Olympic class response

30 Apr

Over the past few days there seems to have been a growing reporting of police and military tactics which are being used and which may be used during the London Olympics. My previous post, which covered the presence of machine-gun totting police at a peaceful NHS protest, has been viewed by a lot of people who like me; were pretty shocked and concerned to see this in the UK.

Then later in the week we saw the police at the Tottenham Court Road incident dressed in paramilitary gear, complete with facemasks. One slightly deranged and angry man needs that sort of response? Part of a pattern or is there something else going on?

The machine gun police officers were a silly mistake, a show of bravado or an attempt to intimidate, which backfired spectacularly. The Tottenham Road incident was without doubt a huge over-reaction but may also have been used as a training exercise for the police. A practice for what though? The London Olympics of course.

Earlier this evening the was a further bit of news in the same vein. A plan was announced to site a ground to air missile unit on top of a residential building not far from the Olympic stadium. A couple of residents were interviewed with one saying it’s worrying and another who said it is needed to protect the stadium.

My take on it was that it must be a gesture at best. Basically what goes up must come down. An attempt to attack the stadium from the air by a group wishing to make a point would have to be very, very lucky to make it as far as the stadium but what if they did? The missile battery would be pressed into use, it would track the incoming threat and then fire a missile at it to ensure it was brought down at a safe distance from the stadium. Now safe is an interesting word to use in this context.

Safe will result in whatever type of airborne threat being damaged to the degree that it can’t continue so it will then fall to the ground along with the remains of the missile itself. Whilst the stadium is in a less populated area in London it’s likely that the debris will come to earth with a bang and might result in damage to property and even injuries or worse. again this sounds like more of a gesture than anything else.

You may also have heard from the MSM that the US is sending an aircraft carrier, which will be stationed at a point where it can “assist” should there be an incident, which may require more of a response than perhaps the UK can muster?  How embarrassing! It’s not like the UK doesn’t have an aircraft carrier with powerful jets ready to fly and deal with any potential threat. Well, we will have a in a few years time although it might be a wee bit longer to actually have some working jets on board. On the brighter side however, if we break the first aircraft carrier we will have a spare almost ready to go.

Have previous Olympics had this level of security? Are we only finding this out because it’s here? Will the police use this as a way of introducing a more paramilitary reaction to some incidents? Will we lose any further rights and liberties because police tactics will necessarily change for the Olympics and can’t be put back in the box?

Who knows? I don’t intend to watch much if any of the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.  I do hope that people who like such things enjoy, I also hope that there are no incidents at all, never mind one, which may require masked police, backed up with ground to air missiles!


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    • Tedious Tantrums

      May 7, 2012 at 7:37 am

      Thanks for your kind words Rob and for the link to my blog.


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