Scotland should be a fabulous place to the Scots to live which is affluent, provides a truly wonderful education for our children and seeks positive progress which improves for generation upon generation.

The social justice stuff the SNP keep going on and on about has to be revisited and should be made to be fair on the basis that it is supportive where support is required but does no more. We don’t want sheeple we want strong, responsible citizens.

To achieve anything post a YES vote we need to cut the size and cost of all levels of government, regulation and taxation. Yes we even want our two big banks back The Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland and we also want to keep all the financial service companies we have. They have a part to play in a mixed economy. We will also want to use the shipbuilding and engineering skills we have and to expand them dramatically.

Universities will have to go back to being places where people go to gain an education which has a use in the wider economy and Colleges will have to go back to being places where vocations and apprenticeships are delivered and supported.

We also need to encourage art, literature, music, movies, architecture etc. etc. etc. so our built environment and our wider culture punches even higher.

What we also don’t want is Eck and Nippy and their mates telling us what to do. We will decide what is right for us and if that means we smoke, drink or eat as we please. We don’t have a problem with smoking, alcohol abuse is historically low and there isn’t and never was an obesity epidemic.

Politics and justice will have to change as instruments developed and delivered to support the Scottish people.

The message on Wee Nippys blog and the SNP in general should be two fold.




Following a successful YES vote the sovereign people of Scotland will be consulted and asked to take part in shaping our country for the future.

Good places to start looking for working exemplars are Norway and Iceland.


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Alex reshuffles Nippy.

English Call me Dave shook up his cabinet and lo and behold on the same day Al did the same. Coincidence? Hmmm…

Alex’s big play was to gift Nippy Sturgeon a bigger, betterer and more splendiderer job. No more bed pans for Nippy. Bedside visits a thing of the past unless it’s for her “ain folk”.  The joy of it.

No Nippy is now going to look after the build up to the Independence vote. Surely that’s a chance to make a bigger name for herself? It could also be a poison chalice as in “Hey Nippy you messed up the independence vote”.

Brian “Nae Neck” Taylor seems to think it’s a splendid idea. He said so on the BBC Scottish News the other night. He may well get his jotters soon if he doesn’t toe the party line, which is – repeat after me – The Labour Party are great, The Labour Party are great. The Labour Party are great.

According to Brian, the SNP will get the legal powers they need to hold the referendum in the next few weeks Two things, firstly Scottish voters voted for the SNP who hold a majority mandate. Secondly, the Union is a based on a treaty. Treaties can be walked away from. Why all this legal guff?

Back to Nippy. All she has to do is to appear on TV and in the press etc. and spout the Independence case. It’s pretty unlikely that what she says will end up either being heard or being published. Vested interests are on hand to make sure the message is whispered although I’d guess the only whispering Nippy does is to her child and maybe on the pillow but we won’t go there. No in the head pictures please!

I think Nippy might actually do a good job. She could actually make a difference. She might swing it.

I’d like to know what sort of Independence the SNP are trying to win. Independence means standing alone, not having anyone telling you what to do or being of independent means… ah that’ll be the oil then.

Being in the EU won’t be independence. Being in NATO won’t be independence. Keeping Trident in Scotland because of American threats won’t be independence. Keeping the pound won’t be independence. Keeping Queenie or Will, Will nice but dim won’t be independence.

Independence will be just that. Not joining or keeping anything which means we still have to listen to someone telling us what to do or reminding us how crap we are (obviously we are not – so there).

Nippy also has business to look after too as in businesses who need to grow and do good stuff for Scotland. The other parties think this isn’t the right thing to do. Since when have they ever thought that anything at all is the right thing to do?

In the meantime could they do us a bit of a favour?

Gonnie stoap bangin thae expensive desks thae sit it.

It’s very childish and isn’t in keeping with the parliament of one of the best and most liked countries in the world. Grow up!

Mrs Crankie from Lie bore, Pat my Harvie from the Greens, Willy Runny from the Libdims and Ruthless Davidson of the Tories should get detention and have to make their pertry members tidy up their playground and pick up all the litter

They can all write out a billion times. I must not bang the desks, I must not bang the desks, ad finitum. With them busy we might even get some real stuff done.

How long will it be before Nippys hair gets way long, very ginger and curly and she takes to carrying a bow and arrow around with her. Still it’ll make a change from Al’s blue and white face paint.


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Didn’t The Economist do well!

The front cover of the latest edition of The Economist was a well chosen marketing ploy of which “Call me Dave” would be proud. A few deft words here and there changing the names of Scottish towns etc. and the publishers knew they had a winner on their hands. They knew the Scots would rise to the bait, that the politicians would jump on it and the MSM would grab hold of it and run with it.
Lots more of their magazines would be sold and they would pick up a number of new readers a and even some subscriptions. A simple business trick. No one really loses. It’s win, win, win for everyone. What was, a simple bit of silly fun backed up with, a more searching article inside delivered quite nicely.
Channel 4 News had Nicola Sturgeon to chat about it for a couple of minutes. Hard questions were asked of her. The usual loaded stuff that gets bandied about whenever Scottish Independence is being discussed. The main thrust is always the same; too wee, too poor and too stupid. Scottish Banks failed, oil will run out and poverty and deprivation are too great to solve.
The fact that two Scotsmen, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, sold both banks out will forever be a national disgrace. Is there anything worse than a Scotsman being more English than Scottish?
Oil running out? Our brave, courageous and talented Chancellor of the Exchequer is currently throwing money at North Sea Oil producers which would tend to suggest that there’s a lot more oil out there yet, not to mention gas etc,.
Poverty and deprivation? The Labour Party have failed for more than thirty years, and all parties for probably a hundred years, to get a handle on it and change things. They have failed. Too busy playing at being important people in the Westminster parliament.
Nicola covered some of these points and also mentioned that Scotland could be a major centre for renewable energy. I so wish the SNP would quietly get off that green bandwagon. It’s going nowhere and they know it. Let’s put it down to politics for the meantime. Maybe they might like to keep a weathered eye on Australia. The next general election in Australia will provide a timely reminder to all politicians, especially those of the left/green variety, that the voters know that global warming is nothing more than a convent scam for those seeking easy money whilst also trying to attain the destruction of their countrys economy. Not to worry though, the politicians will have lots of time to contemplate all manner of topics since they will no longer have to represent their constituents.
If we are too wee, too poor and too stupid does that mean that the English see themselves as our saviours? Might it not be that they have helped in no small way to ensure that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid? Of course not. Following Scottish Independence, England will suffer a loss of status, a loss of tax income and a loss of the rest of the UK, as Northern Ireland and then Wales seek to follow their own agendas.
So come on the English press. Let’s have lots more marketing ploys using Scotland as the main message. You know what they say, ” there’s no such thing as bad publicity, it’s all publicity in the end.


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Independence Day 2022

What a day! The seventh Independence Day to be held in Scotland. It’s become one of the best days of the year. A days holiday and celebrations the length and breadth of Scotland with celebrations being held in many countries throughout the world by people with Scottish roots and expats.

Things have moved so fast and we have achieved so much. The initial referendum vote in 2014 looked like it was going to fail miserably but in the final couple of weeks leading up to polling day, more and more people decided to vote Yes and in the end it was a landslide. The Westminster politicians tried all sorts of scare tactics, which were negative, and never really managed to come up with a good enough reason as to why Scotland should remain within the UK. The day after the result was known was the biggest party ever, with people all over Scotland celebrating.

Of course it wasn’t going to last. The Westminster politicians then started to really fight their corner and tried to reduce the level of oil revenues and assets, which Scotland should be entitled to whilst pushing up the level of debt, which Scotland should accept. It looked kind of bleak for a while although most people would have accepted a bad deal just so Scotland would finally be independent. In the end it went through the international and world courts and the boundaries were agreed in favour of Scotland, meaning the greatest slice of oil revenues would be sent to Scotland, The assets were also agreed although perhaps not as fairly as it should have been and the debt was of course reduced to a realistic level. The icing on the cake though was a wee left of field plan, which Alex Salmond and his government had up his sleeve.

Alex went to the United Nations and raised an objection on the way Scotland had been treated by successive Westminster governments. He invoked the “indigenous people” standing which asserted the rights of the Scottish people to have a fair share of minerals found and exploited within the Scottish borders and territorial waters. The World Court found in Scotland’s favour and the Westminster had to pay reparations for the exploitation of the minerals and their lack of accurately attributing a fair value to them.

Now here we are seven years down the road. Our economy is in surplus by a huge margin every year. There have been further exploration taking place in the North Sea and around the rest of the coastline, which has resulted in huge finds of oil reserves. Fracking got underway in the Central Belt too and the price of gas has dropped substantially, due to the huge reserves found. We have our fishing grounds back and the fishing fleet has quadrupled in size creating jobs left right and centre. The Royal Bank of Scotland and The Bank of Scotland have been returned to Scottish ownership with their debts substantially reduced and investment money pouring in.

On the down side public employee numbers have dropped significantly, however, the private sector is growing and unemployment has fallen to it’s lowest in living memory. The state has shrunk! Regulation has been hugely reduced. The death of the climate change scam following the Goregate and IPCC court cases and resulting jail terms have resulted in cheap energy for us all.

One of the biggest surprises though, was the return of so many ex-pats from all corners of the globe. The change in status that was negotiated with the EU allows Scotland to be independent outside the EU but trade and work with the countries of the EU. This has benefitted everyone.

The entire country is a building site. The new bridge over the Forth is finished, the duelling of the A9 is racing ahead, the high-speed link between Edinburgh and Glasgow incredibly completed shaving 20 minutes from the journey. Edinburgh trams have been completed as originally planned with no debt, the rail link has been made to Glasgow airport and the three main airports are being upgraded to handle the traffic since we no longer fly via London.

You’ll remember the old phrase – Stop the world I want to get off! In Scotland we preferred “Stop the world we want to get on”. Gaining Independence allowed us to do that and we haven’t looked back.


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