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What a gay day.

Call me Dave is the man. He’s succeeded in ways that no Conservative ever has. He’s managed to be further left than Labour, allowed the tail (libdems) to wag the dog and increasingly pandering to more and more minority groups.

If you listen carefully for a moment you will be able to hear a large number of Conservatives spinning in their graves. Dave has gone and done it. He’s managed to get his Gay Marriage Bill over the first hurdle.

It looked like there would be a revolt but the revolting party whips soon sorted out those who were following a dangerous path voting against the gay marriage bill. If the rebels hadn’t they might have been out on their ear before the next election. Some brave souls did rebel, but it was too little too late.

The BBC has made much of it being the Tories who voted “no” in larger numbers than the other parties. Really? And this is a surprise to the BBC?

Dave says there are safeguards in the Bill, which will mean that any religious group can decline from providing gay marriage ceremonies.  I wonder how that will go over the years? Who will be the first to challenge this in a court?

Wee Eck and Nippy will be smarting this morning. They said they’d do it and Dave beat them to it. Oh dear. Never mind they can always push harder for the 50P minimum pricing for alcohol. Or they could get on doing real stuff that will actually help our country.

I don’t know about you but I’m a fairly tolerant person. I can’t say I’m interested at all in how gay people live their lives etc. As long as they do what they do and they don’t impinge into anyone else’s life that’s fine by me. I feel the same about all minority groups.

Whether pandering to minorities is a good thing or not, it doesn’t seem very democratic. Here’s a bill put forward which wasn’t in ANY of the parties manifestos but has been given priority to be implemented.

Of course if this bill or any bill based on minority wants was to affect me then things would be different. If this bill means that “Husband” and “Wife” are no longer used in the marriage ceremonies or on the paperwork, I’d be a bit ticked.

What are the gay community going to push for now?

I bet they come up with something and it will be soon.

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David Cameron, world statesman in waiting

Call me Dave is a pretty clever and talented man. He’s been demonstrating this recently as I’m sure you will have noticed.

Exhibit one.

Dave addressed a class of Liberian children. I don’t know if they could speak English but I doubt they would have understood one way or another. A photo opportunity more than anything else? World statesman in the making? Snigger.

Exhibit two.

Dave gives away more of the money that the UK doesn’t have to Libya this time. Good move Dave. How long will it be before some of the Libyan rebels who are now the government there construct a Muslim state with Sharia Law? Democracy? Equality?

Exhibit three.

Dave is upsetting his own party members at a tremendous rate. He must feel very proud of that. The main issue is the gay marriage legislation or the legislation to provide tax reductions for married couples. Dave feels that the gay marriage thing is more important.

Exhibit four.

Dave finally gave his EU speech. It’s all about the future. It’s not about now. Vote for Dave at the next election and he will deliver a YES/NO referendum. Wait a minute has he not promised something very similar two and bit years ago? Is this the canvassing started for the 2015 elections is it? Maybe a previous Dave?

Exhibit five.

Dave has had some of his chums tell us all about how horrible life would be if the UK left the EU. It’s remarkable that that the unionists say the same stuff to Scotland, doom and gloom, frighten people and keep the status quo.

Exhibit six.

I definitely heard Dave say that the Coalition had reduced the debt by 25%. It kind of looks like Dave doesn’t know the difference between the budget deficit and UK debt? Either he doesn’t and he’s a fool or he does and he’s misleading people?

Exhibit seven.

His good mate and one trick pony chancellor, the esteemed George Osbourne, says there will be no change in fiscal policy. Dave likes giving our hard earned cash away to “poor third world countries”. But we’ve been doing this for years and years and years Dave with little to show for it.

Exhibit eight.

Dave has an eye on the next election or I should say winning the next election. This seems pretty ludicrous right now. It looks increasingly like his own grass roots supporters are turning away in droves.

Exhibit nine.

Dave is increasing the number of troops heading to Mali. Just for training purposes of course. No combat missions will be carried out. How long will it be before the body bags start coming into Brize Norton to be sneaked out the back gate? Any chance that the insurgents might use the same tactics in Mali as they have been doing in Afghanistan? IEDs? Shootings by insurgents dressed as Mali trainees?

Exhibit ten.

Daves father in law works as an advisor to William Hague and is about to take up a post helping to sell Kuwaits oil for them? Cronyism writ large maybe?

Things wouldn’t be so bad if there was a viable alternative. There is you say? What that Labour chap Milliband? Get real. He’s actually managed to position him and his party to the right of the Conservatives. Not to mention that he seems to have little in the way of policies and not a lot of experience and skill within his party to draw on.

No matter. Dave can rely on Nick Clegg and his adhesive (like those labels that are so stubborn to come off something you bought and it takes ages, a lot of bad language and several attempts for you to scrap it off) members of the current coalition to support him. Nick said only last week that they are looking for ways for the coalition to remain following the next election. I don’t think Dave will be too excited about that although come the time they will do another deal to stay in power of they have to.

Power is all.



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Statists and statistics.

It’s a fact that the number of smokers are falling but lung cancer is increasing.

It’s a fact that there has been no discernible warming of the climate for at least 15 years.

It’s a fact that obesity rates in the UK haven’t increased since 2007.

It’s a fact that Australia spent $500 million taking firearms from their population.

It’s a fact that in the first year (2012) when only the Australian police and the crims had guns gun related deaths, injury and armed robberies have risen with the latter rising an incredible 44%.

The number of people who died in car accidents in 2012 was way higher than 2011.

Edinburgh Council got their bin collection wrong again this Christmas, which saw mounds of full black rubbish bags along the roads of the affected areas in the city. They than had to bring in contractors at short notice and substantial cost to resolve the situation AGAIN!

I could go on. You get the picture.

What is government for? What is government good at?

Government is for protecting the people they represent in the most basic ways. Protecting us from aggressive attacks by foreign countries, dealing with foreign countries be they friend or foe, supporting a reasonable system of law which is impervious to wealth and emptying the bins etc.

What is government good at? Increasing the controls on our lives and taking more and more money from us in taxes. None of which is useful. None of which could ever be claimed as democratic.

Government actions do not work. Government don’t create jobs they just destroy them. Bailing out the banks destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs. Increasing fuel duty and VAT increased costs to us all on all purchases and the raised the costs of suppliers we buy from who then cut back on staff when we cut back our spending.

Would it not have made mores sense, even although there isn’t any sense in doing this in the first place, to give the money from the quantative easing programme to us? That’s you an me. That is everyone getting a share? Every one would have gone out and spend and/or save it? It would have filtered back to the banks and also to the government via VAT, duty etc.

How small could we make government?

Which country in the world has the smallest government?

One thing is for sure, there isn’t a level of UK government which is working as it should.



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Building houses…

A couple of weeks ago a person from the government in Westminster said it was time to build loads more houses and that it would be okay to develop building land from the current 9% of the available land in the UK up to 12%. The gnashing of teeth was immediate and loud as you would expect as the greenies were appalled at this.

Of course, as usual, they had missed the real point, which was much, much, more of a gnashing of teeth moment. In the UK the vast majority of the population, around 90%, currently live in 9% of the available land. 10% of the population live in 91% of the land available.

Houses are smaller in the UK than many European countries and tiny compared to most homes in USA and Australia, it’s not reached the issues they have in Japan but if no more land is made available in the UK we surely will.

So we need more homes, we need homes which are bigger space wise and that come with more land. How about garages that are actually big enough to put a car or two in and also roads that are wide enough to drive and park on?

Hey, lets really push the boat out and start building interesting houses? Not long lines of the same house with a little variation but different houses completely?

More homes built quickly and to a better quality standard would bring house prices down and would reduce the deposits banks require for people trying to get on and stay on the property ladder.

Will this happen? Of course not, far too many vested interests. Far too many

people trying to get as much money out of the system as they can, too many greenies worried about biodiversity but not the human species aspect obviously.

There’s enough land to go around and still make everyone happy surely?

But is there the will?

You’d think the lefties would want this solution would you not? More homes at better prices? You’d expect the Tories to want this since their mates would be providing working capital, mortgages and making profits from actually construction? The Libdems? Who knows and the greenies don’t want anything apart from taking us back in time when we lived off the land and were one with nature and there was food for all and everyone was cozy.


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A dinner date.

Getting close to the famous and powerful can be pretty exciting for some people. For others just getting close enough could result in some business or influence being put their way. This is pretty shabby. Unfortunately it seems to be a scam that out politicians have been using to fill their party coffers.

The disclosure of the Tories practicing this and using the hard sell technique usually used during some sort of “hustle” stunt. If you’ve seen The Real Hustle you’ll be familiar with the techniques used to separate punters from their cash. In the video, which was made by The Sunday Times, used the hustle techniques on the Tory rather than on the victim. The Tory was given a huge carrot by being offered a potential £250K “donation” and the pound signs in his eyes got his mouth going and rest they say is history.

At best it’s tacky and at worst criminal.

There are two salient points for me. Firstly The Sunday Times is a News International newspaper belonging to a certain Mr Murdoch. Is it just co-incidence that Sunday Times investigated this? I’d like to think that this was the start of a number of exposes which will show politicians, policemen, TV people and of course the slebs as being less than innocent.

The second point is that some politicians will use this episode as a way of pushing for taxpayer funding of political parties. This would be a dreadful way to go. Taxpayers already fund MPs who then go on and do what they are told by the party whips or follow their own agenda, which does not match with their constituency voters.

Again the main question is – why do we put up with this?

I quite liked the description of the lunches being held by the SNP, which featured various ministers. It sounded pretty low rent in comparison to our friends in Westminster who do grand on a… well a grand scale I suppose.

It sounds like the SNP people take guests to the Holyrood café in the parliament or maybe they push the boat out and go to a local restaurant although nothing too fancy mind. Let’s hope they don’t go too far down the food chain however and end up taking people to one of the Fish and Chip Shops up the Royal Mile. They are fairly handy and the SNP and their guests could walk. The big questions would be is it a fish or a pie or a fried Mars bar supper and do you want brown sauce with it?

I suppose there would be further decisions to make also. Like who wants Irn Bru or the diet version and will anyone go the whole hog and have Red Cola. Obviously the SNP and their guests would have to stand outside and to eat, making sure that they put the wrappers in the appropriate bin.

Now that would be a bit of fun. Grand on a less grand scale.


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There’s a lot to be done.

Winning the referendum with a resounding YES vote is the most immediate aim. Party activists have been out and about and on TV and radio putting out the message of why the Scottish people should vote for Independence. The Conservatives, Labour and the LibDems have been extremely busy reminding the people of Scotland that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to run our own country.

Scottish voters have reached a point of some balance, half think it’s a good idea and the other half think it isn’t. As long as the ConLabLib keep up their negative canvassing then the greater number of Scottish voters will join the SNP and will decide voting for Independence is the way to go.

Is there a positive spin available from the Unionists? I can’t think of anything they could offer proactively which wouldn’t come across as negative to the Scots. The Union has worked for 300 years so we should stick with it? Together we all benefit from keeping the Union? Nope that’s a far as I can get with them and it.

Banish any thought that the Unionists will go positive. It doesn’t look like there will be a position which is positive. Creating fear and perhaps being a little less accurate, shall we say with some of the arguments seem to be the only tools in their toolbox; for now anyway.

You will be familiar with the word – banish. It has been a well-used word historically. A chap would be banished because he’d done something so bad there was no place for him in the country he lived in. Let’s hope that some of the Scots on the Unionist side stay within reasonable bounds of fair debate. This may prove difficult for Douglas Alexander, Danny Alexander and Michael Moore (who was off absent last week suffering from chicken. Oh wait a minute, oops, oh sorry I got that a bit wrong, is was due to chicken pox).

But what do we do about those that have already transgressed? Gordon Brown for getting things wrong and selling out the RB of S and the Bank of Scotland, Tony Blair for getting into wars, Alistair Darling for the RBofS and Bank of Scotland.  There may be others. It may be a long list.

Of course we’d never banish any of Scotland’s sons and daughters. Probably. Some will choose to leave of their own accord although I don’t see their influence in Westminster being anything worthwhile.

Post referendum we’re looking at either a defeat which Call me Dave reckons will set back Scottish Independence for 30 years or so or we’ll have a win and Alex will be out of a job just like Churchill after the Second World War. The SNP are a party of independence made up of people who want independence but who will want to pursue their own political flavour of what that will be.

Will the Labour Party pick up the pieces following a yes vote? I don’t think they will. The SNP have been successful in part because Labour have been so abysmal and dire for a long time now. Voters will take time to forget how the Labour Party in Scotland neglected their duty in improving the lives of the Scottish people that they did so whilst slavishly kowtowing to Westminster makes it even worse.

One last thing; over the past few weeks I’ve spoken with a couple organisations, which are pretty high up the food chain in the UK. One mainly based in Scotland and one mainly based in England. The Scottish based one is involved in a procurement agreement, which is fronted by an English company, and the English based one is buying very specific Intellectual Property from a Scottish company.

On the face of it this seems pretty normal and acceptable. However, the agreements are heavily reliant on UK government support. There will be a myriad of things that need to be sorted out following a successful yes vote and that will take time. There may be additional costs due to some partnerships being dissolved or cancelled.  However, these will be temporary.

Remember it’s not “stop the world we want to get off”, it’s “stop the world we want to get on”.



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Beware Greeks not bearing gifts.

In a previous post last week I mentioned Martin Durkin and his theory that perhaps it was time to privatise money. This was based on his belief that governments, politicians and the civil service/ administrators have failed to control spending and have actually caused the boom and bust cycles, which have had such a devastating effect on the world’s economies.

I mention this because last week our politicians were in Davos discussing the continuing financial crisis, which is still affecting a large number of economies. This week those same politicians are heading to Brussels to discuss the on going Euro shambles.

It was very telling, during the weekend that news services were busy with Afghanistan, footballers and rascism with a hint of Dave and his veto. The real issues in Greece got a mention but the real issue of the EU taking over Greek sovereign finances wasn’t discussed in any detail. It looks like the Greeks are going to be able to come to an agreement with their private lenders. Let’s be honest this is a euphemism for orderly default. DEFAULT.

I’ve never been to Greece and I don’t think I’ve ever had any dealings or even a conversation with a Greek. I was wondering how many famous Greeks I could recall? Demis Roussos, the rotund singing chap with a liking for wearing voluminous garments, Nana Mouskouri, the singing lady with the well behaved hair and large glasses, Vangelis with the large number of keyboards and of course, the one, the only … Gerard Butler. He’s from Paisley you say. That may well be true but he’s a Greek in the same way that Mel Gibson is a Scot!

I’m sure the Greeks are nice people and loads of people go there on holiday. They have a splendid history and spanking very old building. Perhaps they are not so good with money. They have defaulted big time in the past.

It’s unlikely that Call me Dave will be able to stage-manage another “veto” moment in Brussels today even if he can get there. There is a huge demonstration in Belgium today, which is significantly closing down travel. No prob for Call me Dave or the other leaders, there’s always a way if you have enough of other peoples money to get you where you want to go.

Which brings me to Detlev Schlicter. What a name! It promises much before you even know who he is. Detlev, who may be called “Det” by his friends although I’m guessing this, is a man who understands money and how it is used and abused. He is an Austrian economist who lives in London, yes I know, just what we need someone to tell us how things happened after the event rather than before when it might have been useful.

Give his website a go. Splice Detlev and Martin Durkin together and they maybe, just maybe onto to something which could get money under control and actually reduce the likelihood of crashes, crunches, deflation, inflation, budget deficits etc. bloomin’ etc.

Give his website a read and watch his videos. Interesting stuff.


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