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Well were the 1970’s great then… Perhaps not so for the BBC

I started High School in 1969, which seemed like a great thing at the time. The early part of the decade wasn’t entirely brilliant from a musical point of view but things improved pretty quickly. I sort of moved fairly quickly from charts stuff to Alice Cooper, Bowie, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Genesis and YES. There were other obviously but those are the mains with YES being the best by a mile. I still listen to YES all these years later and I still go to their gigs which are defined by greying hair, pot bellies, bad teeth, balding and wrinkles and that’s not just the band.

Top of the Pops was still a must although the stupid camera effects were tedious. Lots of progs had bands on playing their chart songs with Crackerjack and the Saturday evening shows with Cliff, Lulu Val Doonigan etc etc. and of course The Black and White Minstrell Show and Rolf Harris. During that time I saw not a peado, not a single grope and no grooming.

The BBC showed a lot of those progs and they were very popular for various age groups. It was a bit odd then to find the BBC airing a programme about how good or bad the 70s were. They showed loads of clips from the 70s with content which was well before the PC and Righteous brigade got traction. They showed sexist and racist clips to back up their case for how much and how well we’d travelled to the current controlled and prim times we now live in.

One of the highlights was Bill Oddie being shocked at 1970s TV prog contents. The Black and White Minstrels in particular where white men “blacked” up, was not happy viewing for Bill and a bit uncomfortable for all us viewers. The Bill got ambushed. A clip from the Goodies showed him blacked up. What was he to say?

I do like a bit of leftie baiting, but the BBC baiting Bill was pretty surprising. Maybe he’s fallen foul or should that be fowl, of the Beeb.

The truth of course is that it’s all in the past. Things were different then. It was a harder life than now maybe and less colourful since brown and beige reigned supreme then. I watched the 70’s programmes and laughed and enjoyed them. Some were funny. Play for Today regularly featured ladies in various stages of undressing.

I don’t think the BBC prog was a success unless all the PC lefties were in full ” look at us we are wonderful” mode.

Predictable. I liked the 70s because I had loads of fun, prog rock was wonderful and my life truly began. It was a different time. It wasn’t the 2000’s


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David Cameron, world statesman in waiting

Call me Dave is a pretty clever and talented man. He’s been demonstrating this recently as I’m sure you will have noticed.

Exhibit one.

Dave addressed a class of Liberian children. I don’t know if they could speak English but I doubt they would have understood one way or another. A photo opportunity more than anything else? World statesman in the making? Snigger.

Exhibit two.

Dave gives away more of the money that the UK doesn’t have to Libya this time. Good move Dave. How long will it be before some of the Libyan rebels who are now the government there construct a Muslim state with Sharia Law? Democracy? Equality?

Exhibit three.

Dave is upsetting his own party members at a tremendous rate. He must feel very proud of that. The main issue is the gay marriage legislation or the legislation to provide tax reductions for married couples. Dave feels that the gay marriage thing is more important.

Exhibit four.

Dave finally gave his EU speech. It’s all about the future. It’s not about now. Vote for Dave at the next election and he will deliver a YES/NO referendum. Wait a minute has he not promised something very similar two and bit years ago? Is this the canvassing started for the 2015 elections is it? Maybe a previous Dave?

Exhibit five.

Dave has had some of his chums tell us all about how horrible life would be if the UK left the EU. It’s remarkable that that the unionists say the same stuff to Scotland, doom and gloom, frighten people and keep the status quo.

Exhibit six.

I definitely heard Dave say that the Coalition had reduced the debt by 25%. It kind of looks like Dave doesn’t know the difference between the budget deficit and UK debt? Either he doesn’t and he’s a fool or he does and he’s misleading people?

Exhibit seven.

His good mate and one trick pony chancellor, the esteemed George Osbourne, says there will be no change in fiscal policy. Dave likes giving our hard earned cash away to “poor third world countries”. But we’ve been doing this for years and years and years Dave with little to show for it.

Exhibit eight.

Dave has an eye on the next election or I should say winning the next election. This seems pretty ludicrous right now. It looks increasingly like his own grass roots supporters are turning away in droves.

Exhibit nine.

Dave is increasing the number of troops heading to Mali. Just for training purposes of course. No combat missions will be carried out. How long will it be before the body bags start coming into Brize Norton to be sneaked out the back gate? Any chance that the insurgents might use the same tactics in Mali as they have been doing in Afghanistan? IEDs? Shootings by insurgents dressed as Mali trainees?

Exhibit ten.

Daves father in law works as an advisor to William Hague and is about to take up a post helping to sell Kuwaits oil for them? Cronyism writ large maybe?

Things wouldn’t be so bad if there was a viable alternative. There is you say? What that Labour chap Milliband? Get real. He’s actually managed to position him and his party to the right of the Conservatives. Not to mention that he seems to have little in the way of policies and not a lot of experience and skill within his party to draw on.

No matter. Dave can rely on Nick Clegg and his adhesive (like those labels that are so stubborn to come off something you bought and it takes ages, a lot of bad language and several attempts for you to scrap it off) members of the current coalition to support him. Nick said only last week that they are looking for ways for the coalition to remain following the next election. I don’t think Dave will be too excited about that although come the time they will do another deal to stay in power of they have to.

Power is all.



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Frying pan or fire?

I had an email from Wee Nippy (Nicola Surgeon) last night. Now she’s a busy woman and has serious stuff to think about and to do. Her diary will be full, she will be in demand and she will not have enough hours in her day, yet, she sent me an email.

She sent it to loads of people though and when I say sent I mean she will have agreed with the text that someone else wrote and “signed it off”. The emails will have poured out and landed in mailboxes all over Scotland and maybe even beyond.

She was just relaying the fact that she has started a new blog. I suggest that she may have been advised that a new blog with her name on it would be useful to the cause by the same people who wrote the email. The blog is about the “Yes” campaign. It’s here if you want to see what Wee Nippy is up to.

Like Captain Ranty – Lawful Rebel I also have reservations about how to vote come the Scottish Independence Referendum. I will definitely vote YES because it’s the best and only way forward.

However, I don’t agree with the biggest policies of the SNP and when I’m voting YES I won’t be voting for the SNP.


I don’t want a new and shiny independent Scotland to sign up to the EU. The clue for everyone is that we are voting for INDEPENDENCE. If we join the EU we won’t be independent now will we? Norway has the best way of dealing with the EU. No doubt they would be very keen to help Scotland find the true path, which can only be independence.

Then we have the environmental guff that the SNP are so excited about. Look Eck it’s guff. It isn’t helping anyone. Hydro is fine but needs to be situated without damaging our natural environment but wind power is just so much cold air. As for solar panels? Ask the Spanish and the Germans.

Then we have all this Scotland will lead the world guff. Yes more guff. We want to be Independent. It will take time for us to get over that and to be able to take part in the wider world. But… but… we do not want to lead the world. We should not be aiming to lead anyone far less world. The only driving force we should be acknowledging and aiming for is that Scotland should be a fabulous place to the Scots to live which is affluent, provides a truly wonderful education for our children and seeks positive progress which improves for generation upon generation.

The social justice stuff the SNP keep going on and on about has to be revisited and should be made to be fair on the basis that it is supportive where support is required but does no more. We don’t want sheeple we want strong, responsible citizens.

To achieve anything post a YES vote we need to cut the size and cost of all levels of government, regulation and taxation. Yes we even want our two big banks back The Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland and we also want to keep all the financial service companies we have. They have a part to play in a mixed economy. We will also want to use the shipbuilding and engineering skills we have and to expand them dramatically.

Universities will have to go back to being places where people go to gain an education which has a use in the wider economy and Colleges will have to go back to being places where vocations and apprenticeships are delivered and supported.

We also need to encourage art, literature, music, movies, architecture etc. etc. etc. so our built environment and our wider culture punches even higher.

What we also don’t want is Eck and Nippy and their mates telling us what to do. We will decide what is right for us and if that means we smoke, drink or eat as we please. We don’t have a problem with smoking, alcohol abuse is historically low and there isn’t and never was an obesity epidemic.

Politics and justice will have to change as instruments developed and delivered to support the Scottish people.

The message on Wee Nippys blog and the SNP in general should be two fold.




Following a successful YES vote the sovereign people of Scotland will be consulted and asked to take part in shaping our country for the future.

Good places to start looking for working exemplars are Norway and Iceland.


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Statists and statistics.

It’s a fact that the number of smokers are falling but lung cancer is increasing.

It’s a fact that there has been no discernible warming of the climate for at least 15 years.

It’s a fact that obesity rates in the UK haven’t increased since 2007.

It’s a fact that Australia spent $500 million taking firearms from their population.

It’s a fact that in the first year (2012) when only the Australian police and the crims had guns gun related deaths, injury and armed robberies have risen with the latter rising an incredible 44%.

The number of people who died in car accidents in 2012 was way higher than 2011.

Edinburgh Council got their bin collection wrong again this Christmas, which saw mounds of full black rubbish bags along the roads of the affected areas in the city. They than had to bring in contractors at short notice and substantial cost to resolve the situation AGAIN!

I could go on. You get the picture.

What is government for? What is government good at?

Government is for protecting the people they represent in the most basic ways. Protecting us from aggressive attacks by foreign countries, dealing with foreign countries be they friend or foe, supporting a reasonable system of law which is impervious to wealth and emptying the bins etc.

What is government good at? Increasing the controls on our lives and taking more and more money from us in taxes. None of which is useful. None of which could ever be claimed as democratic.

Government actions do not work. Government don’t create jobs they just destroy them. Bailing out the banks destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs. Increasing fuel duty and VAT increased costs to us all on all purchases and the raised the costs of suppliers we buy from who then cut back on staff when we cut back our spending.

Would it not have made mores sense, even although there isn’t any sense in doing this in the first place, to give the money from the quantative easing programme to us? That’s you an me. That is everyone getting a share? Every one would have gone out and spend and/or save it? It would have filtered back to the banks and also to the government via VAT, duty etc.

How small could we make government?

Which country in the world has the smallest government?

One thing is for sure, there isn’t a level of UK government which is working as it should.



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Demonstrating a high degree of naivety has always been a particularly tedious trait of mine. I defend myself by suggesting that I am an optimist and as such I look for the good and best in most situations.

My libertarian views are of course wildly out of date and utopian but I’m not going to change, I still believe the world is capable of embracing small government and doing your own thing without infringing anyone else’s right to do theirs whilst they in turn don’t impinge on you.

Hope is always the answer and tomorrow is always going to be better than today.

What’s this about you ask? Why it’s Ron Paul that it’s about. I’m urging you to zip over to Ron Pauls site here and watch and listen to his latest video.

Make your own decision.





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Be afraid, be very afraid.

I’m returning to the local elections, which will be decided in May this year. There is a real danger lurking within these particular elections be they the Scottish, English, Northern Irish or Welsh versions.

Be afraid be very afraid.

It’s no secret that the electorate has become very, very, very ticked off with the main parties. The gap between the voters and the main parties has become a gulf. Our politicians live in a bubble in which they operate with little regard for their pre-election promises whilst taking as much from the system as they can get away with. Okay there are bound to be honorable men and women doing their best for the constituents but they are also hamstrung by the devil.

The devil is the party whip. Vote this way for the party or else you’ll lose benefits in the future, like promotion, committee appointments etc. That’s going to be a pretty powerful message for quite a lot of people who want to gain higher office and why should they not seek to better themselves? The country needs good people who will make a difference and who will help improve the lives of the electorate.

The disdain in which most politicians are held is damaging in many ways, not least by stopping people voting. It’s responsible for the low turnout rates, which we see at so many elections nowadays.  People think “Why vote as it makes no difference to my life and the individual parties manifestoes are so very similar”! This has to be addressed and to a degree, we are beginning to see a ground swell in the manner of a whimper against the machine. The first real sign of this was the amazing victory by the SNP in Scotland and in the way they won to a degree which had not been visualised, by those much more wiser than us to ensure no party, least of the SNP gained an overall majority.

More recently there’s been the Gorgeous George victory. The three main parties suffered a huge collapse of their core vote to the extent that the Tories and the LibDems lost their deposits. The vote was very much a protest vote. The main parties suffered but did not recognise the issues they had to face up to.

So the growing route for voter protest is vote for the wild card. Independent candidates are getting excited at the prospect of winning a seat and having a say in helping their constituents get what they voted for. However, there is a serious threat lurking just out of sight.

The Green Party has also noticed the potential in this new state of affairs. They are following a strategy to attract the protest vote. They are canny in this however, their policies are, how shall we say, less strident as their normal stance? They are cuddlier, less preachy and more approachable, at least in their leaflets and I don’t doubt that this will also be the case when flesh pressing and debating is required.

Of course as soon as the Green Party gains power their real dictats will come hurtling to the fore. Restrictions, increased costs on all manner of things and of course following the completely debunked climate change nonsense and criminal scam. You may think this is wide if the mark, the greens are not like this, they are cuddly and you can trust them to offer something different and more considered. Check out what’s been happening in Brighton. Not much cuddly stuff going on there. The Green Party is not a political party. it is a religious party. That makes things a lot more sinister for us all.

Voting for an independent or one of the smaller parties makes a lot of sense at the moment, replacing one set of out of touch politicians with religious fanatics wouldn’t be a good move.

Be afraid be very afraid.


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Has it become impossible to support a political party in the UK?

I’ll fess up immediately here and state that I joined the SNP a few weeks ago. I did this for one reason and one reason only; Scottish Independence.

I’m only interested in the SNP achieving the goal of independence for Scotland. I’d maybe actually have joined the Tollies (Tories – if you are not familiar with the Tollie word ask an Aberdonian) if they had promised Independence and maybe even Scottish Slaver or horror of horrors even the Greens for the same reason. Independence is so important that it matters not who achieves it, just that it is achieved.

SNP membership does throw up a slight problem however, I keep getting emails and stuff asking me to go and meet with them, give them more dosh and canvass and such like for the local government elections in May. Whilst I’ll be up for it in 2014 I’m just not keen to do it for this election and I have a very good reason for not helping.

The SNP councillors in Edinburgh have voted to retain in-house service teams, which would have saved some £200M and went against the advice of council officers and an audit by one of the big four accountancy firms in the process. They also voted to continue the trams meaning a further £200M had to be borrowed to guarantee completion of a part of the original grand scheme at least.

I couldn’t possibly support either of those actions. It makes little if any sense.

What about the big Scottish Independence vote then? I’ll help because I want Scottish Independence. But what about after a successful YES vote? What then for the SNP?

I couldn’t support a party who introduce a minimum price for alcohol, who want to introduce plain packaging far cigarettes and who seem to think that windmills will power the Scottish economy. Neither can I support Alex’s comments about the Queen being our head of state or Scotland remaining in the EU. Those are decisions for the Scottish electorate to consider and decide on and politicians to enact.

In reality the SNP seem to be more like Scottish Slaver than the existing Scottish Slaver Party. Left wing socialism has been a traditional Scottish standpoint but look what has been achieved or rather, what hasn’t been achieved? The West has suffered appalling deprivation whilst being represented by Nu Slaver, Slaver and Scottish Slaver. The traditional industries are long, long, long gone and very little has been achieved to replace them with, as a minimum, meaningful and reasonably paid jobs.

Could the Tollies do better? Not a snowballs chance in the (electoral) desert. The LibDems? They are so far from being electable it’s hard to believe but still true. The Greens? They are basically anti-people and they don’t offer anything to help Scotland.

Following a successful Scottish Independence vote new parties will have to be formed. Parties which have no alliance with existing Westminster parties and who can deliver what Scotland needs; health, education, justice, business and commerce, which will allow everyone in Scotland to enjoy a good standard of living without downturns and crashes.

The oil money will help secure this but other activities will also ensure a more robust and less fragile economy based on exporting goods and services. 40% of trade at the moment is with EU members 60% however is with non-EU countries and those hold the best potential for increased trading given the the EU is stagnating.

The political landscape of Scotland will have to be devoid of nannyism whilst having small government and low taxation. Being in the EU will not allow any of that. Woe betides the politician who tries to go down a route, which is the same as the present one. People in Scotland must be freed from the constant controlling which Westminster has introduced willingly, in partnership with the EU.

So can anyone really support a political party as things stand? Only those who have something to gain and once they’ve gained it they won’t be supporting it any longer. The politicians need to be better. The bun fight in parliament has to be stopped and replaced with meaningful debate, which demonstrates respect for the electorate by politicians.

There are politicians in the Scottish parliament who are good such as Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney, Annabel Goldie and Tavish Scott (but only on a good day at the moment). I’m sure there are others also. They should always remember one significant fact – in Scotland it is the Scottish people who are sovereign.


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