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Huhne the loon will, go doon.

I take no pleasure from Chris Huhne facing a prison sentence (despite the title of this blog}. I’d much have preferred that he got his comeuppance at the ballot box and quickly. That isn’t going to happen now.

When he was Energy Secretary in the collation government he pursued global warming and climate change policies with absolute vigour. He’s been described as a “political heavy weight” and he certainly pushed his agenda with complete disregard for any message but his own, regardless of the affects they had on the people of the UK.

He has obviously upset many people, not least his ex-wife and son Peter, in particular. I would have thought time in prison, albeit a cushy one, would be a dawdle for him.  His sons dislike of him, however may be a much heavier burden to deal with.

His ex-wife still has to stand trial for the points fiasco. I wonder what her punishment will be? Can the judge be lenient? From the reporting so far it does look like she will suffer anything thrown at her whilst enjoying that old adage “revenge is sweet”.

There’s another old adage “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”.

Maybe Confucius would settle for one in this case.


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