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Cue the offended.

Another day, another group of offended get their views on TV and radio.

What’s wrong this time. Why, it’s only Call me Dave that has them riled and offended.

Because he’s a Tory? Not especially but probably part of it. No it’s because he hasn’t immediately implemented the Leveson Report.

Chief offended on this occasion is Mr McCann. Gerry. He was slighted by the press. His life was messed around. His wife was also traumatised and her life messed around with. They got compensation, which is fast becoming more useful than breathing. Compensation. Better than a bank loan or a mortgage. You don’t have to pay it back unless of course it subsequently turns out that the compensation wasn’t justified.

Why would any rational, sensible, caring person want any sort of regulation introduced by parliament? In the case of the press are we really going to regulate them? Which model will we use then? No need to re-invent the wheel.

How about Stalins approach?

Or the Chinese governments?

Or Mr Mugabe’s?

Whilst the press need to clean up their act so do the police and the politicians and those sad slebs that tried to make hay when the Leveson sun was shining.

There are adequate laws in place for press misdemeanours, it’s just they don’t get used. The press mess up. The courts already have plenty of powers to sort them out.

But what happens if the press are investigating a problem with politicians if regulatory powers to curb the press were in place? Would we have ever heard about the expenses affair? Not on your nelly. Okay I know they’re at it again just as badly as last time.

The press has to stay independent. At times they will mess up but when they get it right they do us a great service.

Lets get all the offended rounded up and help them back into their box. They can have a rest, take it easy have wee nap or several. They shouldn’t worry. There will be another event, as they see it, which will let them get back out of the box and get seriously offended along very soon.

Just a thought but… could taking offence be regulated?


Now there’s a thought!

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It’s only money….

£2 Million quid. That’s not a lot of money if you are a billionaire, a large corporation or a government. Loose change really, for the rest of us that’s enough money to retire on and enjoy a pretty reasonable life. The Leveson enquiry cost £2 million. Mr Leveson must have made a great deal of money out of his enquiry.

Call me Dave is being accused of failing to do what Leveson said he should in his report. Of course he is. Which politician is brave enough to introduce a bill to control the press. If it comes down to it only a few deranged MPs would do it. Certainly Moribund wouldn’t although he says he would. The LibDems? Who? Who are they? Do they even know themselves? They are history. Gone. Toast.

Something has to be done! The phrase, which launches a million knee jerk reactions and panders to the offended tiny minority. The phrase that slowly erodes our rights. In this case there is a need for the reporting, which is inaccurate, damaging, or sensationalist to be corrected with the same level of coverage and prominence. It’s a starting point if nothing else.

What about the Police Officers who were providing information for cash? Not a lot of noise about that. Very few prosecutions. Why?

Phone hacking was a bit misleading.  The mobile phone companies should have reacted and highlighted it in sales and marketing to make sure people changed the generic password on their mobile phone for their voice messages. The phone shop staff could have been encouraged to ask people to change the code when buying their phone or upgrading when they were in the shop, or at the other end of the telephone line.

I’ve not changed mine. My life isn’t interesting enough for me to get messages left. I get them very rarely and mostly about work.

The slebs who complained and sued for damages could have changed their security numbers. They didn’t. The slebs who went to Leveson depicted themselves as the “done badly to”. They weren’t, they do, however want to pick and choose the times when the press are welcome. The solution for journalists to deal with those sort of people is to refuse to interview them, stop printing pictures of them and stop giving them publicity when they have a book, film, album or tour to promote.

£2 Million resonates in the Leveson saga. Wasn’t that the amount of money the Dowler family was given with half going to charity? They aren’t happy at the outcome. They lost a daughter, their child, which is surely one of the most painful things that can happen for a parent. Taking money as compensation though? I’m not sure about that. It doesn’t feel right.

Lets finish with the McCanns. They also lost a daughter. The circumstances of her loss are not good. The children were left alone. What would social services in the UK make of that? Again I’m not sure about that one.

I’d imagine Levesons inquiry has some mileage left in it and it will go on and on and on and on and on…

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